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Bonds bound in the mountains

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Branches break and leaves shake as a nearly 2 and a half meter tall behemoth pushes his way through the dense forest. His dark blue hair messy with dirt, sticks, and leaves tangled and framed a face that told a tale of fatigue. Barratiti pushes a small tree out of his path as he walks into a small clearing covered with rocks and grass, right on the edge of a cliff. The breeze was calming and cooling. The sun peering through the clouds sparsely.

Barratiti looks behind him, the path he had pushed himself through had left a train of damaged trees, kicked up rocks, and stomped down grass. With a shake of his head he walks over to the cliff side, setting himself down, careful not to damage the kilt he had brought from home.

The view was beautiful, gentle winds carried leaves down to the bottom of the mountain and past the bustling sea side town that Barratiti had arrived in. It almost appeared calm and asleep from all the way up here. Barratiti reaches for a wedding band that hung from his neck, gently turning it between his fingers. "Not even a week here and I am already lost... Still, you would have loved to see this."

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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
More than anything the wind today had been ephemeral. It pulled deep past the shores to the mountainous stretch of Kou jungle. It sung like the calling of a storm and yet it was as calming as a lullaby.

"So lovely" Jahanghir thought as he stared from his patch of clearing onto the blue morning sun. He wanted to enjoy the air and the morning more, and he was so tired of hiding his powers.

"Alright, just for this time" Jahan thought with a snicker. "Lord Beyond Strength!..."

Within moments Jahanghir flashed an illustrious white to the normal eye. His 6 formed wings revealed themselves, and he took into the sky above with great prowess and magnificence. While in the air Jahangir reigned supreme, he was the top predator by far and even so he had lacked the opponent worth killing. Jahan made his way to the highest point he could reach and soared across the mountains with great power. After a while Jahanghir landed not very far from Baratiti.

The World King however wouldn't notice the giant. He simply landed as he would every once in a while, allowing his avian companions to keep up with him. Momentarily the flock of sunburst birds circled Jahanghir singing their morning songs eagerly. Jahanghir smiled in the clearing and meditated to the tranquility.

"Finally, a morning of peace."


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