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The Tables Turned[Job]

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Job Name: Never Back Down
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The teacher is setting up a duel for all the students in the class. Accept the offer and beat your enemy to obtain rewards!

Enemy Name: Student (x1)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Student will cast magic by using a C-Tier wand
Ice flower – Student will produce drop of waters to the target and it will turn into 4 sharp ices which is 2 meters long. it will travel up to 10 meters away and deal B-Tier damage.
Ice shards – Student will cast 2 ice shards which is 1 meter long, it will travel up to 10 meters away and deal C-Tier damage.
Tsunami – Student will cast a wave of water which is 2 meters long and it will travel up to 10 meters away. It will deal C-Tier damage.

After some time spent getting the affairs of his estate in order, Zion Koval had missed the first several days of the new 2nd kodor semester. Now, at last, he could spare some time to attend lectures and learn more advanced magical formulas. Excitement showed on the young magician's face as he strolled confidently into the classroom arriving early due to his eager anticipation.

There were a few other early students too. Some had their noses in their books while others were taking the chance to chat casually. Initially Zion didn't attract much attention as he walked in, but as the white haired magician chose a seat for himself near the front of the classroom suddenly all eyes were drawn to him. Nervous glances and whispers were exchanged as Zion began to stick out like a sore thumb.

One nervous young magician walked up to Zion and spoke in a cautioning tone, "Um...e-excuse might not want to sit there…” The girl had kind intentions but Zion was unable to read the atmosphere properly and instead though she was acting suspiciously. Zion decided already that he wouldn’t be his usual self today. In an effort to become “great” Zion decided to try and copy and emulate some of the role models in his life. Channeling both Mikael and Casvallion, the child in a young man’s body played at being some flawed idea of perfection he had pieced together.  

”Hooo~ The academy rules are that students do not own seats and first come first serve applies. But I’m sure you’re aware….So what’s wrong with me sitting here, miss?”

When her attempt to help turned around into an inquiry back at her the girl struggled to figure out what to say. Just when she was about to speak laughter outside the classroom cut her off. She made a fearful expression before retreating far away from Zion before taking a seat and pretending to be very focused on her studies. Zion watched this with curious eyes as he tried to figure out what was going on. His eyes eventually settled on the doorway where he watched a smug looking young man saunter into the room surrounded by an entourage of average looking followers each fawning over him as if they enjoyed falling over themselves to earn his favor.

The group was in high spirits after the young man had made a joke, but now that his face turned sour and his footsteps ceased, the rest of the group stopped and turned their attention towards Zion with furious gazes. The white haired doll was afraid but he kept a cool smile on his face and defiantly stared at them all, raising his eye brows as if to ask what was wrong. Zion didn’t like their attitudes, but more importantly...the nucleus of the group who seemed to have made himself leader here was a student that shared classes with Zion as fellow 1st kodor. The doll promised himself he wouldn’t seek revenge or trouble with those that wronged him. But if trouble was going to be brought to him it changed things and Zion was all to happy to be given that excuse.

“Y-Y-You! Do you know who’s seat you’re sitting in!?”

One of the goonies shouted in admonishment while pointing an inciteful finger at the white haired magician. But the young man held out his arm to quell his minions before an arrogant smirk played across his lips. ”So the skipper decided to finally come to class. Tell me, were the rumors that you cheated your way into the 2nd kodor true? That’s why you haven’t been coming to classes, right?” The tone the lead student used was clearly meant to taunt and mock Zion. The words were revelation to the doll as he was unaware there were such rumors spread about him. It was frustrating but the only thing he could do was prove the lies wrong.

”Teacher is coming!”

Someone shouted and everyone began to quickly run off to their seats with one exception. The young man still stood there in front of Zion staring at him. An older woman with yellow robes entered the room and walked up to the podium taking pause upon noticing an unfamiliar student and her classes’ star pupil not seated. ”What seems to be the problem…?” The elderly woman tilted her head and gazed down her nose through a pair of glasses to get a better look at the two.

”Teacher, at the start of the semester, you said that only students with confidence to be the best magician from the 2nd kodor applicants at the next kodor exam should sit in the front row. This backwater magician who may have cheated on his exam is not worthy. Besides, he took the seat of I, Caim Cainsburg! On the honor of the Cainsburg name, I can’t allow such insult!”

