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The Spiders Strong Arms (job/ Job)

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1 The Spiders Strong Arms (job/ Job) on 26/05/18, 02:43 am

Job info:
Job Name: Joining the Nest II
Job Rank:
Job Location:
Job Reward: 200 xp | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Joining the Nest II
Job Overview: The first Task for the spiders will be to help bring a group of slaves to the ports of Balbadd to begin shipping. There have been those who oppose slavery trying to meddle in the spiders affairs. Take out the attacks before they start to cause too much trouble.

Enemy Name: Militia Men X4
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: A group of decently armed civilians out to end the slave trade. They are around average build with no distinguishing features besides their numbers. THey all carry a small dagger that is capable of doing up to C-tier damage.

  • Slash~ The user does a diagonal slash towards the targets ribcage dealing C-tier damage

  • Stab and Go~ The user does a quick step forward moving about half a meter before dealing a stab that does C-tier damage to whatever it strikes.

  • Retreat~ The user throws a smokebomb on the ground which makes them hard to discern allowing them to flea in that moment. The smokebomb lasts only 2 turns.

The wandering magician found himself heading towards  the dock at night once again. He was told a couple of nights ago he had found the spiders or at least a small recruitment party, probably one of many in not just Balbadd but all of the major countries.  They had accepted him into the group but he was on the bottom level so he was going to have to work hard if he ever wants to meet the leader, Remus himself. In order for him to eventually gain control of Balbadd and the other countries he was going to need the spiders help as a part of his group.

He finally made it to the dock with the lone ship where the spiders seem to keep some of those slaves and where the recruits were told to meet up at. He wasn't sure but he was hoping that his young friend Job made it into the group and would be here soon. There were a couple of people here waiting to be given orders as well. None of them seemed to be that skilled just some common thugs that were after some cash from the slavery.  All that was left was for the old man to wait for Job and the rest to get there to be given their orders.


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I made my way to the docks just past the market district in Balbadd. I had to keep myself in conspicuous because every time I would go somewhere I would get strange looks from concerned citizens thinking that I was lost. I smiled at myself as I walked on. If anything I was in a pretty good position. I was a perfect decoy I was strong enough to hold my own but looked harmless enough to lure people in and gain their trust. I wondered how I was going to react to this first mission, shipping slaves out of Balbadd to other countries around the world. What would happen if my sister was part of that shipment would I just have to take her and go? or would I have to think of something more covert with my sister...before I could really finish my thoughts I spied someone that was all too familiar. I was Silva He was a part of the black spiders too now. Things were getting more interesting by the minute. I would walk up to him not being overly friendly, due to the other members around. I didn't want to be too conspicuous but if he would look into my eyes he would be able to tell that I was quite pleasantly surprised to see him. I greeted him, "hello Silva, fancy seeing you here. Shall we get started?"


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The old man hears the young man's voice and turns around glad to see that he decided to come. They decided together not to long ago that they were going to enter the spiders, partly to help the young man find his sister but also so that Silva could try to get into the inner circle of this group so he can meet their leader to recruit him for the Zodiacs, the group he was forming to unite the underworld.

He smiles at the boy and nods. "Yes, I am glad to see that you decided to come my dear boy,  things should go much smoother with your help here" as he was speaking one of the recruiters came out and handed out a slip of paper to people telling them to pair up as well. The slip of paper had a location of a warehouse and the man told them that they are to go to these locations and retrieve the slaves being stored there and bring them back to the port to be shipped off.

Silva himself wasn't particularly fond of slavery as he liked killing things instead of keeping them alive, however his goal was to support all parts of the underworld in order to spread chaos. So Silva smiles to himself as he looks at the slip and then looks at Job, "So shall we get going now my boy?" He asks with a soft smile on his face yet mischief in his eyes.

Wc 467/1500

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I nodded. I was ready. I furrowed my brow and squinted my eyes I hated to do this but I knew that if I didn’t my father’s death and sister’s kidnapping would be all for naught.  It was time to taint my hands. Its funny, I guess that I will have to use my white rukh to do something so dark. Being so close to the wind means that if I was lucky I could just have them pass out with my magic. But I knew that as soon as they new who we were they would alert the authorities…we couldn’t have that. It’s simply for the best that we kill the people who stand in our way.  As we made our way to the docks we saw the ships coming in. this was it these people have already been lost. Most of their rukh has been died black already we shouldn’t have much trouble with them. Walking up to the boat, I began to herd the people off of the boat taking to their new miserable lives.  There was a spot that we had to get them to if we wanted to complete our mission in a timely manner. Some were crying most were silent. It wasn’t just adults there were children there as well. Probably just as old as I was, if not younger.  I did my part and led the new slaves to the holding area. I saw that Silva did the same.  But inevitably, we had company. The anti slave militia had decided to show up to set everyone free and most likely kill us. I readied my staff and watched as the rukh gathered towards me.  I looked over at Silva to make sure that he was ready to take on these “do-gooders.”  I was.


