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City of Angels [LB] [JCINK]

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CoA Ozzie

City of Angels [LB] [JCINK] COSig_zpsddcb123a

In 2003 the town of Sunnydale, California was destroyed and the hellmouth beneath it was closed.

In 2005 a demonic army was unleashed on Los Angeles. The threat was eliminated, but at a price.

Now the slayer line is in danger and Los Angeles has become a supernatural hot spot. What new enemies will make themselves known? Who will jump into the fight and become a hero?

You decide.

City of Angels is a current time Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer RP. Our storyline takes an alternate path from those of the comics, but elements and characters from the comics will be incorporated when appropriate. Non-canon species may be incorporated.

Canons available. Originals welcome.


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