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Thus Far, Zadi Medmar! [Closed Plot]

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Thus Far, Zadi Medmar! [Closed Plot] 26805_1_2

It was a long and steep path the young warrior had to climb to get where he was now. He trained as best as he could with what he had. Always seeking more wisdom and learning all he could in this world of his, he flourished in terms of becoming a better person who others can depend upon when in need of a savior. At the age of sixteen, he began his adventure to have fun, attain more power, gather money to help his family out back home, and achieve the fame that could aid him in bettering the world.

Thus Far, Zadi Medmar! [Closed Plot] OnO9oJJ

Setting out for the magical world before him, the boy traveled across the great plains of the east for a span of three months until he reached the country of Balbadd. Within the land of trade, Balbadd, he started on his vigorous training to improve at his swordsmanship and his career as a wandering warrior. It was not easy by no means on his own, but he prevailed and managed to obtain a small name for himself in the trading centered country. As a mercenary for hire, it was hard at times to get a job that could pay any good money but it was the ideal choice of profession at the time for Trently to become stronger. After doing all he could in Balbadd though, it had already been time for him to journey someplace else for a change.

In Balbadd for about two months, it was five months since he departed from the Kou Empire to live out his dream of seeing the world. Trently did not become a traitor to his country but he just up and left for the time being. Meeting a company of sailors in Balbadd, Trently hitched a ride on a ship of theirs on one sunny morning and set out for the massive country of Reim. The boy was hoping to encounter individuals there who could prove to be a match for him. On his first day in the industrial land of Reim, Trently met with a man by the name of Zadi Medmar, a King Vessel. Talking with him, Trently acquired a spot in his group of influencers of the world, looking to appoint a handful of worthy people as leaders of countries. The two became good friends who met with one another time to time to discuss certain topics. Zadi was a good person to look up to in regards to power and experience for Trently. The man helped Trently in the coming war by siding with him but it appeared as if he was ready for stability in his life, tired of the chaos. In the midst of the unrest in the Kou Empire, a civil war began. Zadi traveled to the country to give a hand to Trently but in the middle of war, he decided to leave all if not the rest to Trently and one day, all the belongings of his were teleported into Trently's hands. The Yanaihara accepted the belongings of the famed Zadi Medmar and continued to attempt to make a difference in the world for the better.



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