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Emergency Investigation!!!

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1Emergency Investigation!!! Empty Emergency Investigation!!! on 18/05/18, 06:21 pm

Job Name:Emergency Investigation pt 1.
Job Rank:B
Job Location:Reim
Job Reward: 15,000 huang and 200 exp
Job Prerequisites: Unity Corp member
Job Overview: Receiving orders from Kohai El Lagi himself Knuckles and Ganbo are charged with finding out who's behind the recent disturbances in Reim's political landscape.The rumors point to "The Barber" a well known underworld figure in Reim. The most important aspect of the mission is to find out who enables this figure and cutting them out of the picture as well. Will the "heroes" be successful, find out this time on magiworlds!


Enemy Name: El Ashtarchemosh
Enemy Tier:B
Damage Required to Defeat: A
Description: Astarchemosh entered Reimian politics when there was still a kingdom, always operating underground under the alias "The Barber". He has been behind multiple plots and the Unity Corp has long sought out his personal name so they might bring him to justice. The Unity Corp knows that he has ties to a larger wealthier group but aren't sure who or where. He wields dual scimitars and is a practiced warrior who enjoys fighting on occasion. He is known to cut the scalp of those who cross him.

  • Swift Strike: His finishing move the user strikes out swiftly with both blades dealing B rank damage with each blade.

  • Whirlwind of Blades: The user spins in fast 360 degree movements and is capable of moving in a straight path any direction. Anyone caught in his bladespan which reaches out to a total of 2 meters is dealt C rank damage.

  • Parry: The user parries an attack up to B rank

  • Criminal Dash: The user dashes at A rank speed up to 15 meters, in increments of 3 meters.

  • Throat Shot: The user uses the pommel of one his blade to strike quickly against the users throat dealing B rank damage

Enemy Name: Bodyguards x 3
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: B
Description: Typical hired bodyguards they each carry a large two handed sword, and are wearing leather armor for easy movement.

  • Parry: The user parries an attack up to B rank

  • Power slash: The user brings their sword up and swings with all their might dealing B rank damage.

  • Double strike: The user swings two slashes in quick succession dealing D rank damage on both.

"Ganbo Basara, Knuckles Shi, come with me please."   This would be the start of something fun that neither of the Duo knew would ever happen.  They had been selected for a special assignment, handed picked one would say. The Unity Corps needed those who were highly skilled but low ranks so if things went south they could play it off as rogue agents.    They had just the two people in mind for something like this.

The human woman was short about 4'9, she was followed by two large panthers, an odd way to fight others to Knuckles but well he was a Fanalis who used a weapon instead of his bodies like others in his race.   Knuckles looked up to Ganbo and shrugged before following the woman, he placed his hands' on top of his head, this movement was starting to become harder to do with the vast amount of weapon worn on his person.  The sword and shield, dart gun with the darts, the hammer and yo-yo. Still, he felt he needed something for his lower body.

They had been lead to a briefing room, she motioned for them to enter but didn't enter herself, it felt like they were going to try and off them. Knuckles would start to feel his heart race, his body was getting prepared for battle.  After crossing through the doors the door a bald-headed man turned around he was a high ranking member of the Corps that much Knuckles knew but he hadn't seen this ranking insignia before.  "Please, please have a seat, we have much to discuss with you..."

Knuckles let out a sigh of relief, as much fun as it would have been to fight all the members of the unity corps he doubted he would have lived through it, something he would like to try only later in life.   There were only two seats near the man  Knuckles walked over to the one on the right, he grabbed the back of the chair and spun it around leaning his chest on the back of the chair and resting his forearms on the top, yet kept his right hand gripping the chair ready to throw it.

This, of course, was a negative way to be sitting within the organization, but it was the only way he could sit with his yo-yo one his back.   Whatever was going to happen Knuckles was expecting bloodshed to soon come their way...



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Ganbo was dressed in his full uniform, the cloth parts had been pressed and Ganbo dapper appearance had garnered him looks on the way to HQ. He had been briefed earlier by Knuckles that their were rumors going around about a big job at HQ. So imagine his surprise when they were both called by name by some higher ranking official. Ganbo had taken zero time to memorize anyones face in his chain of command, but the way she carried herself it seemed good enough. Ganbo would fall in line behind Knuckles he would look at her and shrug to him, he probably doesn't know who she is either. As they walked in relative quiet, they went to a part of the building Ganbo didn't visit often. She motioned them to go into a room, Ganbo walked in behind Knuckles. Knuckles would let out a sigh of relief and Ganbo would realize that it did seem kind of suspicious for a briefing. They were met with a man that had a rank insignia that Ganbo didn't recognize.Shit maybe we'll be getting promoted sooner than I thought who is this guy.

