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Come Home Stranger (Solo/Plot/Training)

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The battle was long over but was still fresh in Cyrus’s mind. No matter where he went in Kou the remnants of the battle never left him. Though the bamboo forests just outside of the capital led him to the clearing where he first trained with Rokusai. In the interim, Rokusai the stag changed from his powerfully built summer form into his more slender winter form. The seasons where changing yet again. Though he loved the beautiful scenery, he couldn’t appreciate it any longer. The orange haired vagabond still had so much sorrow in him nothing would work. He wanted to start to work to build his charity but he was now so angry and spiteful of this war this country and its people. He wanted to never see this disgusting place ever again. He began to resent his sister and brother-in-law for bringing him into this war. Walking deeper into the forest and out of the clearing with his steed. He found himself at the edge of a cliff in the mountains. Sitting there for a moment, the young man would look over the horizon brightened by the low sun upon the bright snow it felt…comforting. Oddly, he felt like could have stayed there all night despite the cold. The brightness felt like it was burning away his soul cleansing it slowly. Rokusai began to get restless a few moment later and they made their way to a different village away from the capital finding room with some local villagers, he would sleep there for the night. He hoped that the sleep would change him make him feel better but it did no such thing. If anything he still felt the brightness of the horizon deep in his soul burning him yet still inconsolable. Deep down in his heart of hearts he wanted recompense and recourse for the things that had happened to him but he didn’t want to try to get involved with his family for fear of her roping him into another scheme. He didn't want to go home just yet. He needed to do one more thing.

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He knew that he had to fight he couldn’t just stay still anymore as he had done since the war ended. Throughout the winter he would pick fights with the local warriors or fight off marauders from the local villages learning new abilities as he went along though still not ready to fight the people he wanted to fight.  

The Snow began to melt as spring came to Kou. Cyrus had been out practicing fighting, with his scythe and with Rokusai. He had never felt so hard before. His body felt ossified hardened by war but not made stronger by it. He was still fragile trying to fight the trees with his scythe. He couldn’t stop for fear of falling to dust.  But he fell, tired and still broken.  There was nothing inside of him anymore he was hollow and couldn’t support himself. The stag came to his aid, hoisting Cyrus up onto his back with his antlers to take him back to their home in the forest.  When Cyrus awoke, He found himself on the floor of his house. A thunderstorm had started washing away what little snow as left. Cyrus could only stare out the window in anguish. It felt like he couldn’t move anymore there were one thousand different options, so many paths but all he do was look at the rain.

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Dejected, Cyrus practiced his scythe skills again. He was determined to get back into shape in order to beat his sister for no reason than pride and to officially sever ties with her once and for all. Though there was something in the back of his mind that asked him why he would even bother. It wasn’t worth it anymore to try. But he, in fact had to. He would try to produce a skill that he and seen on the battlefield. A soldier, with great skill and accuracy would pierce his enemies with his spear at just the right place to cause immense damage to them practically immobilizing them before killing them. He wanted to emulate that. Using his scythe he practiced on the trees until rokusai would bring him back home. Sleeping, he would imagine himself fulfilling his wishes. In his waking hours he was ready to take on the world. Practicing his skills among the bamboo trees he practiced finding the weakest point of the trees before hitting the killing blow. But these were only trees it was going to be harder to defeat his sister. In the pouring rain Cyrus was more focus than ever. He was ready for battle. It was getting close for him to leave he was ready to face his sister again. And this time win. He would walk with rokusai, ready for battle back to the Lee compound. Walking through the gates he was reminded of the humiliation that he faced against his sister. Although he took time to play with his nephews. They were so young. They didn’t know about war or about the pain and suffering that went on in the rest of the world. He would play with them for as long as he could. In the spring rain, Cyrus and rokusai had fun with the children who were still enamoured with his trusty stag as a steed. As the children played with the deer, Cyrus went to find his sister. Gathering his breath, he walked into the compound yet again. It was different this time. Though there was a part of him that didn’t want to do this but he new that he had to. He met his sister in a room with a large window. He looked at her with a serious expression his hesitation was betrayed by his eyes but she recognized what he wanted. Wordlessly she got up and touched him on the shoulder, “tonight, under the moon.” That was all he needed. He needed to prepare he promptly left to get ready.

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Cyrus, back in his old quarters contemplated his strategy, his sister was a formidable fighter and the battle had only hardened her more.  But Cyrus was different he understood what it meant to fight. Still, how far would he have to go? Would it mean having to kill his own sister? This new move that he had been perfecting for so long would finally have use. It started to rain. When he looked outside he saw his sister training out in the rain. She wasn’t going to hold back on him so he had to the same. He could do it. It just was going to be difficult. He was lithe and good with his body. He needed to focus. If he was ever to get anywhere he would have to keep himself laser focused but loose and fluid. The night rolled in and the sun set, Cyrus picked up his scythe that his father gave him. Eyes like fire, he walked out into the pouring rain. The children had gone to bed as had the servants even Hao had left them to their business. There was no moon. There was no light save for the few candles burning in the house. Cyrus readied his scythe and started to walk toward his sister.  Gripping his weapon as his sister, with her glaive, charged at him. Eyes unblinking, she swung her weapon at his head which Cyrus dodged with relative ease however before he could get to comfortable Ariana smacked his ribs with pole of her glaive. Cyrus recoiled in pain and stumbled back a little bit. He couldn’t let this battle end this way. He decided to hook his sister by the legs and took her down with her on the floor he would have a great advantage because of the Ariana wasn’t good at ground combat like he was. Or so he thought she managed to catch his scythe as Cyrus was about to bring it down on her flipped him over but cutting her hands in the process.  Despite this it was silent. Save for the rain falling on the rooftops of the compound. Cyrus attacked again using his body as well as his weapon. He forgot to use his weapons like an extension of himself and was focused on what to do about his sister. He fell loosely to the ground before sliding to his sister using his scythe he almost hooked her again but spun sideways out of the way when she countered. He hooked her glaive and twisted his body so that his whole weight was behind it slamming her to the ground. This was his chance he remembered the forest where he practiced his new technique. A year of self-imposed exile had come to this. This final moment. While she was on the ground he used pierce striking her weapon and breaking is before aiming the point of his scythe at her throat before she could get up. He had won. Almost in sheer disbelief, he sat down on the muddy ground, rain still drenching his skin his sister left without a word. Partially out of humiliation and partly because there was really nothing she could say. He finally had won. Though the battle was short he learned so much he could begin to pull himself together he went back to his quarters, tired and bloody but at peace for the first time in a long time. He was finally home his sister had a new found respect for him though she wouldn’t show it he could finally claim that he was at home once again.

Abilities used:
Tier: A
Class: Warrior
Type: offensive
Range: close
Requirements/Drawbacks: the user must lift the scythe and then slam it down point first
Scaling: more hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down:4
Cost: 40
Cyrus lifts his scythe and slams in down point first inflecting A tier damage

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