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Shah'Jahan Nikator | Young World Prince | JEWEL BOX

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Son of Jahan
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Name:Shah'Jahan "Shaja" Nikator
Country Affiliation:Wanderer
Race:Imuchakk Primary / Halfing
Class:Beast Tamer
Age + Birthdate: 2 August 25th
The Bastard World Prince is young curious and naive. Never having been raised by his parents there are many things he does not understand about the world. Like most children he is ignorant to many concepts, however unlike many children he is extremely perceptive.

Shajahan while being a child is very bright, he has picked up language very well being able to put together short sentences. Shajahanghir inherited his mothers wanderlust and curiosity and he also has inherited his fathers carelessness. Together that makes Shaja incredibly reckless as he will wander off frequently from his care givers.

While His Father Jahanghir may be fearless Shaja is much different, even with being the largest toddler in Reim much of the outside world does scare him. Shajahan unlike his father is not the best beneath pressure. Shajahan is an avid overthinker and when confronted with issues his anxiety spikes.

Social Pressures as well as Combat have the effect of freezing the young master. At times he is known to hesitate. However while he is lacks fearlessness, he has the Blood of the World King within him and his potential for bravery and courage are high.

Shajahan is a natural born leader, though he doesnt know it. Children his age seem to gravitate towards him due to his nature.

Shajahan has never known his parents, and has not experienced much of the nurture of his mother. Subconsciously he has grown un-trusting of people in this world from an early age.

Being less socialized has caused Shajahan to develop a somewhat quiet nature. However like his father he retaliates against disrespect(as much as his 2 toddler self can). However most of the time, Shajahan is a kind and considerate boy, he is a young voice of reasoning and refreshing ray of light.

Overall Shajahan is much of what his parents are and are not.

Likes: Gold, torquise. Books, large bodies of water, animals, The wild, shiny things

Most of Shajahanghirs Likes come from his parents, he has inherited Jahanhirs love of Gold, Jewelry and all things that sparkle. At the same time he still has the nature loving Imuchakk aspect of his nature.
Dislikes: Bullies, idiots, tomatoes, carrots, feeling alone.

Shajahan is inexperienced with social pressure and people who would like to throw pressures on him make him anxious. As a child Shajahan is perceptive, he dislikes things that are illogical or redundant. They confuse him. Shajahan has a disdain for most vegetables due to his childish nature.
Aspirations: Shajahan is a developing child and he doesnt understand himself very well as most children. What he desires, that he does not realize is to reunite with his parents. The issues with his development that their absence from him brought, caused him to seek them out without knowing. Shajahan may be a child but his advance perception has caused him to compare his familial lives with that of the children around him. Without fail the boy began feeling lesser than, or unequal to the kids that would have someone around them constantly.
Phobias/fears:Loneliness/Abandonment. Shajahanghir has one big primary fear and that is abandonment. It is a direct psychological result of the boy lacking paternal presence. While he has his caretaker, his mothers best friend Lena. He still often finds himself feeling alone, and there is a hole in the boys heart that he doesn't understand and is unable to fill. Shajahan cant stand the idea of being alone, and the thought that he may not be loved or wanted lurks in his young mind.
Face-Claim:Great Priest Imhotep - Imhotep
Hair Color:Midnight blue
Eye Color:Sky Blue
Height:122 cm (4ft)
Appearance:Shajahan may be a toddler but he sports the length of a growing Imuchakk boy. None the less he seems to grow at a slightly slower rate than a full blood. Shajahan has eyes that match his mother and a hair color that is midnight blue so dark that it can be mistaken as black, yet in the sun his hair shines a blue that is reminiscent of his mother Vavatine.

Shajahan has skin just hardly a tone lighter than Jahanghir. His skin is golden brown and creamy and it radiates with life. Shajahan is lithe and 4 ft tall he has eye lashes a bit longer and newer than his father. Shajahan is like his father in flashy fashion, and he is know to beg his caretaker for flashy clothing items.
Rukh Alignment:White
Special Features:N/A

Shajahan was conceived beneath the stars, during a tropical storm in the battle of a thousand swords. He is the first born son of king Candidate Jahanghir Nikator and his Lover(wife) Vavatine. Shajahan is a bastard whose conception wasn't known to his father. His mother while pregnant with him searched for Jahanghir, to tell him of the news only for him to fall of the face of the Earth.

Time would not wait on no soul however, and he would be born. Shajahan was cherished by his mothers soul, a beautiful child that resembled his parents strongly. He was born and wrapped within his fathers silk blankets which soothed his skin and eased his cries. However Shajahan's time with his mother wasn't long. In order to support the young lord his mother joined the Unity Corps, only to be sent on a mission she would never return from.

Taking care of Shajahan was his mothers best friend Lena, a wonderful women whose aims were to educate the boy over all else. Lena had worked as Shajahan's adoptive mother out of love for her friend Vavatine. However Lena struggled and still struggles with explaining his parents to the boy. Lena has spent most of her time teaching Shajahan language and arithmetic in order for him to be able to take some kind of care of himself if she died. Lena regrets this as of lately, as he has began asking about his parents more and more.

Lena unlike Vavatine was unable to nurture and breast feed like Vavatine. And while she does her all to care for the young lord she has little time to watch or play with the young master. This loneliness is the source of Shajahan's fears of abandonment and the nature of his early development is where his distrustful nature stems from.

Shajahan's devious level of intelligience had led him to go exploring into the world more than most toddlers have ever been able. He learned to walk and speak rather early and since he has recently been taking his time escaping Lenas grasps to explore. Often time Shajahan gets scared or lost and ends up running back home to the women tears in his eyes and confusion on his face.

Role-Play Sample:

Twilight broke over plains of blades of high grass. The morning star rose beautifully reflecting its light across the thing fog and dew. Hidden within the brush a young boy lay on his belly. He was a gorgeous child with foreign skin and hair which permeated midnight. He was Shajahan, son of Jahanghir the radiant bastard prince.

Shajahanghir was curious as ever and by found himself exploring the wild. It was a terrifying idea, a child no older than 34 months exploring the wild plains outside the long forgotten battleground of Reim. Though there was something in his blood, something calling him to the wild and the world outside him.

He was like his mother such a curious boy. He couldnt....


Son of Jahan
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Name: Nagini
Tier: D
Appearance: Nagini is a large and beautiful Viper with black iridescent scales. Her width has diameter of 3 meters, her length is 7 meters and her height is 1.5 meters. Nagini may glow/shimmer a range of colors from black,blue purple and green.
Beast Traits: (See the Trait Systems for more info.)

Trait Name:Cytotoxic VENOM
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement:Nagini
Trait Description:Nagini is equipped with Cytotoxic venom which it can inflict though its fangs or breath type gaseous abilities
Trait Effect:Can register ctyotoxic-venomous abilities

Trait Name:H2
Trait Tier:D
Trait Requirement:Nagini
Trait Description:Nagini produces a form of Hydrogen in their body and can manipulate it into gas or liquid form
Trait Effect: Nagini can register abilities using hydrogen through their fangs or as a breath-type attack.

Trait Name:Super Iridescent Scale
Trait Tier:D
Trait Requirement:NAGINI
Trait Description: Nagini's scales are highly reflective to the point to where in direct sunlight the snake can perform maneuvers which cause light to refract from its scales and blind enemies. The iridescence in Nagini's scales causes light to refract prismatic-ally.
Trait Effect:Can register light based abilities via scales


Son of Jahan
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