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The Spiders Strong Arms (job/ Job)

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1 The Spiders Strong Arms (job/ Job) on 26/05/18, 02:43 am

Job info:
Job Name: Joining the Nest II
Job Rank:
Job Location:
Job Reward: 200 xp | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Joining the Nest II
Job Overview: The first Task for the spiders will be to help bring a group of slaves to the ports of Balbadd to begin shipping. There have been those who oppose slavery trying to meddle in the spiders affairs. Take out the attacks before they start to cause too much trouble.

Enemy Name: Militia Men X4
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: A group of decently armed civilians out to end the slave trade. They are around average build with no distinguishing features besides their numbers. THey all carry a small dagger that is capable of doing up to C-tier damage.

  • Slash~ The user does a diagonal slash towards the targets ribcage dealing C-tier damage

  • Stab and Go~ The user does a quick step forward moving about half a meter before dealing a stab that does C-tier damage to whatever it strikes.

  • Retreat~ The user throws a smokebomb on the ground which makes them hard to discern allowing them to flea in that moment. The smokebomb lasts only 2 turns.

The wandering magician found himself heading towards  the dock at night once again. He was told a couple of nights ago he had found the spiders or at least a small recruitment party, probably one of many in not just Balbadd but all of the major countries.  They had accepted him into the group but he was on the bottom level so he was going to have to work hard if he ever wants to meet the leader, Remus himself. In order for him to eventually gain control of Balbadd and the other countries he was going to need the spiders help as a part of his group.

He finally made it to the dock with the lone ship where the spiders seem to keep some of those slaves and where the recruits were told to meet up at. He wasn't sure but he was hoping that his young friend Job made it into the group and would be here soon. There were a couple of people here waiting to be given orders as well. None of them seemed to be that skilled just some common thugs that were after some cash from the slavery.  All that was left was for the old man to wait for Job and the rest to get there to be given their orders.


(Hope you like this!)

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I made my way to the docks just past the market district in Balbadd. I had to keep myself in conspicuous because every time I would go somewhere I would get strange looks from concerned citizens thinking that I was lost. I smiled at myself as I walked on. If anything I was in a pretty good position. I was a perfect decoy I was strong enough to hold my own but looked harmless enough to lure people in and gain their trust. I wondered how I was going to react to this first mission, shipping slaves out of Balbadd to other countries around the world. What would happen if my sister was part of that shipment would I just have to take her and go? or would I have to think of something more covert with my sister...before I could really finish my thoughts I spied someone that was all too familiar. I was Silva He was a part of the black spiders too now. Things were getting more interesting by the minute. I would walk up to him not being overly friendly, due to the other members around. I didn't want to be too conspicuous but if he would look into my eyes he would be able to tell that I was quite pleasantly surprised to see him. I greeted him, "hello Silva, fancy seeing you here. Shall we get started?"


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