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A Magic Market Flooded [Mini-Event/Plot]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
The markets of Magnostadt bustled, saying the place was filled with life was an understatement. People rushed, no, they fervently took up space in an instant as they all heard the sweet songs of myth. Whispers, rumors, and words of disbelief replaced the very air they breathed. It was outstanding and utterly unbelievable as sweet words left the mouth of the salesman they surrounded.

"That's right everyone, come to get your magic tools! We've got them at an amazing deal, through intense processes of reverse-engineering we've discovered how to make these magical devices, and produce them easily." The words came out like honey, trapping and enticing all those that had heard. People clamored around, the open market a claustrophobe's worst nightmare with the people bumping and grinding just to get a see.

Of course, this sale was not what it seemed, these interesting magic tools were not made by them. Well, they were which is what made them tricky. They had acquired and produced these magical tools but they were not the ones who invented, or even discovered the process for inventing them. They worked with the government who had recently seized research from the magician Koval, along with notes from the shrouded isle. More info about this past world had been revealed, and hiding behind the salesman secret room sat an even more lucrative trade.

Through the work and research of the alchemists, the method of creating dungeon beasts had been discovered. Copying and manipulating DNA from these things seen in the dungeons, and captures they've gotten. The path to a new type of chimera, one that could be more perfect. Their studies were for sale too, offering power in what was actually experimentation in order to test if their hard work was going to pay off.

As the country started to hear of these expanding rumors an influx of people who were coming, and with its requests to enter the barred off city for magicians.

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