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The experienced assassin smiles to himself as the traveled to the area where their group of slaves were waiting. He could sense that the young boy felt a bit uneasy about being a slave handler. Yet the man was impressed to see the boy's willingness to do anything to find his sister, a willingness that the assassin could try exploit if needed to. They got the group of slaves without any trouble. However, the old man felt that it was going to be a different story on the way back.

Yet again the magicians hunch was right. Four men were blocking their path, they looked decently built but a far call from an actual soldier, that and they were only carrying daggers which were more fitting for thieves or peasants then an army. It was clear that their intentions were to prevent the two from advancing and free their cargo in the process. If he let this happen then he would lose his chance to advance into the spiders, also if he let them live they would alert the guards to the group. He smiles to himself, it had been awhile since he had killed anyone. He takes a stretch to loosen up his joints and looks at Job seeing his look and nods.

He grins at the civilians as he begins to grow from his over 5ft height to over 6 ft now, his body becoming larger and much more muscular then it was before. He looks over at the militia and rushes to them. One of the men slashes at him but the man avoids the dagger and slams his fist into the man's side feeling the crunching of bones as he makes contact and slams the man intro he wall, the man going limp. He then turns around smashing his fist into a second man's head knocking it off with the force of his punch. He sighs cheerfully and looks at Job to see his progress.


Herculean Physique:

Trait Name: Herculean Physique 
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
Trait Requirement: SOS Trait
Trait Description: Through the power of a solomon shard the users body has gone far past that of a normal human. Reaching levels that most wouldn't believe possible. Their body appears normal till they choose to show their power, which will cause them to swell up in height and muscle.
Trait Effect: The user can destroy boulders with ease and deal A-tier damage with their strikes. Being able to run as fast as a cheetah (Equivalent to a B-tier Fanalis) and leap over most trees with ease.

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We had run into a bit of a sticky spot, we had to face off against some militiamen that decided to try to do some good in this world. Silva had already started battling. I had expected the older man to use magic to dispatch our enemies, that wasn’t the case however. I saw him grow in size to the point were he was towering over the other men he was as strong and as fast as one of the people from the Dark Continent. It was like a story that my mother would tell me. But we had a battle to fight, I needed to focus some of the soldiers had noticed me and decided to attack me as well. I managed to summon my borg in time to avoid being hit with the soldier’s slash I decided to retaliate with Asfal Mesim to hit the solider before using Asfal Shariha to finish him off sending him into the water by the dock. I still didn’t have many offensive spells at my disposal so I would try to help my partner by supporting him with magic since he would obviously do more damage than I ever could at my level. I ran over to Silva to help him take on more enemies. I couldn’t lose this fight, there was too much I needed to do.

Abilities Used:

Asfal Mesim
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Job needs his wand directly at the object to accurately direct the spell.
Scaling: increased damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10

Job casts a small blast of wind magic at an opponent for d-tier damage. The ball of wind is 1m in diameter and it goes about 5 meters before it dissipates.
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Job has to point his wand in a semi circular fashion then point his wand at target he wants to hit.
Scaling: The damage increases
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

Job uses wind magic that creates a crescent shape about 50cm wide and 1m long as he performs the semi circle movement. When the wand is aimed, the spell flies forward in a straight line. The wind blade deals d-tier damage.

Magoi 220/240


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He smiles as He turns and sees the young man take down one of the men with some nifty wind spells. This boy definitely had a lot of promise for magic, probably more than the old man had himself. "Great job son you have massive potential for magic." He says then turns to see the fourth and final person drop his dagger and starts to run away in hopes of alerting others and getting help. He grins with blood lust in his eyes. "Watch the cargo, I will finish our little game" he says. He crouched and pushes off the ground with his powerful legs running at the speed of a cheetah. He catches up to the runner in no time and with great ease. He straightens out his hand and stabs it straight through the man's chest, right where his heart was killing the man instantly.

He sighs not feeling fulfilled in this bloodbath, he wasn't into these type of things for combat however he enjoyed the feel of killing and the warmth of blood splattering in his body. He turns to the boy smiling. "Sorry you had to see me like that job, I am an assassin by trade and it has been awhile since I actually had a chance to kill." He says truthfully not afraid to talk about who and what he was. He moves to the slaves that seemed to be terrified by the blatant show of murder. "Come along kiddies we better get going again."  He says urging them to start moving again. It would take them a few minutes till they arrived at the dock where the slave ship was. There was no more trouble on their way, it was as if the people of the city knew what was happening but refused to acknowledge that it was happening.

