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1 PYRAMIDS on 13/05/18, 12:11 am

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2 Re: PYRAMIDS on 13/05/18, 12:11 am

Country Affiliation:HELIOHAPT
Age + Birthdate:50,APRIL 4TH XXXX

Incredibly perceptive and calmed natured, Cleopatra is an extremely powerful and poetic woman. Cleopatra is a highly intelligent and capable, and without a trace of doubt or insecurity in her blood she may very well be the source of Jahangir's pride. Throughout her life Cleopatra has always been fighting and defending herself against men, which has made her tough mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It has made her spirit strong in the face of the patriarchy. Having had so much experience she is a persuasive women able to mend and manipulate the heart of men. Her wit, charm and strength being such greatest tools in controlling the pigheaded men around her that she often seems to know the perfect words to persuade another.

She is a woman this is unsubduable by her country's societal norms and gender roles.Through her ability and diligence she has become an excellent leader and staple in the community. She is a mother to the land around her creating and spreading abundance as she sees fit. Cleopatra may seem perfect on the outside, but due to her strong will and nature she has become rather cold and impartial to outsiders. She is a women that will kill without raising her voice or batting an eye, her violence like the art of a flickering flame.

After losing her first son Jahanghir, and her first Lover she had remarried and become a more brutal and commanding of priestess. She damned the heart of the government, and she demanded everything of her arranged husband. Unable to be truly pleased by anyone she became dissociated with the world around her. For the following years she had become unreachable but even so her wisdom would reach new plateaus. Due to this she had become cherished by her community which found her to be one of the most reliable of the Priestesses. Even with her new nature having developed an isolated factor, her decisions as a leader towards her people remained with love and compassion.

In her late years she has grown sick and physically unfit to execute her responsibilities. Her body forces her to a bedridden status only for her stubbornness to inspire her to begin working. Nonetheless she is moving towards retirement, and is spending more of her time in the realm of the arts. She is a poet with the passion of a lioness, and would spend most of her days writing down her dreams and the songs of her journeys.

Likes:Cleopatra is a lover of art and poetry. She feels that literature and expression is the penultimate method of breaking down difference between individual. Poetry is also her pride as she believes only those with a interesting perspectives have the chance to excel in the subjects.
Dislikes: Cleopatra hates the ignorant and the arrogant. Those men and women who are haughty and prideful under false pretenses, having allowed the petty positions other men afforded them to impact their hubris. In actuality she sneers at those individuals who dont understand the nature of their mortality, and how small they are as a being in this world.
Cleopatra had many dreams as a young girl, she wanted to learn magic as the rukh favored her soul. She had wanted to become a priestess, she had wanted to free slaves. As a child she often daydreamed of being a heroine, who the entire community depended on. She was a woman who had the mind several years ahead of her. As a priestess her duties were involved in the development of Heliohapt, and the quelling of international affairs. She was able to serve as a mediator among other things but one of her highest aspirations after the loss of her lover was to changed the societal expectations of women in her country.

She is ever so progressive but there is honestly nothing she would desire more so than to see her first born child once again. She has completed everything she has desired in life but this, having only seen Jahanghir in her visions. She had felt guilt as well as pride, proud at who he had become and things that he stood for. Her guilt all at the absence of her presence from his life. She would wonder about him frequently, if he were alive or if he had fallen.

Phobias/fears:There are not many things that can unnerve Cleopatra, She had learn to wrestle with wolves at a young age. Her steel nerve and wisdom made her unsuitable for the actions of fairy tales. She was only afraid of her children dying before her, as she had needed for them to have long and healthy lives. Her greatest fears were the destruction of her family and country, to the point where she would do most of anything to preserver her way of life.Not so ironically, Cleopatra fears death in her old. Only because she has not seen her eldest son in over 20 years, and she knows that he lives.
Face-Claim:Ishizu Ishtar
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Amethyst
Height:5 ‘8
Weight:140 lbs
Appearance:Cleopatra is a beautiful women with sun-kissed skin which glistened like honey and cinnabar. Her eyes are strong and sharp amethyst portals. She has a small lithe frame, and even at her age of 50 she defies most signs of long aging. She has long straight black hair, and like her children she adores gold embellishments. She often wears White robes and dresses with gold trimmings or veils. Cleopatra’s most stunning traits is the eagle like pierce of her amethyst gaze.

The way Cleopatra walks, talks and move all exhibit great grace and power. She has a stance that exerts dominance, and makes it obvious that she is not one to be easily played with. She lacks awkward and unnecessary gestures as she has defeated all signs of anxiety from her body.
Rukh Alignment:White
Special Features:N/A

Cleopatra was born into the Bastet family the first daughter of the famiy head Amon Aanaki. Her household was that of extreme tradition and nature, it was always destined for Cleopatra to be the Grand Priestess, it was her fate. Having had this life chosen for her she had been trained in Magic since the very tender age of 3. She was spared little expense for her education, when it came to literature, arithmetic and magic Cleopatrah was near genius excelling in all the talents presented for her.

