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The Step into the Abyss (Job/Solo)

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1The Step into the Abyss (Job/Solo) Empty The Step into the Abyss (Job/Solo) on 14/05/18, 09:44 am

Job Name: Joining the Nest I
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Reward: 100 xp | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The Black spiders have started pumping out things in full blast, they’re began looking for new traders close to home in order to get the business up and going again. Find out where they are recruiting these people and join them.

I knew what I had to do. I would have to join the black spiders. If it meant seeing my sister again then they might have some information. After talking to Silva, I had a sense of what I would have to do…it would be hard. Seeing people removed from their families, much like mine were. Its almost hypocritical but I’m in too deep now. I stood by the beach listening to people selling fish and tropical fruit whilst thinking of the dark world that I would be diving into. What my family would think but most importantly what my dad would have thought. No doubt he would be disappointed in me for doing something so dangerous but I wasn’t that scared little wind mage anymore I had to do something even if it means dirtying my hands someone has to do this someone has to break people’s lives and get blood on their hands and I’m sure one day I will find salvation. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself if things to too far. I needed to find out where these people met so that I would finally start my damn journey. I decided to stay on the beach for a little longer, feel the warm salt air against my body and feel the sea breeze in my hair. As the sun set, I began my way to the seedier parts of town looking for any leads to black spiders. I went to a few back alleys before I found something that caught my eye. People were talking about kidnapping people. I realized that this could be my chance. I decided to use my wind magic to get up on the roof of a nearby building so that I wouldn’t be as easy to spot.  From there, I tailed them. Using wind magic to help me jump from building to building, they finally stopped at a non-descript building in the middle of the city. I waited for them to go in before gathering up my courage and heading in myself.



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I walk in and look around there doesn’t look like there is anyone there. I go further in and still, its empty. Did they trick me did they know that I was following them? I cursed to myself before pulling myself together and start looking around again. I finally see something up the stairs there was a draft coming in through one of the walls. That must have been it! The meeting for new recruits must be in there. I could have used my strength magic to blast a hole through the wall but I still needed to be inconspicuous. That said, how conspicuous can a 16-year-old kid entering a human trafficking ring be? I chuckled to myself.  I guess I’m not going to be a knight in shinning armour swooping in to save my sister and the rest of the people who happened to be caught within the spider’s web. I kept looking for the switch. I pulled apart the bookcases, checked the floors and the walls before settling on the curtain. Behind the curtain was a small button that, if you weren’t looking for it would not be seen by anyone. Naturally, I press it. The wall swings open on hinges inward. I walk in an prepare to get initiated by whoever is there.



The Step into the Abyss (Job/Solo) Job%20Sigs_zpsckur65tv
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I walked in. There were a few people already sitting around a few tables in a large spacious room. I decided not to sit but quietly stand in the corner of the room waiting. I hoped that I would be able to meet the people in charge and get into their good graces. I was oddly very calm about the whole thing. Just waiting for everything to finally fall into place should have been very intense but it wasn’t not for me. After some time, the recruiter did come out to address us. He was, for the most part a normal looking guy. Tall, slender nothing out of the ordinary about him even his rukh wasn’t even black it was bright and white like everyone else in the room. With this organization doing as much bad as it was doing how could fate be so cruel to have this be what had to happen in the world. If fate is supposed to move us forward surely this wasn’t the way to go breaking families apart and destroying lives. Cutting them short for just a bit of gold. It was almost insane to me. I was shaken out of my thoughts by someone bumping into me. The recruiter had finished talking and people were going up to talk to him and begin the process of signing up for this evil industry. I looked at the guy who bumped into me “Watch where you’re going” I told him coldly. He looked at me grunted and walked over to the other end of the room where the rest of the crowd was. I followed the man but made sure to not get too close. I walked up the man signing people up. He looked at me, and then looked down at his parchment. “Aren’t you a little young to be joining?" He asked me “This organization isn’t for kids- “Never mind my age sir,” I snapped back, “I am more than well aware of the things that you do here. My name is Jacob I am a specialist in wind magic but I have learned strength magic and I’m sure that I’ll pick up some others along the way” I decided to lie to him it wasn’t worth giving him my real name just in case something happens and I need to get out of here. I looked at him with a gaze that was unwavering as if I had waited my whole life to traffic people it was clear that he had noticed that I had no trepidation and that I was ready to step into the abyss. He, with out a glance, put my name down on the paper and looked at me “we’ve got a clairvoyance magic user, she will contact you when we need you just don’t go far.” With that I decided to leave, go back to my little house and prepare. It was time to find Rebecca and I would do it no matter how bloody my hands get or how black my soul becomes. I was ready and prepared to accept the burden of this life.



The Step into the Abyss (Job/Solo) Job%20Sigs_zpsckur65tv
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