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Sesshomaru Vs Knuckles Shi[OOC fight/Balance testing]

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
People were crowding throughout the market, new harvest items were hitting the stands. It was a great chance to get some great deals on the harvest items. People from all over the country had traveled here to get items they couldn't gather from their hometowns and to sell the items from their hometowns whether it was food or clothing. it was a day to make some money.  Knuckles joined the country's folk as he went from stand to stand to look for the best and freshest fruits, vegetables, and meats to prepare a proper meal for his company of people.  He was traveling alone on this day, it was going to be a surprise to his friends.  

Minus the bags of various food items, Knuckles was carrying his normal combat load, his shield was worn on his left arm, his bronze short sword resting in the center of the shield with the hilt pointing towards his opposite arm.  On his right arm, he wore his dart glove, fastened with a dart already in the chamber ready to be used. the 4 remaining darts resting between the space between the glove and leather straps which helped fasten the glove to his body.  Of course, his magic hammer rested on the small of his back, the handle arching over his left hip, a single motion away from being drawn as was the sword in his shield. And lastly for his weapons was the 1-meter tall yo-yo worn on his upper back, right in the center with the handle to the chain resting slightly above his right shoulder.

It was clear to anyone who did battle that Knuckles weapons were oriented to his right arm and hand, allowing him to instantly draw whichever weapon he needed.  All besides his Hammer which he would draw with his left hand if he were to draw it.   Most would think this to be the arm target, but It was only this way so his shield wouldn't mess with the drawing path of his weapons.  He had recently achieved a new item to pair with his weapons, his cherry #5 poison, with its cherry scent, it would give the look of being a cherry extract, but it was a high level of poison which targets the eyes.  This item was kept in 3 vials, one tucked into the belt of his uniform, one in the straps of his glove, and the last one in a pocket on the inside of his uniform coat.

The stares he got were natural, it would likely be an occurrence of him wearing his uniform in public, or the number of weapons the male carried, either way, he was used to them by now, but he knew that this always made someone want to challenge him.  Even though he was used to them didn't mean he didn't keep a guard up, after all, he was a man charged with enforcing the law, and busy marketplaces was a high chance to find a thief in the works.

Taking a look at him, he could see anywhere from 15 to 20 people in all directions.  He had about a 1-meter distance between him and other as no one wanted to walk too closely to a Fanalis with all these weapons who was supporting his Unity Corps uniform.  From there, the stands were about 15 meters away giving a walking lane of about 10 meters for the traffic of people and wagons to pass through.    There weren't any larger buildings than these makeshift stands people used to move from city to city besides the 5-6 meter tall structures for those who did business here every day, this was good as it allowed Knuckles to scan around him.  

There were alleyways every so often, and while they presented threats from unknows, Knuckles would be sure to check down them when he was passing near them, is where purse snatchers often took the chance to make off with someone's money.




Sesshomaru Vs Knuckles Shi[OOC fight/Balance testing] 020314-2

Name: Short Sword
Tier: B
Type:Short Sword
Material:Bronze and steel.
Appearance: The blade is a shiny decently sharpen the blade, the bronze in its creation gives it an off brown color while the Steel gives it a nicer finish to the look. The Hilt is 10.16cm(4 Inches) in length leaving the blade to be 40.64 cm(16 inches), combining them into a total of 50.8 cm( 20 inches. ) The leather is wrapped around hilt to absorb the shock of impact from crashing into things.  The sword awaits usage in a black leather sheath which hangs from the waits of the user.


Sesshomaru Vs Knuckles Shi[OOC fight/Balance testing] 5146FJNFTjL._UY445_

Name: Bronze Sheild
Material: Two planks of wood glued together with leather and rawhide covering. Cased in a bit of Bronze.
Appearance: The Sheild is oval in shape, leather stained with a red color acts as a trimming of the center bronze part of the shied. The Sheild in 51 CM from center to every edge. Handles on the back that allows the user to either hold it hands or slide on forearms while holding with off hand. In the center, there is a space between the bronze plate and wood where one may house a sword or trap weapon which might fit in the spaced during combat.

