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Naptime [Solo]

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1 Naptime [Solo] on 30/04/18, 03:33 am

Skull Kid

"ZzzzZzz," Skull Kid was sleeping on blades of grass, practically in the buff. He was topless and as the wind swept across face, while his hair danced with the grassy plains for sometime. It was a moment of relaxation as he was travelling between some of the different tribes. Now he was alone and a tribeless nomad.

In his cradled, cat-like pose, his leg began to kick in the middle of his sleep, as if he were trying to get at an itch that he couldn't quite reach.As his leg began to stretch nearly out of place, he snapped awake. He was drenched in sweat and gasping in fear, he was thinking about the events that had transpired in his life that had lead up to this point.

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