Knuckles would turn his chair like mirroring his delinquency with his posture, though it was mostly just for his equipments sake. Ganbo would sit down regularly looking up at the man, the chairs were probably for Ganbo's sake after all. Most higher ups didn't enjoy looking up at a man while they gave them orders. Humans can be such frail creatures after all, the most sensitive part of them is their ego. Ganbo would look the man in the eyes though not to long he didn't want his stares to be seen as challenging. As he begun speaking Ganbo would only passively pay attention giving affirmation nods and other listening techniques. He had mastered feigning attention, he knew Knuckles would probably pay attention and if not they always got official orders as well as the commanders intent. Not that they often read it since mostly they had the same techniques when it came to handling crime. Destroy it so completely there's no crime left.

WC: 354


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The human's eyes squinted as Knuckles ad Ganbo took their seats, Knuckles felt like he was being sized up. There was this odd tension in the room at least that's what Knuckles felt like he couldn't say how his partner was doing with this shit. "Gentlemen, greetings. I am Kohai El Nagi, I am the leader of the Unity corps." His eyes relaxed as he looked back and forth between the two men before turning his back and folding his arms into the small of his back while taking several steps slowly forward. Turning once more to face them his arms relaxed. "Congratulations, you two Privates have been handed picked by myself and other high ranking officials of the Unity Corps to handle this mission.
We have reasons to think there is some underhanded work going on within our Country's Council, as I'm sure you two are fully aware it is our job to keep the internal structure of this country afloat. That being said, what I am about to share with you is only known between a select few members and you two.

Grabbing two files from the desk in front of them all he walked over to both of them handing the files over to them at the same time, one in each hand. "Inside you will find a picture of the man code name The Barber. Find out who he's working with and eliminate both of the parties, you have full control to do that how you see fit. Furthermore, if this mission leads you out of the country you're free to pursue...That being said, however, this is a purely undercover assignment, this means there will be no using or mentions of who you are and that you're part of the Unity Corps. "

He took a moment pausing to let all the information sink in, as he spoke the Fanails Knuckles was going through the folder and was liking what he was hearing. Knuckles finished the file and closed it, he set the folder on the ground near him only taking out the picture of the man which was hand drawn. Knuckles had no doubt in his mind they could find him pretty easy, once the briefing was done he would stand up and walk out the building, there was never an order on saluting or nothing he was taught and it seemed like they were free to go so he walked out.

Once they exited the building and were free of watchful eyes Knuckles pulled Ganbo aside. "What you making out of all this bullshit? At first, I thought they were going to try and kill us and now I feel like they are ordering a hit on a council member. Not that I'm complaining, but man its got this odd feeling to me."

wc 490+419=909


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Wawawa, blablabla man this guy sure likes to talk a lot. Did he say he was the leader of the Unity Corp I think so. I'll have to ask Knuckles later, I swear every time we get sent on a mission they find a way to make the briefing longer. During it, he'd look at the pictures with Knuckles he would assume thats the target but would ask Knuckles again after. After more talk about how important they were and how secretive the mission he'd finally let them go. After the breifing Ganbo would say,"I'm going to go throw my uniform in my barracks room I never use. I'll be back in a second bro. He'd return to the hallway they were in after quickly stripping off his uniform and throwing on his usual casual attire. Though he chose not to wear his jacket instead just an undershirt. Once they were out of the building Knuckles would speak to Ganbo."Yeah its probably got to do with politics that's the only time rich people like to give secretive missions. I don't think they'll try to kill us anytime soon theirs still to much disorder. But, it never hurts to have a backup I say we start passively thinking about disappearing if the the heat gets too much. I'm thinking a nation where no one would suspect us become guards in Magnostadt or bodyguards. Either way lets try and find this barber dude where you think we should start?

After speaking Ganbo would wait for Knuckles responses, he had a few ideas on where they could go in the city to look. However Knuckles had more experience in the town so he might have a better idea from his experience. As he looked around the city outside the HQ it seemed to be a regular day. No one was acting overtly suspicious and nothing seemed to be plotted in the streets.Gwahahuheue this is definitely an assassination I wonder if they'll make us do more jobs like these in the future. We might be able to swing a promotion out of this though, unlikely they would refuse us after something like this. He'd look around and as long as he saw no one in earshot he'd say. "I say after this we ask for a promotion, I could always use more money and respect ghwahhwhah. He'd see if Knuckles agreed, then go back to keeping his head on a swivel. He didn't know exactly what he was looking for, and the barber didn't exactly keep a sign over his base.

