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Come Home Stranger (Solo/Plot/Training)

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The battle was long over but was still fresh in Cyrus’s mind. No matter where he went in Kou the remnants of the battle never left him. Though the bamboo forests just outside of the capital led him to the clearing where he first trained with Rokusai. In the interim, Rokusai the stag changed from his powerfully built summer form into his more slender winter form. The seasons where changing yet again. Though he loved the beautiful scenery, he couldn’t appreciate it any longer. The orange haired vagabond still had so much sorrow in him nothing would work. He wanted to start to work to build his charity but he was now so angry and spiteful of this war this country and its people. He wanted to never see this disgusting place ever again. He began to resent his sister and brother-in-law for bringing him into this war. Walking deeper into the forest and out of the clearing with his steed. He found himself at the edge of a cliff in the mountains. Sitting there for a moment, the young man would look over the horizon brightened by the low sun upon the bright snow it felt…comforting. Oddly, he felt like could have stayed there all night despite the cold. The brightness felt like it was burning away his soul cleansing it slowly. Rokusai began to get restless a few moment later and they made their way to a different village away from the capital finding room with some local villagers, he would sleep there for the night. He hoped that the sleep would change him make him feel better but it did no such thing. If anything he still felt the brightness of the horizon deep in his soul burning him yet still inconsolable. Deep down in his heart of hearts he wanted recompense and recourse for the things that had happened to him but he didn’t want to try to get involved with his family for fear of her roping him into another scheme. He didn't want to go home just yet. He needed to do one more thing.

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