Crimson Comet:

Sesshomaru Vs Knuckles Shi[OOC fight/Balance testing] 2nk8cop

Name: Crimson Comet
Tier: A
Type: Trick Weapon: Yo-Yo
Material:Steel and Iron for the chain.
Appearance:Two red steel circles cast together by a single steel pole in the center of each Circle steel plate. Bolted and screwed together. In the center pole, an Iron chain is wrapped around it with another set of chains to make the handle that would be represented as the "Finger loop".  Steel blades within the steel plates come out once the Giant yo-yo begins to spin in the fashion of use.  The yo-yo stands 1 meter tall and wide, the iron chain which would be like the string would be 5 cm width chains, the length of the chain was 10 meters.   Each blade of the was 15 cm in length and 3 cm in width.

Dart Gun:

Sesshomaru Vs Knuckles Shi[OOC fight/Balance testing] 640?cb=20161207154116
Name:Silent Dragon
Tier: A
Type: Springloaded Dart GUn
Material: Mostly basic metals such as aluminum, and steel.  Leather and cloth
Appearance:It is a glove of leather wrapped in dyed clothes, with sewed symbols. The cloth is red in color with black and gold sewings.  Metal Knuckles guards and the spring fired dart chamber, The Chamber for the dart is on the top of the glove just a little behind the wrist. It is nailed into place with small nails. The chamber is 8 centimeters in length holding a single dart at a time. Reloading of another dart is as simple as sliding another into place.
Ammunition Material: Aluminum
Ammunition Appearance: A small thumb tack sized dart made of steel. It is about 7 centimeters long and weighs 18 grams, the dart is black from the tip of the dart to the flight.


Sesshomaru Vs Knuckles Shi[OOC fight/Balance testing] 7877021
Name:Cherry Number 5
Tier: B
Material: A blend of herbs from around Reim and its outer walls.
Description: This vile of Red Poison is something that can be placed on to an object that would be used to enter a body, it could also be placed into a food or drink for consumption.  It can also be heated with a fire source to make a gas, which makes the poison air born in a 2-meter area.  The poison effects those who come are injected/Consumes it either eating drinking or breathing it with it temporary blindness, causing their pupils to dilate to the point where most sight is black. The effect is a temporary blindness for 2 posts. As the Name implies this lovely little treat has a faint smell of cherries, and taste a bit like the red fruit, but only because of a cherry extract that gives it this flavor and smell to not alert those who consume it via the mouth.  This amount about is about 3 vials worth.

Attractive Hammer:

Sesshomaru Vs Knuckles Shi[OOC fight/Balance testing] Vordt-s-Great-Hammer
Name: Attractive Hammer
Tier: D
Type: Magic Weapon - Great Hammer
Magic Type:  Strength
Appearance:  A massive war hammer made from an obsidian black material measuring 2m in length. The magic circle is engraved upon its handle.

  • Attractive Blow - When a target is struck by the hammer, a black mark of strength magic is left behind. This mark acts like a magnetic attraction for the hammer allowing it to strike the same location again faster and harder adding a D-tier of damage. The magnetic-like effect only occurs when the hammer is within 1m of the mark. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.

Ammo 5/5
Magoi 90/90
Stamina 410/410



The young red haired adventurer was in the market trying to decide if he wanted to by anything in the market. He had ended up buying several oranges and various other fruit and vegetables wondering what he was going for fun today. He was carrying his splended weapon, a bisento a polearm type weapon that was strapped to his back. On his index finger was a ring that looked normal but was actually the young man's trusting magic ring.

As he is walking hi notices that no one is close to him which he was used to, no one really seemed to care much about Fana. As he was thinking this he sees a well armed red head man walking by. It was clear that he was a Fana as well which made the boy excited. He never fought one of his own before so this would be a great chance . He wasn't going to ask the man to spar though, people tended to fight better when they think they are fighting for life or death, and perhaps they will. He grabs his bisento and jumps in the air shouting Yalalalalaala!!!" as he jumps he leaps other crowd towards the Fana bringing his weapon down onto the man as he lands within a meter of the man.


