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Quenching the Thirst

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Job Name: In Search of Water
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP / 3000 Huang
Job Overview: The de facto leader of a tiny desert hamlet in the Heliohapt is desperate to provide water for his people. There is rumored to be an oasis near the village but every scout the village leader has sent has not yet returned. Be forewarned, a child reported seeing rumblings in the sand due southeast of the hamlet.

Enemy Name: Desert Worm
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: Swallow - The beast opens up his mouth to swallow everything in its path, dealing D tier damage to those who get caught in its stomach.

Sandstorm - The desert worm slams its body into the ground, creating a whipping storm of sand to temporarily blind its opponents for a short while.

Enemy Name: Desert Worm
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: Swallow - The beast opens up his mouth to swallow everything in its path, dealing D tier damage to those who get caught in its stomach.

Sandstorm - The desert worm slams its body into the ground, creating a whipping storm of sand to temporarily blind its opponents for a short while.

“Son I’m writing you to ask yet another favor of you. I no longer possess the ability to go out and enforce the rules that I decree from my home, and no longer possess the ability to protect the people from the wares of the world. Therefore I need you to attack as my arm and hammer to help me in this time of need. A village in my area has been losing their access to water, the village leader has sent many scouts out to investigate but none have returned. He fears that the problem may be beyond the powers of his men. Eliminate my enemies and you will be rewarded.” This wasn’t the first time that Horuss had been asked for help from his father. Though he wasn’t really interested in helping his father, the people needed him and the idea of a reward intrigued him. So he packed a bag.

All he would need was his sword and some water to keep himself hydrated. Horuss took a second to look at his sword. The craftmanship was remarkable but it wasn’t from his homeland. It was the blade of his fathers former right-hand Michael he had come from somewhere far away somewhere that used a different style of blades and swordsmanship. This was the style that Horuss had grown to learn and respect, the only true way to wield a blade. He put the sword away now was not the time to reminise on what was, it’s the time for action and to make strides farther to a greater goal. His house was a gift for his nineth birthday, it was from his father who had claimed it wasn’t worth the money. However Horuss could tell it was a pruebreed battle horse made for the lines of battle, he was a beatiful amber and against the desert sands he stood like a gem. The trip wouldn’t be too far a days ride and then all he would have to do is investigate and then he’d be back home in no time. The ride was actually midly pleasant, the dessert breeze wasn’t anything to be stiffled about, and combined with the tempature it made for a nice trip. Horuss arrived at the village as night had already set itself in. He was greeted by two guards at the entrance of the village, one took his horse to be stabled and the other led him to the chiefs tent.

The chief was wide awake gazing over paperwork, possibly taxes but Horuss wasn’t trying to pry information about whats going on in this village. “Hello Horuss, I take it you’ll be the one responding to our request for more powerful help.” Horuss greeted this information with a kind nod edging the man to continue on with the information that he needed to tell Horuss. “Well as i’m sure u know our supply of water is quickly dwindlying before this next moon we will be completely out of water.

I’ve sent roughly four or five scouts to investigate but none of them have come back I’m starting to think that something is taking my men away from me, the children have reported seeing rumblings in the sand and I don’t really know what else to think other than there is something out there in the sand…” This was new information to Horuss his fathers letter had not told him about this piece of information. “You can entrust your troubles to me I’ll take care of you and your people sir.” Horuss left the tent and he was led to another tent that was set aside for him. This was fine he would deal with these problems in the morning. He laid down and dreamed his favorite dreams. An estate as large as his fathers, and inside of it a celluar stocked with the finest wines and the best foods that life has ever seen.

Horuss awoke to the screams of the villagers, he quickly reached for his blade and unsheathed it. Opening the doors to his tent to see a sight he wasn’t yet ready for it was a terrifying sight a Desert Worm one of the most terrifying sights one can see in the sands of Heliohapt. Horuss raised his sword and leveled his shoulders with the worm, he could feel the worms intent to kill him. The Desert Worm slammed his body against the ground and created a Sandstorm with his body. Horuss had to calm himself and trust his other senses besides his sight. He slowed his breathing and allowed himself to hear his surrondings. The sound of the villagers screams filled the air but under that he could hear the worm moving under his feet so he thrusted his sword into the ground praying that the worm was more towards the surface, then the air was filled with a heart wrenching shreek it drained all life from the air and as a result the sweat on Horuss brow turned cold in an instant. He could now open his eyes to see his opponent he was injured from the attack and the worms movement now became more reckless now all Horuss had to do was trust his training.

He concentrated for a second and tapped into his memories his training with Michael, now Horuss would become the hunter and this worm would be his prey. He charged towards the worm and the sword his hand began to lose all weight he performed a move taught to him by his teacher Michael Honed Edge a diagonal slash made contact with the worm and he body began to lose life. Horuss saw a young child standing where the worm would eventually rest his lifeless head and rushed to save him. Swooping up the child in his arms the worm fell to his feet. After that the day passed along, and eventually night fell and Horuss was on his horse to continue his journey home. As his horse galloped off he thought to himself “Father the deed is done”

Word Count: 1,007/500
Stamina Used: 20/140

Abilities Used:
D-tier Abilities
Honed Edge
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The opponent must be within sword length of the users weapon.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 turn
Cost: 20 Stamina
Description: The users ability with the sword is in full display. The user performs a downward diagonal cut to the target that will deal C-Tier damage.

Items brought:

Quenching the Thirst C17a70ce12b724b2e9001279f729cf15
Name: Grimfrost
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Double Edged Sword
Material: Imperial Steel
Appearance: Two solid pieces of metal, the blade and the hilt are made out of imperial steel. The hue of the blade is so bright that even in some instances in the right lighting it shines almost too brightly. The blade measures 106.68cm(3 ½ feet) in length and is 6.35 cm(2 ½ inches) in thickness. the hilt is 20.43cm(8 inches) and 7.62cm(3 inches) in diameter.



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