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Livelihood (Social/Open)

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1 Livelihood (Social/Open) on 06/03/18, 03:44 am


A gust of wind blew cold morning air from the garden, carrying with it enticing scents of overripe fruit and blooming flowers. Lestacia stood before the garden's entrance, where stone transitioned to soil and narrow labyrinthine caves opened to the sky in a deep caldera. Thickets of trees and brambles grew wild beneath the moonlight, while flowers bloomed in lush abundance. Lestacia hesitated, knowing well the twin nature of danger and beauty.

She approached the Clearing with caution only to be met by the beauty that surrounded her and an amazing view of the palace she was once invited. To. the young Mage of life would sit down and admire the beautiful scenery with her new found pets and friends. The hulking behemoth made of Razor Magic Cyrex Sat down beneath the sun. His bronze plating shimmering beneath the rays and Terran happily frolicking within the flowers. For a bit of time there was peace. She was in peace.

Lestacia would nestle under Cyrex and Terran would follow suit and hop on Lestacia's lap ad they relaxed under the sun. There was no fighting here. It was as if this place were untouched for years until she had come. The young girl would soon drift into a blissful slumber beneath the sun. THere in her mind she thought. Did she make the right choice? Was Joining Gao Yuan the correct thing to do was hindering Gao Yuan and Yoshiro her true calling? She knew neither of them could attain the Djinn or else there would be serious consequences. If worse came to worse she'd rather Yoshiro get it. Imagine the damage Gao could do if he had a Djinn. She shuddered. Her Dream was becoming a nightmare!

The nightmare would just never end! If Gao had attained the Djinn or someone from his side were then, there was no telling what would happen. She had known Neo a bit but to side with Gao really was a bad idea, she knew nothing of Vardreth however and from the looks of it, he could kill her without a second thought! Lestacia was trapped. If Gao ordered, any of them could kill her in an instant. Lestacia had begun to cry, writhing in her sleep. Her only hope was Trently! What would he do if he was ordered to kill the girl! Lestacia shuddered. She didn't want to have to kill her friend. They had done so much together already. They fought together in battle so many times, Lestacia trusted the boy with her life. The girl was obviously in pain. She was the one role she hated the most in the world. The Damsel in Distress! What would her enemies think if she was to turn on Gao suddenly? What made her think Gao would let the girl out of her sights? What if he had spies!? Lestacia would have to watch what she said all around her. She shuddered. Gao would force her to use the magic she used to help Tsunko destroy a mountain! This was different, she didn't want to help Gao but there were no more choices. Lestacia didn't know what she got herself into. She'd wake up with tears streaming down her face. Cyrex was sitting up now as she lay upon his lap he lifted a giant finger to wipe her tears. The girl smiled and wiped, then thanked the autamaton. She knew no one except for Tsunko in this land. She still had so much to do. If she died now, how would her grandfather take it? Not very well... what would her father say or do? Knowing both of the women he loved in his life were gone. One of them being his precious daughter. Lestacia needed to think but the tears kept coming. She was trapped, and the girl was jus realizing it now. If her plan to take the Djinn and Run were to Work, she would end the War by her own means Fighting against both Gao and Yoshiro, but mostly Gao. At that point she would have the power to stand up and help those in need. Everyone just wanted to use their Djinns for war and fighting, why not use it to procure Peace?

Lesacia knew what she had to do. Stick with Gao until the end of the dungeon! Once the bearer of the Djinn was chosen she would either plead her case with the enemy, or escape as fast as she could! Those were the only two options. However she didn't want to abandon Tsunko. Would he go with her? Would he be disappointed with her? What would happen? What would happen Next? She had so many questions that rattled in that brain of hers. Would there ever be an answer?
Items Brought:

   Name: Deep-Edge Wand
   Tier: D
   Type: Magic Weapon - Wand/Short Sword
   Magic Type: Water
   Appearance: A unique wand which doubles as a sword for assassin's or warriors. The blue metal gives off a scent like the ocean and has been forged into an intricate design with a magic circle engraved onto the hilt. The wand is 60cm total in length.

  • Tidal Edge - Feeding magoi into the tool causes a high pressure current of water to envelope the sword extending its reach to a total of 1m. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.

Name: Malicious Disk
Tier: C
Type: Magic Item - Spinner
Magic Type: Plague [Life+Lightning+Water]
Appearance: This magic tool is a circular disk that is roughly 18cm in size. It is dark yet beautiful to the beholder. The design is shaped into an ornate array of spikes and gothic patterns. It's main feature is a skull with garnet gemstones placed into it's eye sockets. The magic circle is located on the back side of the item. A sickly air surrounds the tool as if it is riddled with some sort of curse.

  • Cursed Dexterity - By feeding magoi into this spinner and spinning it, the eyes placed upon the skull will begin to glow a deep red. The ring around the skull center will then begin to spin rapidly, releasing a thick red mist into the air up to 6 meters away from the user. It will then form into a 5x5-meter crimson cloud, that will rain a blood-like substance onto anyone unfortunate enough to be under it. Anyone caught within the bloody shower, will immediately come down with a set of strange side effects, including the following; the inability to focus on a single thing at one time, and losing the ability to speak properly, i.e. delay of speech. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain


       Name: Cyrex
       Type: Dungeon Mount
       Magic Type: Razor
       Appearance: A five meter tall razor golem with a large round shield on its arm and five swords buried in its shoulders. Its shoulders are broad enough to fit four people on them using the swords as support.

