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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
Jahanghir gets lost and sends the melodies out for help, he observes them.

Things about the melodies

they like bright colored fruit
to have great vision
their fur often sheds crystalline substance

The melodies hunting

small post about the melodies on a hunt describing it etx
the melodies sometimes put creatures to sleep before eating them

sometimes animals they are hunting seem to have lost their senses

The melodies are able to make

Jahangir dropped to his feet unable to go on any longer. He kept getting flashes of death scarring his mind, forever reminding him of his violence. It would be like this, a pain that was passive aggressive, the guilt of having taken so many lives. For remembering that they had been like you.

"Grr" Jahan growled.

Why had this land been so war strikken? Everywhere he walked the carnage could be seen. It destroyed everything that Jahangir thought to be right, truly this is what the world was like. Without a doubt, it had been for so long.


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