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خداوند یوهان را برکت دهد

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خداوند یوهان را برکت دهد

The murder overcame her, and began ascending into the air from the high stalks of corn; in an aggressive formation.Weaving layers of intersecting arms crossed and fluttered while encroaching upon her dangerously. She turned stone in their presence for a moment, before calming her nerves again, she would not be overwhelmed. The murder ascended into the air.

“Mom!” Cleopatra refocused on her young daughter running up through the corn stalks with a worried expression.

“Nitocris”, Cleo’s eyes falconed into alert.  

“Mom, the Priest! They need you please hurry” Nitocris exhaled rapidly, sweat beaded across the young girls head. Her mother scanned her over for abuse, she was a golden hazel of a complexion. Long dark flowing hair, and eyes which glew like the morning sun. Flowers embellished her hair or neck at any time, the grand priestess daughter was named Nitocris. A nine year old girl,  which to no harm could be done.

“Nito are you alright?”

“Yes! But mother its bad. The river has turned red! The Priests need you”

Cleopatra’s hawk like glare returned and she strode on past her daughter strongly. Nito followed her mother into their home ,through long hallways of glass hovering above the sand. She watched as Cleopatra grabbed larimar beads and wrap them around her wrists. Something was terribly wrong.

“Stay home Nito, I’ll be back home!”

With that Cleopatra left, and took off towards the northern river.

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