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As Ganbo left to change, Knuckles looked through the file more. They seemed to just have a name and connection to the drug game. Knuckles would wait until Ganbo arrived back, his outfit seemed different. "You want to go kick it with those magic freaks? Don't you wana go back home, see your culture your people bro?" Knuckles Shrugged when asked where to find the Barber. "File says he's into running drugs, so what're your thoughts on that? You spin more time around the people who use." He was referencing to the special places Ganbo visited. Knuckles would let Ganbo lead the way, on the way out of HQ Knuckles would remove the coat and throw it onto the ground as they exited, people were looking at him odd. He was wearing a black shirt under the jacket they were forced to wear all the damn time. This way was better for him. He'd reach down and pull off the boots too letting his bare feet meet the dirt. Now he looked more like a Fanails with fancy pants on.

Knuckles let Ganbo lead the way, the search sounded easy since they didn't have to play nice. They could start off cutting before even asking questions. Where ever they ended up Knuckles would use his nose to smell out the good shit, new products were starting to pop up from some guy, the rumors said he got them from Kou, but there was a war going on there. Currently, that was going to be a rich but messed up move if someone was selling stuff like this to one side as a troop drug to push humans past their limits and help them stay ready for battle.

Either way, Knuckles adjusted his gear making sure no signed of his coat was left on his back. "See anything Boss?"



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"Yeah that's the point we go somewhere they don't expect. Yeah I know a couple drug dens, we can go check out one there's one not to far away. Ganbo would lead the way as they plunged through a couple alleyways. After a passing a couple streets they would breach the barrier of the ghetto. It was amazing how one could progress through the social ladder by just passing through a couple streets. As two homeless children watched them enter the alleyway Ganbo would take note, it was likely one of them was the sentry for the den. The house itself just looked like a two story manor, except it looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in years. Walking up to the door, he'd see a face he knew one of his connects when he wanted to party harder than just alcohol. "Hey Randy, is Joel in the back today?" The man would smile and give him affirmation. "Remember when I told you things might change one day, that's today don't come back until tonight. Also I better get a permanent discount now, now clear out. Ganbo would break the door down with his foot, and stroll into the back room of the house where he knew Joel would be. He was in the middle of taking advantage of some girl, Ganbo would pick her up in the middle of her deed and toss her out the room. He'd raise his fist up as Joel looked like he was about to yell. "I can kill every single person in here and not even flinch. Please make my day scream for help.

Ganbo had lost sight of Knuckles as he entered the house so he wasn't sure if he was with him. He'd wait for the man to collect his nerves, Joel didn't yell to his credit he even stopped shaking. "Alright man, what do you want? You know I only hook you up with my purest shit you don't need to come up in here making a scene! Ganbo would chuckle, then put his hand through a table that Joel was sitting next to. "Listen up and listen close, tell me what you know about a man called the Barber. At the mention of the man's name Joel skin would turn a little pale. Haha, I knew it got you motherfucker. Ganbo would pretend he didn't even notice as Joel started to speak again. "The barber never heard of him, I got one myself that gives a pretty good haircut though. Joel would attempt awkward laughter, and Ganbo would slowly walk over closer to Joel until he was less than a meter away. "Well that's too bad Joel, well I was kind of hoping you did know something but since you don't. You won't mind us using you as bait since your not involved in anyway. We need the barber to bite so I'm going to let a rumor slip that your a snitch to the UC. Of course we'll pay you for this and since your not involved  you have nothing to worry about...

Joel would start sweating as he stammered out a response. "NO NO NO! Do not do that, alright I know a little bit about the barber but only if you shut up about it. Ganbo would smile "Of course of course just tell me everything you know." After a couple minutes of conversation Ganbo would walk out the room. The girl he flung out would run in and let off a scream, as she found Joel dead with his face punched in. After he walked outside he'd wait for Knuckles then tell him the location of the Barber's base.

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While Ganbo went in to handle the business Knuckles waited outside, as soon as the woman slammed into the ground outside the door Knuckles started to smirk. She gathered herself covering herself with what clothes she had left one. One of the jerkoff's guys came to drop something off to his boss. Knuckle stopped him before he could enter. "He's in a well let's call it a meeting." He would bare his fang like teeth to the man instantly putting fear into him, once Ganbo came out Knuckles waved the girl and man to enter the room. Knuckles smelt it the moment it happened though, the fresh blood staining the air, it made his green eyes widen for a moment before retracting back to their normal size. "Seems you got the info, should I take care of these as well?" Knuckles didn't like witnesses, he wasn't sure they could afford these people blowing things out of their asses, then again they were just low life thugs. It was mostly the blood lust calling to him.