Unfortunately Cleopatra had been everything the Bastet family had wanted from her, at the age of 11 men started to take notice of her. This was good in the eyes of her parents and family who wanted to marry the woman into another powerful family and raise the status of the family. She was their maintainer and yet she had been seen as less valuable than any man born into her family. Cleopatra couldnt understand her family, and she couldnt stand the touch and the stare of the men who lusted for her.

“They all want me as their bride”, she would often say, “but I am not an object to be passed along the palms of men.”

With that said Cleopatra didnt simply allow herself to be bartered about for status, she became violent and crass and disrespectful. She made herself as unladylike and undesirable as a woman as she could. However there was one man who she could not evade, a boy at the name by the name of Caesar. Caesar was a fanalis servant to the house of Bastet, a young and strapping toy for her mother.

As most slaves might enjoy the treatment Caesar received, he hated it. Caesar hated being the toy of these woman, who had hardly seen him with any humanity. He hated those woman at the time the same way Cleopatra had hated men. Cleopatra had seen so much of herself in the boy, and he became the first man she was unable to despise. Things would continue as normal for the next few years leading into Cleopatras Priesthood.

While Cleopatra was learning her role as a priestess her father Amon was becoming more impatient with her. It had become obvious how her feelings towards the servant boy were growing more romantic with time. They had bonded and seen each other within their skin.Amon began to hate his disobedient daughter who had been so unlike what was expected of women. Even in his anger the women had grown into adulthood without yeilding into his desires.

Cleopatra was living her best life, still fighting and free she had found love in Caesar and he had given her the seed of life. Her pregnancy was a high octane and anxious 9 months, as the two hid from the Bastet family. They stayed in far edges of Heliohapt within inns and deserts only for them to be eventually hunted down. It was that night Jahanghir was born to her, it was the only night when they could no longer run. Jahanghir was given to his fathers comrades who made escape with him as they met their fates.

Jahanghirs father met a cruel fate, in the heat of the battle he lost his mind fighting. Caesar fought, bravely, viciously and with every bit of his soul. Anything he could to keep his family alive even for a bit longer. He was successful. In the end the family fell to Caesarion’s protective instinct, but with them left his mind forever. Caesarion now walks the deserts of Heliohapt mindlessly, a berskerker on the fritz of his head.

Cleopatra had changed from that day, her heart had learned of a new emotion. Hatred, the dark mess of a state gripped at her heart. At everything that her father had denied of her. She grew cold, vindictive and unstable at that time. After her recovery she murdered her father, staging his death as an accident and taking hold of the Bastet assets. From then she ascended into the ranks of the High Grand Priestess of the Central Temple of Ra. Using her abilities and knowledge to innovate and improve the standard of life for citizens in Heliohapt. Especially those women and slaves. Furthermore Cleopatra’s ability in leadership

For a while she knew her freedom and loved her position, but once again after ascending ranks she was sought after for marriage. To which she believed she could never love again, and yet Cleopatra accepted her proposal. Only to strengthen her position in the world again. She bore her husband several children, Taavetti, Atlas, Femi, Nefertiri.

Her children were afforded some of the bests educations in the region. She loved them more than anything. However Cleopatra would develop a strange illness that is incurable. Unable to live for much longer she frequently has visions of her first borns son Jahanghir. She would like nothing more in her life than to meet him. In her desperation she revealed the secret of Jahanghir to her son Taavetti, who she gave the task of retrieving him.

Role-Play Sample:

“Mama read me a poem!”
a small girl with golden skin much like her mother pleaded. She had loved her mother’s words, even when she didnt understand, the way they fell from her lips were therapy.
“Hold on. I have to think of something” Cleopatra commanded. The older woman exhibited patience outwardly even though she felt just as excited for this performance. She tapped her foot in slow rythm.
“C’mon.. Hmm” she racked her mind, flipping through pages of her mental drawings, and then she came to it.
“Come! Sit down besides me.” Cleopatra commanded her daughter. The little girl wasted no time plopping into the hammock besides her mother, who pulled her into her arms. She cradled the girl lovingly for a second closing her eyes.

"To my children
Whose heads dont know worries
I expect you not glory
Or wealth or these worldly facets
To my children
Who skin were fruit of my womb
I must give you knowledge,
Patience and wisdom
For my children,
I love you like the sunrise
You feel just like the rainbows
For my children
You deserve all of lifes blessings
All of what I can give you."


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Name: The Rising Sun
Tier: D
Material: Wood,Lapiz Lazuli
Appearance: A wooden wand about 35 centimeters long. It is sculpted with an ankh attached. Circling the wand are gold and blue stripes



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