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As the sun shone over the great plain a brown skinned man walked. His hair was silver, his garb was black, and around his left hand was a red glove. Strapped around his back; a rather impressive looking Katana. Looking at him one wouldn't be able to tell if he was wealthy or poor. Just how he liked it. The man who had just arrived to the land from the dark continent; at least that what it was called here. To him and others there, it was known as home.

Ja'Ro walked alone. He had no destination, nor a purpose for walking. He simply walked. Well maybe saying that he had no purpose was a exaggeration. He had a purpose. A purpose he learned in a dream, yet he was told to wait. So wait he did. He yawned loudly; his voice echoed across the silent, yet beautiful landscape. "I'm pretty lonely..." He said to himself deciding whether or not he should make a friend or two while he...waited.

Suddenly the golden cross that he wore began to shine a feint turquoise light. "Huh, so they're the first?" Ja'Ro asked his cross as if it could speak.  After a few moments he looked up and in the distance he could see Magnostahdt. "And they're a magician at that. Well this is going to be fun. My very first friend. I wonder what they'll be like?" A huge smile stretched across the face of Ja'Ro.

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It might be the right time to start researching on the mysterious egg Noir had found near the empty training ground before, although so far she had no clue about what kind of egg it was at all after she spent so many times reading books. A sigh escaped from her peach colored lips as she walked through the city gate, heading to The Plains alongside with her beasts, Haku and Kuzunoha.

Her Staff of Storms would be hanged on her back as usual and she would have a sling bag filled with books and writing utensils inside hanging on her shoulder while the mysterious egg would be on her palm. Haku who was being her mount at the moment walked in a normal pace as he lets Noir to stare into the egg quietly, as if she trusted her companion to go to the right direction.

“Hmm…” Noir hummed to herself, there was nothing she could do to the egg especially by staring at it slowly. Perhaps she should bring it to the warm place and that was exactly why she brought it to The Plains, right to where her usual book reading spot located. She felt that she should be careful in handling the egg though as she didn’t know what might be inside, it could be dangerous but instead of being very alarmed by the danger, her curiosity was much more apparent at the moment.

Before the magician sat on the grass, she would put a large picnic sheet on top of it and would sit on it. Noir would pet Haku and Kuzunoha before letting them to rest on the comfortable sheet, happy to see them enjoyed the breeze. After that, she would put the egg in front of her as she leaned against the big tree which was covering them from the sun before starting to think about what she should do about the egg after this.


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