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The Road To Slavin' Part 6 [Assignment Chain/Solo]

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Assignment Name: Pacifism
Assignment Rank: D
Assignment Location: Kou
Assignment Reward: 50 XP 3000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Slaver Profession
Assignment Overview: 1 believes in teaching methods that don't lead to conflict. Slavery in countries where it is outlawed is met with swift retribution, so it's best that as few as people find out. 8's objective is to escort some slaves to their new owners in Kou without getting caught.

Alexander had slept early and would wake up early in the morning to get his work done. He wasn't sure of what to make of Sharram, but Etanhol had said only the kindest things about him and he would have to try to see that. However, being attacked by two unleashed dogs when he had no combat experience wasn't something he found to be particularly good-natured about the Heliohaptian tamer.

But taming was something he was quite fond of. He wanted to learn how to train his new bugs and perhaps Sharram would be the perfect candidate. He made it a point, during this mission to take the time to ask him about the swarm he had purchased and how to take care and train it.

Alexander would meet Sharram back at the kennel. The path was now familiar to him, and once he arrived he noticed there were no cages in the same place. He was left alone... again. Was this his modus operandi? Alex let out a sigh, but mid-sigh, Sharram popped out from under the floor. There was a secret passage in this building? One merely beckoned the Fanalis with a single finger holding it open for him.


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Alexander would do as he was commanded, and followed Sharram into the tunnel ways. He was wary, but he could sense quite a few lifeforms here. As he felt the beings below, the thought from his last encounter with the exotic dogs flooded his mind and specifically the pain in his left forearm where he blocked one of the dogs from taking his life. But he sensed many more, but his hesitation was met with verbal reassurance.

As he was coaxed into the tunnel, now holding the entrance open by virture of his falanis strength and letting it plop down overhead, sealing the passage up for now. Only at this time could he see what was down here, a family of slaves in a cage, and the darkness was illuminated only by candlelight, and the candles seemed to line a corridor which lead somewhere deeper into this complex.

"You must bring these people to their new home." Sharram handed the boy a rolled up parchment. Unraveled immediately upon entering his hands, it revealed quite a detailed map along with a suggested path to take, as well as where this corridor would lead. "Go."

Alex was quick to get to work, he knew this would mean he had to figure out how to manage the slaves as well as thinking on his feet and taking control. He turned to the slaves, but as his request popped in his head, he redirected himself back to Sharram. "One, er Sharram," Unsure of what to call him, "Could I get some feedback from you after tonight? From a tamer's perspective, of course." With a single nod, he walked away heading back up the tunnel and let Alexander handle the situation.

Alexander took his time speaking to all the slaves, it had seemed as if they were a slave family. A bond formed after their capture, and they seemed to take care of each other and it seemed quite fortunate that they would be sent together. He used this little fact to have them submit, threatening to separate the two orphan children should any of them try to escape or admit they were slaves and seek refuge.

Alexander read the map by candlelight for a few moment as he walked down the corridor. They were dressed as unsuspiciously as possible, which made things much more convenient. They would go through the backstreets with no one being any wiser to their shady dealing. They were even happy to get a bit of sunlight before being brought to a large manor. There was no payment here because everything had been taken care of. Another success for Alex.



The Road To Slavin' Part 6 [Assignment Chain/Solo] Giyta9z
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