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Mechanic Exploitation and Punishments

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Recently, it has come to the attention of the staff team of members using loose wording to exploit mechanics to make obscene volumes of haung.

Any player using techniques that produce items, will now find them only avaliable for that chain or job and they will not leave that chain.
These items were never intended to be sellable and due to exploitation of trust, we are making a hard crackdown on this.

As such any player with any abilities/tech's that are exploitable in this way are requested to put them up for change and lockdown to remove loose wording.

Furthermore, players who have abused the system will have their funds placed on lockdown until they earn back their huang to cover any wealth they had garnered through exploitation.

In a final note, If you find or believe someone or something you came up with could be mechanically exploitable please report it immediately to the staff team, we will be enforcing a Zero tolerance as per what we stated regarding rule breaking.

Think of it like Arenanet and Guild Wars - you exploit doesn't matter if it was ingame, you will be punished severely.


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