He'd listen to Ganbo and follow him to the new location he had gotten Joel. Knuckles could see them from afar, about 10 meters out, three men with light leather armor and large swords. It was a group of four however, from what Knuckles could see this man was the guy known as "The Barber". They entered a warehouse, two guards were posted outside and one followed the target inside. Knuckles turned to Ganbo and held his fist out. "Rock, paper,scissors?" Of course, this was for the right to fight the leader and the guard inside while the loser would get the two outside. Either way Knuckles was going to have his fun, but he wanted to see why this guy was named the Barber. He had to be a good swordsmen or something right?

WC 326+1231=1557/1500


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Walking out the room Knuckles had asked him a question. Ganbo would look his way and shrug "Eh, I promised one of the connects outside he could be the new boss but if you're bored they're all criminals anyways. He can find a new druggy crew fast enough its up to you. Ganbo would of course help Knuckles if he wanted to take down the people in the house. He knew that Knuckles wasn't fond of leaving witnesses to their acts, their reputation was already well known enough that a trail of bodies was just as damning so Ganbo was truly apathetic in the choice. Moving to the area they encountered security. Knuckles would look at him with the determination of a warrior truly it was time for one of their greatest tests. They threw down Ganbo picked paper while Knuckles threw the winning scissors. I bet this bitch, is using his superior speed I should of known better. Ganbo would reluctantly stretch for a second.Charging straight at the guards he'd open his mouth his tongue would shoot out striking the closest guard straight in neck. He would barely bring his blade up and parry the tongue falling to the ground to gain enough time to draw and parry. While Ganbo would use his tongue to strike in the same spot.The guard was not ready he had just started to get up. He'd slam back into the ground dead while the other body guard was now rushing at Ganbo.

His sword was drawn and he brought it overhead for a powerful slash. Ganbo preoccupied with his tongue attack having to be used twice didn't dodge. The blade would cut through his left arm's muscle. It wouldn't go all the way through due to his race, turning Ganbo would throw a quick hook. It'd hit the man square on the jaw and he'd stumble back. Ganbo would follow up with another quick jab this time aiming for the man's temple. He would weave out of the punch and slash at Ganbo quickly with two successive slashes. Ganbo would jump backwards dodging the slashes. Then he'd just rush and tackle the bodyguard. He would slam straight into the wall and Ganbo would hear the crunch of a neck breaking. The man's body stilled and he knew it was over, he'd search the guards bodies for anything meaningful. Then he'd put his ear to the door to listen if Knuckles was done with his battle yet.

Stamina: 230
WC: 413 + 1397 = Complete

Tongue Lash
Tier: B
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must be capable of opening mouth.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 3 post
Cost: 30

The user shoots their tongue up to 1 meter at an enemy causing B rank blunt damage.


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He won! A shit eating grin came to his lips, he watched as Ganbo would head out to attack, Ganbo did Knuckles would use his blurring speeds to move past Ganbo, get behind the two guards outside. Knuckles couldn't even stop at the door his short but chiseled body slammed through the wooden door knocking the frame off and all, wood would splitter and fly into the room. The two men inside the guard and the barber both jumped as it was an unexpected occurrence. Banging could be heard outside, Knuckles slide for about a foot after hitting the door and dust and wood flew past him once he stopped. His toes moved up and down for a second as he was getting used to this without shoes on.

"So we can do this one of three ways." Knuckles would use his quickest speeds possible to disappear from sight for a moment, a flicker of red was seen and he was gone again. Standing behind the two men he fired his dart from his dart glove gun into the back of the head of the guard, a point-blank shot that traveled through the skull and hit the man's brain, before his body even went limp and fell Knuckles had kicked the Barber's leg out from under him, however, this man was skilled, he placed his right hand onto the ground as he felt his weight beinging controlled, and spund his hips forcing Knuckles to move back and then regained his ground.

stamina: 390/410
magoi 90/90
ammo 4/5


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Without much more of a thought Knuckles would take a single step forwards, his body yet again flashing away from sight. His hand gripped the man by the throat as he slammed him into the ground, his fang-like teeth baring as he squeezed the air out of the man's lungs.  Pretty soon, he'd passed out and Knuckles lifted him to his shoulder.  He'd head back to the station with Ganbo to drop this guy off, after turning the man in Knuckles knew Ganbo made a point, there was no money in this job, they were just getting famous for no reason really.  Taking his badge off he placed it on the table "I quit" He said before walking out, it was unclear what he was going to do from this point on, but it was clear that there was nothing shackling Knuckles down to Reim anymore.



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