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Mischief D to C [Beast Upgrade]

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Eight was eager, he had been collecting a colony of rats to take with him on his adventure. The swarm of bugs did not suit him and he was much happier with his new selection. Even the experimentation was a twisted thrill for him.

He had managed to collected well over 25 rats to begin his training. He had them caged up for now as he still hadnt gotten around to spending time with them or training them. He only managed to feed them and clean them, keeping themin a nice cage with all sorts of goodies and wood chips, for sanitary reasons.

With that, he reached into the cage to begin removing them onto a large table with slightly elevated edges. But as he finally grasped one of his rodents, it instinctively bit him. All he could use them for was to sic them on people, and if they were backed into a corner, they miiiight attack. He didnt realize the innate difference between predatory animals such as dogs and cats as opposed to the difference between prey such as rats and mice. Prey were clearly much more easily spooked over anything.

Then it clicked in his head that he would have to train them like war horses, to stop them from panicking. He took his time and let the rats breed for a few generations. Gathering a fee seperate colonies so he could keep a certain level of diversity in the gene pool.

As the little rats hatched, he began to imprint onto them. He wanted to be seen as the maternal paternal figure in their life. He separated the babies from their parents, which caused plenty of stress in the rats. But he kept the rats that were most indifferent to the loss of their children, which he saw as quite a valuable trait. And from the children, he would take only the half that was most receptive to him. He would feed and take care of all of their needs. He learned how to take care of the babies straight from the mothers. He had observed their rearing methods and kept as much of the routine as intact as possible. Some parts he understood why but others were a complete mystery but it seemed to work as the rats were mostly healthy.

From his original batch, he had almost none of the same rats but plenty of the same genes and now he was able to handle them as if they were dogs. They were much better and suited to him. They were calm and exposed to many different things, such as fire, electricity, heavy winds, water and being dumped into it, ice, loud sounds, all sorts of terrains, various lights and light source and all types of animals as part of their socialization, which was important in teaching dogs. Animals were much more receptive to things as a young ones than they would be as adults. The generations of breeding sessions were quite a success as he developed it into a science.


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