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Learning the Land. [Solo]

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1Learning the Land. [Solo] Empty Learning the Land. [Solo] 31/07/18, 01:16 pm

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Eight took some time away from Sara as they prepared to go deeper into the mountains, but he was shut out at every turn. People told him they had nothing for him, or they ignored him nor would they open their doors to him. It was unfortunate but he continued without the help of these people. He focused on creating a map of the land, something he would need now and for the future. He took out his compass, some parchments tied to an easel, along with a huge hiking backpack so he could make camp for a few nights outside of the area. He managed to pilfer some furs to keep warm at night, and some food to sustain him.

He worked for several nights travelling the coast to see what sort of people were living there, by now his rats had frozen off and died, unable to adapt to the changing temperatures. He blamed the country for his loss. However, Alexander had gained plenty of information about the country's layout, such as its topography, routes and a small bestiary.



Learning the Land. [Solo] UwPVdcs

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