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Shui's Wand

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1Shui's Wand Empty Shui's Wand on 30/04/18, 10:42 pm


Shui's Wand PsHf9X6
Name: Zatcher
Tier: D
Material: Silver, and it has a glass bulb
Appearance: The wand is about the size that it could be put into Shui's hair. It has a silver handle. The head of the wand is like the horns of a dear coming together around the glass bulb.

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2Shui's Wand Empty Re: Shui's Wand on 12/05/18, 11:50 pm

Hey, LyreWand! Can you please include the size of the wand in cm. A ruler and items with similar dimensions can help you determine what you need! Thank you!


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