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Where was I [Closed|Solo]

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Where was I [Closed|Solo] 1d661f10

“You there. State your name and heritage.” A tall Amazonian of a woman stood before Gi. Snow was falling, while a semi agitated wind blew. To some it may be called a light snow storm. However to a Imuchakk. It was nothing. “I am Gi. Son of Kirara and Getoto. I was pulled from the village as a child by my father. I never got to have my Warriors Trial. I am ready for that today.” While talking Gi had removed his hood.

The Warrior scoofed. “You believe it to be that simple do you. We know of your father and mother. However before you can even speak with her majesty, you must complete every job on the job board. After you do. Then we will see what she says.” Gi bowed slightly. “Thank You.”


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