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A Worth Steward[Job]

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Job Details:
Job Name: A Worthy Steward
Job Rank: C
Job Location: The Plains
Job Reward: 7k Huang | 100xp
Job Prerequisites: Zion
Job Overview:
Now that the grounds were finished they were in need of tending. Zion asks around and learns of a magician that managed the logistics of Magnostadt during the invasion from Kou several years ago.  His name was Jericho Reiss and he was known for both bravery during the conflict as well as his wits in organizing the supplies and distribution of support forces. The old man was also a widely known pacifist who abhorred violence and only contributed to the defense and inner support of the city, never to attacking Kou's forces.

Alas, Jericho has been a shut in after that conflict and rarely ever leaves his study, let alone his home. Zion must convince this old man that his cause is one worth coming out of retirement for.

Micromanaging an estate with multiple facilities turned out to be a task that was far out of the inexperienced Zion’s scope. The few people that had gathered behind his ideal had already dwindled in number and now those that remained seemed to be harboring doubts. Once the doll noticed this he began to feel that he needed to take action soon or else the entire endeavor would fall apart. Even if the outpost was built, that meant little if there was nobody around to maintain and run it.  Zion knew he would need to divert time from his studies to make the outpost into a reality, but he never expected to have to personally manage everything.

It was clear that Zion needed to find someone with experience who could take over the day to day management of the inn, stables, and marketplace. With that in mind the white haired magician inquired around about well known masters of logistics and management skills in Magnostadt. To most people Zion asked, it was a strange question. Nobody he bumped into on the streets seemed to keep track of trivial information like that. Feeling he had no where else to turn, Zion headed to the Grey Manor to meet with his mentor, Casvallion Deikraft. As the magician expected, Casvallion wasn’t present and the man didn’t keep guests or servants. Using an inconspicuous back entrance, Zion entered the courtyard and took a seat on a bench.

Sometime late into the night just hours before morning, a red clad figure descended into the courtyard on a flying carpet. ”You’ve been busy lately. Should I assume that you didn’t come visit me just to say hi.” There was a subtle teasing in Casvallion’s words but the warmth behind them made Zion feel calm and relieved. ”Hehe, as a matter of fact...I am trying to find someone who is well known for being good with managing people and supplies. Do you happen to know anybody like that?” There was a hopeful look in the young doll’s eyes as he waited for Casvallion’s response.

The masked man frowned slightly and paused as he seemed to struggle with something. Finally, he sighed and said, ”...I happen to know of someone. But I doubt you can convince him…Besides, don’t you think your focus right now should be on magic studies? Don’t think I don’t know that your father’s research was stolen.” Something was off about Casvallion’s behavoir as he discouraged Zion and instead suggested that he rethink his current mindset. The words stung but they were true and Zion grimaced for a moment as he lowered his head in shame. Of course Zion was upset about the theft of Mikael’s research but he was too weak to do anything about it right now. The naive heart was silent until Zion suddenly looked up with a determined expression.

”Father told me that I shouldn’t be led by I’m not going to make revenge my lifes goal. He told me to become “someone great” and while I still don’t know what that means, I feel like what I’m trying to do now will get me closer...Please, tell me the name of the person you know!”

Though initially adamant, Casvallion sighed once more and gave up tring to dissuade Zion. ”Fine, fine, his name is Jerhicho Reiss. He lives in the southern district in a house that is built into the city walls. It doesn’t stand out from afar but just fly close to the wall and you will notice it. Now get out of here, I’ve only got a couple hours to sleep before I’m on duty again.” The man let a yawn escape as he waved to Zion while walking towards the manor signaling that the doll was on his own from here. The white haired magician beamed a smile and shouted his thanks before rushing off to look for Jericho’s house.

Ignorant of the time which was still early hours of the morning before the sun had even risen, Zion soared through the air on his own flying carpet headed towards the souther district. It was just as Casvallion suggested, at first Zion was unable to spot out a house at all. But the closer he got to the city wall the more he became capable of noticing a stone path that lead up and along the wall. It seemed like the path simply disappeared at one point but closer inspection revealed that there was a door in the wall there. But since the door was made of the same stone as the wall it blended in quite well. Despite the darkness of the night, Zion was able to spot the door as some light was slipping through the cracks of the door frame.

Bang bang bang!

”Excuse me! Mr. Jericho!?”

Zion began knocking right away and persistantly pounded for a full ten minutes of shouting until finally an irate old man slammed open the door and bellowed in a deep commanding voice. ”Enough!” His brow was twitching with anger and a number of blood vessels swelled on his forehead. Unpreturbed by the old man’s foul mood due to his extreme determination, Zion respectfully bowed and spoke in a polite tone, ”Greetings sir, I’m here to meet Jericho Reiss.” The old man scowled and said, ”You’ve found him. Now scram!” But Zion didn’t come all this way to not even have his request heard so he locked eyes with Jericho and sincerely begged him for help.

”I apologize for my rudeness, but I heard that you were one of the best managers of people and supplies in the city. I don’t agree with the magicians who think the Goi are lower lifeforms. So I built a place for magicians and humans to come together as equals. It’s located east of the city, would you be willing to help me manage it?”

A mix of emotions washed across Jericho’s face as the doll man spoke. For a moment the elder’s eyes twitched and a look of sympathy actually came over him but when he heard it was east of the city his gaze snapped out of whatever dream his mind pictured returning to one of cold rejection. ”Come inside…” The old man turned around and led Zion to a memorial room which had the portraits of several magicians positioned behind carious urns filled with ashes. ”Each of these people were ideal young magicians….Their inquisitive minds were snuffed out because of my management decisions during the easterners invasion. My failure to act from that time has haunted me ever since. I have no interest in your dream, kid. Just let this old man die here under the grudges of his former subordinates…”

When Jericho finished he looked very gloomy but Zion could only manage a confused look. ”Elder Jericho, I learned the loss of someone important when my father passed. Part of me feels like that was my fault too...So I think I understand the pain you are going through. But I don’t understand how wasting your life here is repenting for anything. If you insist, I won’t keep pestering you. But before I go can I ask you one question? Would your subordinates have wanted you to waste away here? Because I know for a fact that my father forbid me to mourn his death forever. There are much bigger “greater” things he entrusted me to do.” The old man shuddered but ultimately remained silent.

Zion shook his head and then turned to leave. ”Wait…” Before the doll could leave the room Jericho came to a decision. He had been selfishly hating himself for many years, but Zion’s words reminded him of an old scene not recalled since the invasion. It was before Kou brought spears and fire to their walls. A hazy memory of two students under Jericho having a child together. It was a joyous occasion and so Jericho had been well inebreated. In that memory he had proudly boasted that he would protect that child’s future. That child had grown up to be one of the subordinates that died in the invasion. Though that promise was broken, it wasn’t really Jericho’s fault. He didn’t order the young magician out to fight and instead begged him to stay behind the walls. The only grudge held against Jericho were those he held in his own heart.

The old man suddenly looked like a large weight was lifted off his shoulders. Zion could see the rukh around him go from being slow and dreary to energetically fluttering about in excitement. Jericho’s slightly haunched posture straightened out and he turned to Zion with a resolved expression. ”Ahem...I’ve been cooped up in this wall for far too long. I might as well go take a look at your estate and evaluate its holdings.” After clearing his throat the old man played off to significance of his words but Zion could tell that he was tacitly agreeing to help. Zion smiled brightly and gestured suggested he would lead the way.

WC: 1506/1000


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