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Going To Reim. [Solo]

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Alexander had too much of the freezing temperatures and the cold temperatures, he was going to have to leave and he was planning to go to Reim, he remembered his home and perhaps at this point in his life he might be able to do something. He didn't know what he even meant when he thought about doing something. Alex was not even sure what his brain meant when he thought that he would be able to do "something". He wanted to get away from Ramses, he wanted to help his mother, he wanted to learn about his father, and so many other thoughts rushed his mind, but his first gesture would be to escape imuchakk, even if just temporarily. He went to the port of the imuchakk village and charted his ship to make it out of the frosty plane.

He had lost track of Sarah as he kept working on his own and exploring, but it was probably for the best. He needed to have faith in himself. to make it back to his goals, but everything was so far away, even if he would have the help from Jynx Requiem to take over Ramses industry, it wasn't enough.

Eight got aboard the ship with some slaves he had brought with him. They were manning everything, from the sails, to the anchor and everything required. They feared him, unlike before, he seemed to be different. It was as if he had lost a large portion of his humanity. He no longer cared for others, even the slaves whom he had shown the basic modicum of respect. But now, he had literally seen them as objects to be used, even less than an animal, quite literally a tool. At the very least, he understood their limits.

The slaves seemed to be managing to handle everything on their sea voyage, from manning the sails, and the rudder to making the food. They would bring the food to Alexander, and give him his daily reports, but he just nodded and looked around and resumed with his own personal business. Eventually, they had made it to a port in Reim, and they decided to go a little deeper into the lands. He got off the ship and he acquisitioned a horse with him and took his gear, but he released the slaves from the servitude with a bit of money of their own to make it out


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