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Overlord of the Night [Dungeon Beast Transformation | Lagi]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
The bazaar was alive with chatter, with all manners of people flocking to a bold tent. It spoke to merchants of riches and elegance - with bright colors and silk that fluttered in the breeze. There was no doubt that whatever goods they toted were exotic and powerful to behold.

And it was exactly that.

"Come one and come all! Today we are selling a rare commodity - something straight from the city of Magnostadt!" A man proclaimed, wand to throat so his voice would be broadcasted throughout the plaza. One arm flung out, jewelry clattering on his arms his fine robes flaring out. "Tonight you may achieve a power that once belonged only to those who has explored the depths of the Dungeons! One that can totally and wholly transform your lives."

Here is when the merchant paused, a pleasant smile curling his lips as he gazed over his captivated crowds. His staff raised into the air, a ruby glittering at its peak. Light curled in flashes of colors, before taking the shape of mystical beasts dancing above his head. The illusion lingered before fading into wisps. "If you are unafraid of the price, then come in! We have limited time and quantity, I'm afraid - but I promise you it is something you shall not regret."


The dark hand of debauchery certainly came far when it came to the trading realms, opening new windows of opportunity to explore for the sake of furthering his goals in the dark hand. With what he needed to do, he probably needed much more power than he already contained. With the little changes that he experienced of being bathed in the blood of a fallen comrade, there was nothing else worth noting besides the fact that he was deity touched by dragon kin. However, a note from the harmony's nest that he received did give him information about a possible opportunity to gain what he sought.

"As if whoever wrote this knew what I truly want in life anyway."

Either way, it was worth checking out.

With the man in the bazaar continuing to promote his wares. Lagi went on inside with a pocket full of Huang, willing to spend whatever he needed to buy if the opportunity for something worthwhile presented itself.

"That's quite the light show, the price doesn't matter to me if I can get something like that."


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