    • 25% Travel Thread Word Count Reduction for up to four people.
    • Can carry up to four people while moving up to speeds of 15 m/s.
    • Cannot be ridden into combat.


    Name: Terran
    Type: Non-Combat
    Appearance: Terran is a green, cat-like animal with bunny ears and a tail as long as its body. The animal is about 0.33 meters in length and 0.18 meters in height. These Creatures are generally loved by rukh which is why you generally see streams of it float around the creature. This is a non-combat pet and cannot be used in any type of combat or as a mount!


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2 Re: Livelihood (Social/Open) on 07/03/18, 05:14 pm

The young red headed adventurer had once again found himself to be lost in this foreign. You think by no, after spending months in this country, he would be able to prevent himself from getting lost. Yet he was not worried, as every time he would get lost he always found something fun to do or would meet interesting people. Getting lost always seemed to be a crossroads for the lone adventurer, a series of choices that lead into a series of paths that lead ti more choices.

He finds himself in a small clearing, some kind if natural made garden by the looks of it. He stiffens once he sees a large stoney creature of the like he had never seen before. He was about to attack until he saw a girl laying with the goliath. He wondered what brought her here and wondered if she was okay. He walks up to the girl and the beast slowly hoping not to alarm them. "hello there." he would say.

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3 Re: Livelihood (Social/Open) on 11/03/18, 11:21 pm

Jahanghir was beneath the Jacaranda tree, the blue foreign symbol which breathed to his nature. Jahanghir was unlike anything in this land, his skin and his strength and his powers. He was a King ,rare and powerful. The world King was not very far from Lestacia and Sessho. Flowers of all color and variety surrounded the king as he laid in the field. Hidden beneath the blanket of heliotrope Jahanghir listened to his birds chirp away.

The sounds his birds produced were ephemeral, unlike any sound he that could produced by an animal. Some of the birds sounded like flutes, while others sang portions of their songs in whole other melodies as if they where conducting an orchestra.

Jahan lead the symphony with his own whistle, as he piped a tune the birds responded in rigor and excitement. The sound would resonate pretty far into the distance and possibly alert Lestacia and Sesho.

Djinn: Gremory
Theme: Strength/Gravity
Appearance:An artifact, one of the dungeons traps which Jahanghir placed upon his head that faithful day.A band of a metal substance uknown to this world. Jahanghirs crown is black with a soft hue of heliotrope.Within the inner bandign of the crown in the Torran language reads.
"Long live The King"

Name: BLKCLAW {Billie.Jean.Glove}
Type:  Clawed Gauntlet
Material: Gold, Iron , Diamond, Obsidian , Iridescent Snake
Appearance: a golden,black and red gauntlet that  extends up Jahangir entire left arm. The gauntlet is made with several sharp plates around the joints. Carved with careful detail and artistry the gauntlet has several ornate designs. The inner chamber is a a glove made of iridescent snake skin and diamond. The the hand of the gauntlet is polished a blood-like crimson and obsidian.The Gauntlet is  113 cm in length, and clawed to the tips.


Name: Melodies
Tier: D
Species:Melodias Parodiso
Appearance: They are small birds being between 2-3 inches in size. The Melodies have beautiful golden and sun kissed feathers and their beaks are small and sharped with several holes in them which form a flute.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name:Flute Beak
Trait Tier:D
Trait Requirement:Melodias Paradiso
Trait Description:The Melodies are a bird with extraordinary vocal prowess. Their beaks are wind instruments formed by nature. This is their primary defense mechanism. The birds are able to sing birdsongs that may attract, repel, disorientate, or lull other organisms to sleep. Together they have a large vocal range
Trait Effect:
*are able to register status inflicting vocal abilities


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4 Re: Livelihood (Social/Open) on 15/03/18, 03:27 pm


The giant steam golem would look up to sesshomaru and then look back down to the girl. He let out a loud groan, whether it was out of pain or the movement of his body one would never know. However it was loud enough to wake the girl who was having the dream turned into a nightmare. Awakening with a start Terran would immediately hop off Lestacia's lap and trot around her feet as she stood. Rubbing her head she sighed heavily. "What way to wake someone up Cyrex! We'll work on that" As Lestacia turned around She would be met with a boy. It was safe to assume he was a Fanalis. She was startled. If he hadn't come peacefully she'd have thought he was an assailant.

"Oh Heavens don't sneak up on a girl like that!" She held her chest "It's a pleasure to meet you though. I am Lestacia and who might you be?"

During introductions Terran, wasn't receiving enough attention and decided to wonder off. In the distance he heard the sound of birds and what sounded like whistling. He'd follow it towards a man lying against a tree surrounded by birds making music. Terran looked on in awe and would jump up trying to catch one of them. However to no avail he would miss. They were too fast. Still he tried jumping about until a bird led him to jump onto the mans chest. Terran would slide down slowly looking up as he fell onto his backside. Would this man give him the attention he was seeking?


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He chuckles as he startles the girl. He had not meant to scar her but found her reaction to be a bit amusing. He walks up closer to her. "Apologies, I did not mean to startle you. My name is Sesshomaru, I am an adventurer from Riem here to help those affected by the war. he says. He looks up at the large stoney creature intrigued by it. "If you do not mind me asking but what is this large creature with you? I have never seen something like it before. It seems almost magical." he woul say reaching out to touch the large creature gently.

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