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NPC System

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1 NPC System on 16/04/18, 10:41 am

There are currently three types of NPC. There are regular NPCs, Combat NPCs, and special plot NPCs. Players will be able to acquire NPCs or categorize NPCs for better player access and use. Currently all NPC's besides regular ones are made with the assistance of the staff team. A player may attempt to make a combat NPC on their own but will still be reviewed upon purchase.

Regular NPCs:
These types of NPCs are the normal ones you register for your plot. They have no direct capabilities. A player can have an unlimited amount of these npcs so long as they can keep track of them. These types of NPCs can be made into Combat NPCs or Plot NPCs.

Combat NPCs:
Combat NPCs are npcs that you purchase or regular npcs that are made into them by purchase. Combat npcs get access to a certain amount of traits depending on their rank. Combat Npcs can be brought with you in threads in order to help with combat. A player can only bring a total of two combat NPCs with them in a thread unless it is a substantial plot thread. NPC’s can be upgraded by paying the difference and doing a small 500 word training thread.

In order to purchase an NPC the players must get an NPC approved, in the approval process the player will work with staff in order to make the NPC. For combat purposes they will use the same template as enemies for jobs.

NPC Tier stats:

D-tier- Cost: 5,000 Huang
Health: D-tier
Amount of Abilities: 3
Amount of Trait points: 2
Amount of Weapons: 1

C-tier- Cost: 15,000 Huang
Health: C-tier
Amount of Abilities: 4
Amount of Trait points:  6
Amount of Weapons: 1

B-tier- Cost: 30,000 Huang
Health: B-tier
Amount of Abilities: 4
Amount of Trait points: 6
Amount of Weapons: 2

A-tier- Cost: 50,000 Huang
Health: A-tier
Amount of Abilities: 5
Amount of Trait points: 10
Amount of Weapons: 2

Ω-tier- Cost: Plot Only (Reference Plot NPCS)
Health: Ω-tier
Amount of Abilities: 5
Amount of Trait points: 12
Amount of Weapons: 2
Free magic weapon or too

Plot NPCs:

These NPCs are the most special of the group of the NPCs. These NPCs are capable of getting traits that affect not just them but other players. Plot NPCs have the same amount of traits are based on their rank matching their combat NPC counterparts. Omega Tier npcs are all combat npcs and can only be obtained via intense personal plot. Examples of when players can earn these are events, job chains, or extensive plot threads. Their special traits should focus around benefiting the player or faction that they have sworn loyalty too.

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