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Great Dinner [Job][w/ Noir]

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1 Great Dinner [Job][w/ Noir] on 04/03/18, 12:12 am

aseo asehi

Job Details:

Job Name: Bear Hunting
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: [ 15k Huang | 200 XP ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: A local tailor requests a bear be killed and brought to him. While the mention of payment is absent, one is welcome to assume he means to pay for the service. While wandering in the forest, abnormally large animals appear and attack - reaks of magic.

Feral Cat [ 3x ]:
Enemy Name: Feral Cat
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: A large cat about the size of a Maine Coon - although without the thick fur. It may deal base C-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It runs at average, cat speeds.

  • Nip. The user nips at the ankles of their enemy to deal C-Tier damage.

Fox [ 2x ]:
Enemy Name: Fox
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: A large fox about the size of a wolf. It may deal base B-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It may also run at speeds which can compete with a D-Tier fanalis.

  • Bite. Using large, canine teeth, the user bites down hard on the enemy to deal B-Tier damage.

  • Claw. The user may inflict B-Tier damage by scratching the enemy with sharp claws.

Bear [ 1x ]:
Enemy Name: Bear
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: A large and magnificent bear. It may deal base A-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It may also run at speeds which can compete with a C-Tier fanalis.

  • Roar. With a loud roar, the user may temporarily stun any enemy within a 7m vicinity for three posts. This ability may not work on B-Tier magicians with sound magic.

  • Pounce. The user crouches on all four paws before leaping to pounce on the enemy. By pinning the enemy to the ground, the user may debilitate the target. Anyone of B-Tier strength or more may escape from the user's hold. Otherwise, the hold will last for three posts.

  • Guard. The user rolls up into a ball, protecting the weakest parts of the body. Any damage up to B-Tier may be nullified for three posts or until the user is attacked with an accumulation of B-Tier damage.

  • Shred. The user stands on two paws and scratches downward twice, each slash dealing B-Tier damage.

Aseo was a magician, and most to all knew this. For himself however, he didn’t harness his true essences as this. How could he really know how to handle himself with the magical altitude for no bonds for creativity. As of late, he has been on a dry spell literally. Sitting down at his desk, pen in hand finding himself to be stomped at a problem involving the clan. “ A nice conversation would be great right now. Oh, woe is me. Pushing my wits to the ends for these taxes recently pushed upon the people. Glad our family isn’t going through this, but this household called ‘De Lucas’ seems like it’ll be going underneath soon. Who was their primary source of income. ” A knock at his door would sway his attention over to it. Two more knocks, and he placed the pen in his hand down alongside the sheet of paper near the first stack.

Coming. ” He yelled out, stepping over to the open the office room door. It had been a few months since he returned from war, and took over the family finances, and the people associated by wedlock, or other means to be involved with the Asehi’s. Standing on the other side of the thereshold was the butler, Neki Tan. He is an elderly man who wears a dark, aquamarine suit adorned with gold trimming. His long, white hair is tied in a ponytail at the back. In his youth, he still wore the suit sans the jacket. “ Master Asehi, please come out of your studies. Attend a nice warm meal for the chiefs have prepared in advance, We as a staff team would only think of the best for you this evening. After that, news of a tailor called for request. ” This put a sweat line down Tan’s forehead. He knows he wasn’t the first butler at the resident, but he knew that many have come and gone due to Aseo’s temper. “ Neki Tan, calm your nerves. I have grown tired of my work, and will enjoy this meal y’all have prepared. While I eat, could you inform me of this tailor. While doing so please bring forth my guest of the evening that, I have scheduled with. ” Waving his hand off to the side, closing the door behind him as he walked to the dining hall. Neki Tan awaited than followed behind shortly keeping 4 meter distance. Aseo remained silent, and came to find himself alone to eat his meal while two plates present themselves at this large table. “ Thank you for preparing two. Y’all have the rest of this fine evening off, but don’t find yourselves too far off. ” Speaking to the chiefs, before shoo’ing them away.

Tan had stood next to Aseo, as he begin to dig into the finely made course. “ Sir, so far this tailor has requested for someone of your caliber to hunt, and kill a bear. However he hasn't gave a price, so you could go look into that. He has gone under the radar of the guards effortlessly, and none have seem to be able to stop him. I would like to imply you bait him here? How about that, Master Asehi. ” Suggestion couldn’t hurt, Tan thought while saying. Aseo rose an eyebrow to the idea, but he didn’t want that for first impressions. “ Describe this women… I mean my guest coming today. ” Aseo said, sticking a piece of chicken into his mouth with a fork. “ She is a women who wears  a black buttoned vest with coattails, and a white, sleeveless undershirt that exposes part of her midriff. You might find her quite appealing once you meet her, Sir. ” Tan would calmly say, before heading off to await her arrival at the doors. Aseo slowly, and thoroughly chewed the chicken he placed in his mouth. Thinking of his own actions of how he would perceived the women, called Noir.

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2 Re: Great Dinner [Job][w/ Noir] on 06/03/18, 10:33 am

It felt weird, not a suspicious kind of weird but it just felt awkward for the black haired girl who was just going to do her morning training where suddenly an old man approached her. The old man dressed finely as if he was from a wealthy family, but he suddenly hand Noir an invitation to dine with his… young master?! The magician looked at the invitation again, checking the name written there. “Asehi Aseo?” Noir mentioned the name and looked at the old man, waiting for his reaction. “Ah, yes yes, milady. Our young master is interested to have some conversation with you since both of you shared the same decision to support the current emperor.” The old man looked at the girl with a pleading look after he said it and would grab Noir’s hands as if he was really hoping that the girl could come and be his master’s guest.

