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The Hall of Notable!

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The Hall of Notable! 26805_1_2

To encourage characters and their authors to strive for notoriety in some shape or form, I present to everyone the Hall of Notable!

Post below if you have a something or someone to add.

Yakuroro: Conquered the first ever dungeon to have ever risen on Magi World, Marax. Defeated a Black Djinn in the country of Heliohapt. Moved the people of Heliohapt after the Demi Djinn destroyed their city by using illusions of their gods to prevent the survivors from falling into depravity. Faced Lagi El Nagi and came out as the victor between their duel. Demolished a main supply installation of the Kou Empire during the second invasion of the western country, the Reim Empire. Was a frequent dungeon challenger but perished in the eleventh to rise, known none other as the famed Ronove, Djinn of Paralysis and Shock.

Lagi El Nagi: Ruled over the country of Reim and is arguably the strongest person in the world, though that statement is up for debate. An infamous notable drug lord. At one point had owned a Dark Metal Vessel but no longer does anymore. He began a large drug trafficking epidemic. Is associated with the Dark Hand. Became a Vampire Lord. Love interest to Sara Mcdonald and father of her child. Battled in multiple wars. Known Coliseum Fighter. Won a victory over Decimus the Immortal for the first time ever in history, tarnishing the undefeated record of the man.

Adrastos Thanatos: Took over the country of Balbadd via nefarious means and now leads it from the shadows by using appointed figures of the country as his puppets who do his bidding. Received a Dark Metal Vessel from a Magi. Is associated with the Alchemists. Met with the former ruler of Kou, Gao Yuan Zu, for war recognition.

Jahan: Conquered a dungeon with the help of a previous Magi who had yet to receive Magi powers at the time of aiding the King Candidate. Love interest to Ani and is the father of Kor, their baby they had.

Trently: Met with Gao Yuan Zu for his war recognition but was captured when he attempted a failed heist on the former ruler of Kou. The young warrior was later punished to death unknowingly by becoming a walking bomb sent out into a battlefield to detonate disguised as a commander of an army. Indirectly was the cause for the deaths of thousands of soldiers in the Kou Civil War. Possesses the highest count of Magic Tools.

Jingyi: Protected a large fort under the control of the rebel army of Gao Yuan Zu and succeeded.

Sesshomaru: Attempted a failed throne heist to steal the throne of the emperor of Kou, Yoshiro Zu. Escaped later on with the help of a certain group and became free.

Ani: A frequent dungeon challenger. Is the love interest to Jahan and is the mother of his child, Kor. Leader of the private military, Azure Raiders. Fought in the civil war for the Kou Empire, in the name of Yoshiro Zu.

Sara Mcdonald: Is the love interest of Lagi El Nagi and is the mother of his child. Became an Ogre.

Knux: Known Coliseum Fighter.

More to be added.


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Here are a few veteran members who accomplished notable feats

Azix Niraj
-Slayed the first born son of Emperor Gao, Zhi.
-Played a large role in rebuilding Reim after placing Lagi El Nagi on the throne.
-Created and ran a spy network throughout Reim using a notorious group of orphans known as "The Grumptoes"
-Obtained the Plague Djinn, Cimeies

Ariella Negri
-Conqured the 8th Dungeon, Eligos.
-Sacrificed her life to defend lives on the Shrouded Isle
-Was reborn as a magi
-Raised the 11th Dungeon, Renove.
-First player to create a quadruple combination magic type

Ayero Shiiba
-Freed countless slaves in Heliohapt during the Dawn of Magic event.
-First to complete an Epic Quest
-Participated in the Shrouded Isle and Invasion of Reim
-Known affectionately as the "Oppai Goddess"

Lance Knighthunter
-Created an orphanage(Totally not secretly the startings of a cult)
-Died forgetting that there was a bomb in his pocket.


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