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Sara stops idiots[Job/solo]

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Sara Mcdonald

Sara Mcdonald

Job Name: Clash of the Titans!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50 XP / 3000 Huang
Job Overview: Rivalries have stirred up in the remote villages of Imuchakk. Two in particular, naming themselves quite arrogantly after legends, have created such dangerous living conditions that the townsfolk just want one group to come out on top so they don’t have to deal with all of the unnecessary recruitment and cockfighting.

Join “Atlas” and steal supplies from the enemy group, forcing them to submit and surrender as they have no food to feed their members.
Join “Prometheus” and defeat the leader of “Atlas” in battle and everyone will see how strong you are!

Enemy Name: Antigone
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: Whirling Dervish - Antigone spins her formidable war pike around in a circle, swinging across to slash foes in front of her for D tier damage.

Sara had been traveling with Alexander in this new land as she wanted to try to help some people if she could. For now, she had nothing to do with Alexander so she would simply look to enforce her justice on others, she had a deep anger building up inside of her the rage she felt learning more about herself from Lagi had sparked a very dark side from herself.

She made her way to a smaller village as she noticed something was wrong, people seemed to be hiding and they seemed rather unwelcoming in this village. She was sure it was not because she was Fanalis which could only mean one thing someone was causing problems in this village.

As she walked around she began to ask questions and after talking to several people she figured out what was going on, two rivals not realizing the harm they were causing their own village were vying for leadership. They, however, were causing massive issues in the village and it was beginning to even cause issues with food shortages because they were not hunting, gathering or fishing to feed the village with the two sides battling daily.

She made her way toward one of the camps, the easiest way to fix this was to join the camp that wanted to use power to prove they were the best. This could be the right choice or it could be Sara dark Rukh beginning to affect her decision making, either way, this is the side she chose to help Prometheus.

She stepped inside the tent to see a large man waiting at a table, he smiled spotting the woman he knew of her race very powerful and certainly not someone you wanted to piss off. He would stand and walk over to her smiling as he offered his hand to her, she would grab his hand and squeeze very tightly causing the man to wince in pain, she was letting him know she was doing this not for him but to save his village from two morons.

She would step outside the tent and go to the meeting area for the day, it was clear of everyone but the leader of the other faction, he smiled spotting the little girl, what could someone like her do. Sure she was Fanalis but he was sure he could take her no problem.

He suddenly rushed toward her as took a heavy right-handed swing as she would lift her arm and block it with her feet pushing hard into the ground causing it to crack but she didn't flinch even slightly as she smiled staring at the man.

"I see you are rather strong but it is my turn now, when you lose this fight you will submit to him or I will personally remove your spine from your body, do I make myself clear."

Before he could reply she lifted her left hand and began to slam blow after blow into his body as his eyes began to roll into the back of his head. He would collapse onto the ground as she would lift him by his hair before lifting a knee into his face a wicked smile crossing her face as she continued to knee his face with the man becoming more and more battered before dropping his now gravely injured body to the ground. She had defeated the leader of Atlas and she was sure they would behave from now on.

"Anyone else want to be stupid and cause suffering for the village, I won't stop like I did on this man, don't ever cause problems for your village you are causing them to starve you dumb asses. Next time if I come back here I see this issue, I will kill each and every person causing the problems on both sides, and before you think you have a chance I wasn't even serious with this idiot of a man."

With that said she would make her way toward the village exit with people hiding from her, she had a lot of blood on her knee and hands but the thing that frightened them the most was the joy she clearly felt attacking that man, the wicked smile wide across her face, something was changing inside of her, she was becoming a monster in this world.

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