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[SoS] The Fate Of Who He Is! A Hero Or A Demon!?

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"A Hero? A Demon? I am... What am I?"

Just what is he? The boy wondered. Nearly a week since that day, Trently pondered almost every minute of every hour. "Grandfather... What have I become...? I question if whether or not what I have been doing this whole time is wrong or right. The very side I am helping win this war is also the worst. Is this the side that you want me to support? Am I slowly and steadily becoming a demon? I... do not wish to become such a vile creature. However, in recent days, I have thought of myself as such. A demon is not what I want to become. What I truly hope to be and end up as is a hero! That is my dream to complete in life!" The Yanaihara spoke, talking to his late grandfather as if he was still alive.

"Among those, I want to bathe in the dungeon, bloodshed, and being a hero." ~ Torento Yanaihara

”Listen well, boy. There are no heroes in war. Only demons. When you participate in the upcoming battle, you will come to understand this.” ~ Gao Yuan Zu

"Aye! I am no demon! I am a bird!" ~ Torento Yanaihara

Cornered by a few hundred of Yoshiro men, injured and exhausted, the Yanaihara boy was in for trouble. A storm brewing and rain starting to pour, the men of Yoshiro would cock back their bows and prepare to fire. It would seem as if there was no hope in sight. However, lucky for the boy, just in the nick of time, he would be saved.

Gao Yuan Zu calvary entering the fray, Trently was able to retreat just before the finishing blow. Being taken to medics asap by one of the cavalrymen, the boy was patched up and told to get some rest, so, he did just that. Returning back to his personal tent, he would collapse on his sleeping mat and begin to doze off.

Dreaming, the young one would hear voices.

"A child born during a great storm, that is you."

"A demon forged by bloodshed and war, that is you."

"A hero forged by- "

Then, the dream and the voices end.

Waking up, he would sit up and stare at his bag, tired and bored. Doing absolutely nothing for a whole minute, Trently would finally get up and do something to pass the time. Rummaging through his bag, he would grab his Shard of Solomon and play with it in his hands. Wondering about whether or not he was a demon or a hero, the youngster stared at his shiny shard and juggled it in his hands. Unaware of the Shard of Solomon's powers, he had held onto it as a good luck charm. "Storm Child, huh?" Trently said as he squeezed his Shard of Solomon, crushing it. Fate changes.


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