The young man seemed certain in his conviction as he threw the weight of his family name around. The teacher sighed and turned her attention towards Zion. ”And what do you have to say?...” She was clearly displeased with the drama scene playing out when class should have already promptly begun. Though she wasn’t in love with Caim’s personality, his family was influential so she ignored his reasoning which had ignored the rules. She was waiting for Zion to fearfully back down and give up his seat but counter to her expectations, Zion stood up and bowed directly to her.

”Teacher! Student, Zion Koval, greets you! The academy does not assign seats nor does it allow students to lay claim to seats. The early bird gets the worm as they say...If it’s best performance at the next Kodor exam in two and a half months from now...I have confidence at least that my chances are greater than someone who fights for frivolous things. That said, I would not be worthy either if I allowed someone to bully me with a name. To show my worthiness, I must decline to move!”

Zion’s declaration caused the teacher’s brows to rise as gasp rung out throughout the classroom. The students seemed to thing that Zion was doomed, but an observant few noticed that a rare smile cracked on their cronish teacher’s expression. Just as Caim expected the teacher to berate Zion an earnest laugh escaped her lips. ”Well said! Well said! Oh ho ho ho~ Since the two of you are at an impasse, why not settle it with a magic duel? It will be open to all students who think they can content for the spot of top genius of the class who is expected to perform the best at the next exam.” The teacher’s words caused everyone to perk up with a bit of excitement.

Caim took this as the teacher subtly allowing him to teach Zion a lesson, while Zion felt he was being given a chance to prove himself. Either way, both young magicians bowed towards the teacher in gratitude before turning to face each other with fierce gazes. A small stage was set up and simple rules given. First to be forced off the stage or to surrender lost. Zion and Caim were standing across from each other with staff and wand in hand.respectively. Once the teacher gave the signal, she had an expectant smile on her face as she hoped that Zion would not be all talk.

Caim began by using a Tsunami right away but two swipes of Zion’s staff would cause a pair of walls to manifest in front of him. Though the first was shattered by the large wave, the second layer held long enough to part the rest of the wave. Seeing his initial spell didn’t work, Caim waved his wand and created Ice Shards. But before he could fire them, Zion wrapped himself in a Sight Bend Coat and disappeared from view. [color:32af=light blue]”Tch, where did you go!?” Caim fired off the two shards hoping to get lucky but both of them passed through empty air. He began to look around cautiously before a soft voice behind him made Caim jump with a bit of fright. ”Ray….”

The sound of a borg shattered sounded as an intense beam of light was released. Caim clutched his cheek which had a burn mark from where Zion intentionally grazed him. The B-tier light magic spell had not only broken Caim’s borg but damaged him as well showing the output of the spell exceeded what he was capable of handling. The once prideful young man took a fearful step back and then looked around. The students looked stunned at how the former top dog had been dethroned so easily, but the teacher had a smug grin that showed her enjoyment at watching him suffer just desserts.

Caim left the classroom in a fit and did not return for the rest of the day. Afterwards, the teacher approached Zion and gave him a small reward for winning the duel. After beating Caim, nobody else in the class stepped forward to challenge him after all.

Magoi: 200/260


Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Medium(0m-5m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: The magician must swipe their staff/wand or hand in the direction the wall is being created while channeling magoi through their staff/wand. The wall always forms based on which way the magician swipes(I.E. Sweeping left to right causes the wall to start forming on the left before expanding rightward.)
Scaling: Amount
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 20 Magoi (Scaled Once)

    The magician swipes through the air releasing a wave of magoi which commands rukh of the 7th type to form a solid wall of force. The wall isn't very large with a maximum possible size of 1.5mx2m with a thickness of 3cm. This wall can manifest up to 5m away. By scaling this spell the magician can create additional walls but only by swiping once more.

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long(15m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must flick their staff/wand to cast the spell. The spell can only be fired in a straight line and any attempt to drag it forced or otherwise will cancel the spell.  
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 40 Magoi (Scaled to A-tier Damage)

    The user casts the spell using their wand or staff before concentrating orange rukh to a point where magoi has gathered. This can be the tip of the wand or staff, or an existing source of the users magoi. The rukh creates a concentrated beam of light that is only 10mm in diameter. The beam of light will deal D-tier damage in the form of heat.


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