Wc 1102/1500

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Though I managed to put in some effort in killing the guards that got in out way Silva did most of the work. I wanted as he slaughtered the men around him. I must admit, I found it quite satisfying to get compliments on my magic. I still had so much to learn but it was nice getting praised. I keep forgetting that I am not that untalented in magic. Just comparing me to my older siblings means that I am but compared to others I can hold my own in battle. I just wished that I got a chance to showcase it a bit more. I did my job of rounding up the rest of the slaves as Silva dispatched with the rest of the militia. Though I didn’t do much fighting today, I’m sure that I would get the chance soon enough. This was only the beginning after all and I had to get stronger to save Rebecca. After the old man came back, hands covered in blood, I responded wryly to him, “My wind magic wouldn’t have been as messy you know.” I had already begun to become more jaded in the man’s presence it was inevitable I guess. I began to herd the rest of the slaves to the drop off point. Silva did the same.  


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He smiles to himself as the rest of the job goes smoothly. They make it to the docks and help the men usher them onto the ship ship putting an end to todays mission. Now they had time to talk a bit before leaving and going their separate ways till the next mission. He would wait for the young man before walking away from the docks. He would look at the boy almost as if to study him, which he was. Something like this kind of work could tend to upset or disturb people, it took a special kind of person to do this type of job without any sort of second thoughts or doubts. However he felt that this man would do anything for revenge and to find his sister. It would be a dangerous and dark road for him but the old man was hoping that he could guide him down the road without the boy being swallowed by the darkness thay followed him. He would finally speak up to the young man, "So how do you feelbafyer your first test in the workings of the underworld my boy?" He would ask wondering how he feels before they head to their own places.

Wc 1307/1500

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I had to finish up getting the few straggling slaves back to the meeting point. I figured that I should clean up Silva’s mess. Despite him being an assassin, he left quite a bloody mess I felt it was best to keep our tracks hidden I used some wind to whip up the ocean waves to wash the blood off of the docks. I had to become the monster I was trying to save my sister from. Has deplorable as my actions are, I don’t think I have a choice right now. I’m still young but will I think I’ve travelled so long only to realize far too late, that I’m just circling my own sins over an over again. I stared at the ocean, the waves lapping up against the boats in the harbour, the moon hanging in the seemingly infinite sky. The stars twinkled in sky as if they enjoyed the night that had just transpired. As I walked to the meeting point where Silva and the other slaves were, I turned to him half smiling, not fully ready to give into the darkness my rukh was still white in the company of such darkness, but at the same time, I knew that I wasn’t going to keep myself from falling into depravity.  As we carted off the last of the slaves I just stared at the ocean a little bit more the moon reflecting against the dark water. Thinking about how awful of a mess I had gotten myself into all because they took my sister. I ended up talking to Silva after the mission was over. Turns out he waited for me. At least I have someone here to show my sister that I’m not as bad by comparison. The old magician asked me how I felt after this mission was over “It’s a dark path we walk down now, don’t we? Hopefully there will be some respite for me at the end of this,” I smiled weakly partially out of tiredness, but mainly because I knew that things could only get worse from here.


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He chuckles to himself as the boy, his new companion mentioned things like dark paths and respite. To him there was no such thing as good and evil, light and darkness. To him all there was were contracts and whatever cam make him money and give him enjoyment. That thing is assassination, he may have forgotten his past but one thing he did remember was his love for killing people. He may be old but he still came up with creative spells just for the purpose of torturing and killing. However thay was not a path he wanted for this boy, he wanted him to live a long good life. He looks up at the boy smiling, "Yes, yes we are my dear boy. But there may yet be hope for us yet. This is after all just a means to help you find your sister" and to help him with his own desires, but he wasn't going to tell the boy yet. "Do not give up hope though my friend. I promised you that we will find your sister. I will see you again soon" he would say before walking off to his hotel ready to rest his weary and aging bones, excited about the next mission.

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I watched the old man leave. Alone with my thoughts I could do nothing but think of the brutality of the man the he was working with. I had no other option but to work with him, but I knew damn well what I was getting myself into. There was no turning back now, I kept telling myself no one would have to know about this I’m so far from home and my sins won’t reach that far. Besides if they do, I can do something the remedy that, or perhaps Silva might be able to. All of this was on my mind as I passed through the misty city, far away from the ocean. There was no sound now. All was quiet, no one was around and the slaves had been put in their cages to be shipped away. The only thing that accompanied me was the moon obscured by the fog of this miserable city. I ended up at home where promptly headed up to my room. I needed to sleep and get my mind in a better position so that I can be a good member of society once again.


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