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The Road To Slavin' Part 4 [Assignment Chain/Solo]

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Assignment Name: Above Punishment
Assignment Rank: D
Assignment Location: Kou
Assignment Reward: 50 XP 3000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Slaver Profession
Assignment Overview: 0 was tasked to discipline the slaves he was in charge of for trying to escape. The act developed from 0's kindness, which was taken advantage of. The magician, 0, pawns off his work on punishing the captured slaves. 8 must 'discipline' the chained slaves, unable to defend themselves, to teach them not to run away again.

Eight's muscles were aching in pain, and sore to the touch from all the manual labor. Something he was yet to be accustomed to. Thankfully, his Fanalis lineage was making most of the work easier with his excess of strength and speed. Now he was to wait for Zero's review and see what would be the next course of action. 8 had it in his mind that he would simply go through the head slaves in order, something that gave him comfort; order. It was natural to him and it seemed to be natural to Etanhol, but not their master, Ramses.

This time, it was Etanhol who was seeking out the young Fanalis slave. "Eight, I've seen the rukh that surrounds you, it's as dark as night, but it seems that you still have a chance to turn it around. I have only seen such a thing happen once in my life and I hope that you can secure such a miracle. I find it hard to trust those with such impure Rukh, but I have learned that trust and Rukh aren't mutually inclusive. And I have noticed most people in this lifestyle are burdened with black rukh, so I don't blame you."

Eight would listen to him for a while but he started zoning him out in his technical speech, but he got the gist of it. "Alright, I have just one task for you. You are to administer due and just punishment." For some reason, despite never having heard these terms before, he knew exactly what he was to do.


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Zero would lead Eight to the quarters. It was a pitched, circular tent. It didn't hold much except for a singular metal pen with a pair of slaves. "They are accused of setting some of their 'friends' free, which they freely admit. So you should have no qualms about doling out justice. They need to learn that they were captured and are deserving of their destiny."

Eight had understood these words, but upon hearing them, his body rebelled against them. They made no sense, and in his own case, he didn't feel he had brought upon any of the actions that were imposed upon him, however, he was going to pull through this and come out on top like a champion or even better yet, a hero, just the way he remembered his mother on the field, not in the corridors in privacy.

Zero had let Eight into the cage. Eight inspected their restraints. Their feet were shackled and the chains were too heavy for the average human to lift, and at those shackles, there was a circle with a stake driven through into the ground to add insult to injury. They were on their elbows and knees, and their wrists had the same treatment as their ankles. There was a wooden staff inside so he could give out 'justice' more easily, but he felt it would be harder to control himself with such a tool.

Alexander would forsake the staff and stand over one of the human and he kicked with force into his ribs, restraining his full strength but definitely hurting him. He recalled images of his mother training before and after her battles and Alex would strike at the prostrated enemies like training dummies, practicing moves he had seen his mother do and things he would imagine to be cool or useful.

Alex turned to see if Etanhol was still there, but he had been gone for a while. Perhaps a weak stomach? Following these actions, Alex knew better than to cheat at his mission, a warning from Ramses rung in his ear. He continued into the night with full punishment of the pair and left them and got Zero to take care of them afterwards.



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