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1Shui Empty Shui on 30/04/18, 09:17 pm


Name: Shui
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Wizard
Tier: D
Class: Purple Magician
Age + Birthdate: ??? - Somewhere around 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual

Shui is a happy person. She has no memories of her past, and doesn't really care if she gets them back. Instead, Shui prefers to spend her days in every way she can to bring herself happiness. She enjoys the mundane things in life, like watching a Caterpillar turn into a Butterfly, or washing the waves move against the beach. Even when events become increasingly stressful, or bad, Shui is always there smiling. That said, she's unlikely to offer much in the way of support. Shui is incapable of speech. A trait which she never really thought of as something that mattered. She finds it fun to make up inventive new ways to communicate with the people around her. If offered the chance to learn why she couldn't speak, or to learn how to, she'd never agree out of a sense of desperation. Rather, it would be more likely that her sheer curiosity played a role in this development.

This isn't to say that nothing upsets her. Anything that gets in the way of Shui's devotion to learning about Magic is unacceptable. She is unlikely to outwardly express this, but she can get quite angry with people who consume what she feels is an inordinate amount of her time.

For the most part, Shui is actually rather animated. She can be rash in her decision making, and has a tendency to prefer looking at smaller details than she does the big picture. She doesn't care much for any particular set of morals, believing it's best to just leave others be so she can continue her work in peace. When she does interact with people though, she tends to get frustrated when they can't understand her.

- Magic
She has an affinity for magic, and she finds it's uses to be fascinating.
- Fancy clothing
Shui thinks that fancy clothing looks spectacular, and that a persons look communicates who they are more than their words ever could.

- Arrogance
Arrogance annoys Shui. She can never tell if a person is arrogant because they know what their talking about, or because they're just jerks.
- Overbearing People
People who try to take too much of Shui's time are all a hassle for her to deal with. She does not enjoy spending time around these people.
Shui wishes to become the greatest magician the world has ever known. This is because of her experience in "Magnoshutaht". She saw how magic interacted with the world around her, and thought of it as one of the most beautiful things ever. Shui believes that magic is the key to a greater society. A greater society where she can study more magic, and make a more incredible city than Magnoshutaht. She works day in and day out to achieve this goal, which also helps with her desire to learn more about magic itself. By becoming the greatest magician the world has ever known, Shui hopes to one day be able to recreate the amazing sights she saw beforehand, but enhance them ten fold to become even more spectacular.
The only thing that Shui fears, is her lack of fear. She does not meet the same things the average person meets with fear. Rather she accepts them gaily.When the average person would fear a fall from 75 feet, Shui would just think about how it might feel to fall in such a way. She has once mused for a long period of time this may indicate there was something wrong with her. Perhaps, the answer lies in her memories, but Shui is content without regaining them.
Face-Claim: Freemy; Rokka no Yuusha
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5"6'
Weight: 136 lbs.
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: Wears an Eye patch for literally no reason. Is mute.

Where was Shui born?  She doesn't know. Does it matter? Not really. Shui woke up one day on the rooftop of a building in Magnoshutaht. She had no idea how she got there, and no idea what had happened to her. All she had in her memories are two things. The first is the knowledge that she definitely has a twin sister somewhere. The second was the fact that she was gripping a wand, and that she could see the rukh around her. This made her . . . a mage.

Shui walked around the streets before being kicked out of the city by the authorities. While she was there, she became enamored with the sights around her. Magical devices all around that she wanted to learn about. Ones she somehow already knew about. Shui loved this sort of thing. The Rukh swarming around her graciously, the magicians flying through the sky, and the various wands everyone was holding seemed to suggest a fun loving, exciting world. She hadn't the time to feel down about her situation. She was far too busy being enamored with magic. After awhile in the city, Shui was kicked out for her lack of proper citizenship. But the impression of the place remained in her head forever. Since then Shui has been roaming around all over the world, seeking new information and knowledge about magic. She is currently especially interested in the creation of magic items, believing that magic will be the key to lead humanity to it's next great era.

"A fervently studious and optimistic person who faces each day with a sense of alacrity and joy"

These are words spoken by travelers who have met Shui. Despite her inability to communicate with words, it's clear to anyone Shui meets that she is a fun-loving and happy going person. Whether this has been a caravan along the road, or practitioners in of the magic arts in a library. Shui has enjoyed every second of her life.

As a result of this world view, Shui has gone on many adventure's in her life, and is looking forward to engaging in many in the future. Some of these adventure's include weird things like searching for a toddler's lost baby pear, to more grandiose acts like exploring caves.

Why she was in Magnoshutaht:

In reality, Shui's memories have been created by a her mother who wished to erase her from her mind. She cast a powerful spell that erased her memories, and gave her a grand vision of her mothers hometown "Magnoshutaht".

Role-Play Sample:

Shui inhaled deeply, and let out a long, draw out breath. She calmed every muscle in her body, progressively relaxing herself. First the feet lost their tensity. Then her legs, next her midriff. Her arms laid to her side, lose and limp. She was focused. Entranced even. Shui was going to learn this new spell. There was no question about the idea. She hadn't been practicing for very long, but she felt as if she already knew the answer. That, if she could just listen to what the rukh where telling her, she'd be able to cast the spell.

'Raqas Naba'at'
She thought to herself.

A beam of purple light extended from her wand. It honed in on an apple that had gone bad. The apple ripened and Shui smiled. The young erudite had learned her first spell.

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2Shui Empty Re: Shui on 02/05/18, 05:26 pm

Personality: You spoke about how she doesn't have the ability to talk, but I don't feel like you fleshed out her personality, is she calm or rash? Good spirited, etc? Give me some details about her mind set on life and such.

Aspirations: "Shui wishes to become the greatest magician the world has ever known." That is the only thing that's pertained to what Shui inspires to be or become, the rest of the text isn't really needed. Please explain why she wishes to be the greatest, what drives her to strive to become the greatest.

Special Features: I would add the Muteness here, as its more of a special trait to not talk than wearing an eye patch.

History: So if she is a mage is a citizen of Magnoshutaht, in fact, if she wasn't she would have never been allowed within the city in the first place since you have to produce a borg to enter or be a family member of someone who is a citizen ...

Overall: So you have purple for your magic type which is Life magic, yet in your app, you claim to be naturally gifted with Light, which would be Orange. Also, you have your affiliation with a country you're claiming kicked you out and your history sounds more like a wondered to me. please explain or change this. So not too much to fix, bump when you're done editing.

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3Shui Empty Re: Shui on 02/05/18, 08:24 pm


Edits made.

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4Shui Empty Re: Shui on 02/05/18, 09:41 pm

So everything looks good besides your spoiler. Sure this gives Some backstory but doesn't give me the details of why she was kicked out?

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5Shui Empty Re: Shui on 02/05/18, 09:48 pm


Because the event didn't actually happen. She was somewhere else.

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6Shui Empty Re: Shui on 02/05/18, 10:09 pm

Okay, while no one would have IC knowledge of this event, please add that to your history

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7Shui Empty Re: Shui on 03/05/18, 06:38 pm

Approved, go make ur vault

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