Sesshomaru Vs Knuckles Shi[OOC fight/Balance testing] 2add66a51e53208185ceb64a8e7b00f8

Name: Chikara (Japanese for Strength)
Tier: D
Type: Bisento (type of pole arm)
Material: The blade is made of steel
Appearance:  Chikara is a long pole arm style weapon given to Hector by his father when he was old enough to fight. Chikara's pole is 152 cm (5ft) in length and 10 cm diameter and its blade is 46 cm (1.5 ft) long, and its largest width is 30 cm (1ft) and it thins towards the pole to about 15cm (.5ft) than thins to the point the opposite direction. The handle is black with a gold colored hilt and butt of the pole. The blade is styled similar to that of a scimitar and it has a black sheath with a god dragon on it. He has a strap attached to it to carry it on his back.

Sesshomaru Vs Knuckles Shi[OOC fight/Balance testing] Latest?cb=20110425234647
Name: Grasping Ring
Tier: D
Type: Magic Item - Ring
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A ring that is made of simple materials and has a small magic circle engraved into its surface.
[*]Reach -  Feeding magoi into the ring causes a hand of strength magic to extend from the ring up to 3m away. The hand is the same size as the user's hand and can be used to grasp this to pull them closer or to pull the user up ledges and other such functions. The hand has D-tier strength but is brittle and is unable to perform attacks. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
Hearing yelling coming from directly in front of him his emerald hues would quickly scan ahead. 10 meters out was a young fanalis boy,  the lad had lept about 3-4 meters into the air giving Knuckles enough sight on him and his weapon to judge how to proceed, the funniest part was the lad still holding his grocery bags. Becoming serious in an instant, Knuckles would take a step forward paying additional stamina than normal movements, he dropped his bags and before they touched the ground his body was already gone from the site. Knuckles would use his new speed to move at blurring and higher levels of speed. As the younger Fanalis was coming to land about 1 meter from the ground, and about 2 meters from Knuckles, Knux would make his move. Sessho was still air born at this point and still striking where Knuckles was standing before his speed burst step, which had now pushed him 3 meters into Sessho range and close enough to land a strike. Knux pushed his right arm out in front of his body attempting to open palm strike the guy was attacking him. Of course, Knuckles had used his full strength, if the blow landed it would be A tier worth of damage to somewhere into the male's chest.  It would be likely several ribs would be broken and or fractured upon impact and the body of the boy would blow backwards as he was still air born and was unable to brace for the attack, especially since Knux had moved so fast, to break it down in a single instant Knuckles had traveled 3 meters and slammed his momentum into the form of this attacker with his arm.  

However, being a Fanalis himself  Knuckles knew he himself wouldn't likely be taken out by a single blow and so, he prepped his next attack. Inhaleing Knux took another two steps costing him more stamina as he did so, putting 6 meters in total between them, Knux had run right past the male and further down the road, if the boy got up he'd be ready to press forward.

Stamina 390/410
Magoi 90/90
Ammo 5/5

Traits used:

[*]A-tier: The character can now cover short gaps in an instant with a single step.(Costs 10 stamina

Trait Name: Nimble Fingers
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: -  
Trait Description: Through years of training, the character has obtained deft hand and finger work allowing them a speed and accuracy with fine motor skills a cut above the average person.
Trait Effect: Can swiftly tie knots or retrieve items on your person in an instant.



He smiles getting excited as the man easily avoids the red haired warriors initial attack. He sees that man move at him at great speed, speed the young man knew greatly surpassed his own. He tried to block it but didn't have time to fully block and was only able to block with his left arm. He yelps out in pain as he can feel the bone in his arm get shattered. He is fljng back and hits a stand losing his weapon as it is flung out of his grasp. He gets up and looks up at the man, his eyes turn in blood red showing that he was enjoyithe fight. He gets up and looks up at the man holding his broken arm as it gangled uselessly.

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
Inhaleing Knuckles would take a single step traveling 3 meters picking up the dropped weapon as he did. Gripping it in the palm of his hand he'd throw the long melee weapons as he would exhale letting his roar travel out in front of him. Knuckles would watch to see what the younger male would do to react to this. Either way, Knuckles would be moving his left arm down to his lower back with his left hand as he pulled his magic hammer from his back. Soon enough he would be able to test its power against someone.  He'd look upon the man who had attacked him and began to smirk, "Come now, this surely can't be all you got. " He said taunting the man.

Stamina: 380/410
Ammo 5/5

Ability used:
Fanalis Roar

Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.

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