That was how Noir ended up being inside a carriage, on her way towards this man named Asehi’s place. She didn’t know what to put on for her attire that evening and remembered that the one eyed man once gave her a kimono as a random gift, perhaps she should wear that for such an
important event?

Oh well, she didn’t really have any other choices and decided to go along with it. Not only that, she was thinking hard on how to behave since this young master must be some kind of a noble. Although she wondered if he was like some bratty and bad person like several person that she had meet before when she was a slave. If he was a bad person, Noir had to really hold herself back and be smart enough to escape the invitation before she break his neck and putting herself in a complicated situation. She sighed, pleading herself mentally that what she imagined in her head just now wouldn’t happen. The carriage suddenly stopped and the person who gave her the ride told her to stay still inside the carriage while he report her arrival to his master and Noir nodded to the man, giving him permission although she was curious on what might happen.

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3 Re: Great Dinner [Job][w/ Noir] on 21/03/18, 10:25 pm

aseo asehi

Neki Tan, has found himself back in his masters presence. Placing his hand down on Aseo’s shoulder, he whisper into his ear shortly after the physical interaction. With a snap of his fingers, Aseo stood up to head off from the dining hall, but he would be soon to return back there. “ Guide me to her, if that's not too much. ” He knew the house like the back of his hand, he just didn't enjoy going on his own. Meeting new people was quite annoying of him since he would need to actually care of their first thoughts of him.

Well she may the opposite for him. Pushing through the doors of his home, a beautiful carriage lay upon his eyes. Seem like she knew how to pick her luxurious transportation in such a torn country. Neki Tan, stepped around the carriage and awaited for his master signal to open the door for milady. Whisking his hand around in a circle he made it clear for him to go right ahead. “ Shall we dine together, Mi’Lady. I am not use to the customs of greetings here, but I'll do my best to treat you right, and be formal enough for you. ” Aseo taking a bowling position, awaiting for Neki Tan, to pass by with her allowing them entrance to his home.

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4 Re: Great Dinner [Job][w/ Noir] on 20/04/18, 11:08 am

The first impression that Noir had when her golden orbs spotted the man was that he had a long hair, a very long one and maybe even longer than Neo’s hair. She wondered if the man himself was a fighter, or just a noble that had a lot of underlings who would be willing to fight for him. “My deepest apology, Sir. As I do not know much about the customs of greetings here, however I shall do my best to be as polite as I could.” Noir would bow her head towards the man, showing her respect. "Before I step into your manor, may I know the reason of this invitation besides our decision to support the current emperor?” The black haired girl asked, pausing herself until she got the answer from the man. It made her wonder about another thing, like she wanted to know if this man whose name was Asehi Aseo had invited another people who supported Emperor Yoshiro before her as well. She was pretty sure that she tried to made herself stay behind the curtain.

Once she got the answer, the golden eyed girl would bring herself to enter the home of the man. She walked gracefully, it was a slow step because it was hard to walk faster with the kimono though. “Pardon me for my sudden question, however, are you a noble, Sir? And why do you support the current emperor instead of the old emperor?”

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5 Re: Great Dinner [Job][w/ Noir] on 21/04/18, 07:31 pm

aseo asehi

Aseo was concerned he would have a scorn sort of tone with the women, but do his best to express gratitude. Going to do his best to be polite, he had stood outside the carriage awaiting to fully see, and grasp what the women named Noir, looked like and how he could have her assistance. From a single glance he would take notice of her figure. He shouldn’t have, but he did, and instantly blushed. “ Apologies ” He knew looking up at her, and getting a slight blush from only her curves was not how one should know another, especially a women. Now wasn’t the time for embarrassment. She spoke in such a soft tone, while being honest about not knowing customs just as he has. He couldn’t let this go by unnoticed.

Well it looks like we both aren’t suitable for formal customs here. ” He’d make a small joke after she spoke about her invitation. “ As for that, I have taken notice of allies that help the current emperor. I have yet to meet him, but I found myself meeting his tactician, which whom is an magician. I like to gather knowledge myself, upon people who seem sketchy. ” Putting on much more studious look holding his chin with one hand, and keeping his arm behind his back covered by his long hair. All those words he spoke, may confuse her possibly, but he was truly trying to uncover reasoning for Sun Liang, being the tactician for Yoshiro, and she could know.

Whether its important of the tactician, I enjoy meeting foreigner such as myself in high positions. ” He did not want to go further into talk of the tactician, Sun Liang yet as she might not know of him. Aseo turned to walk toward the door, in hopes she followed with Neki Tan being her guide. He may of had a few answer, but she had her own questions as well which he would listen for. “ Noble by luck. ” He would saw. He didn’t care to answer the second question she had asked, he just continued onward to the mess hall to finally get down to business.

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6 Re: Great Dinner [Job][w/ Noir] on 16/05/18, 12:09 pm

The black haired girl stared at the man with a raised eyebrow, as if she was trying to look right into his soul to find out whether he was telling the truth or not. However, there was one word that made the magician tilted her head to the side as her golden orbs were still sending a sharp gaze towards the noble. “Sketchy? Like untrustable?” The gift that she had from her heritage made her able to see the color of the rukh and this man’s rukh was pitch black, which was not surprising as she had a lot of acquantainces with black rukh floating around them. What makes her spaced out a little was the fact that they never stay long beside her, one went missing after he got a revenge against his father, one almost kill her although she could still sense a hint of mercy left inside the silver haired man at that time thus becoming the reason of why her neck was still intact. One was killed by her hand though... and she should have moved on by now but strangely, she couldn’t.

It was Aseo’s voice that snapped her back into the reality and the black haired girl rest her chin with her hand. “Hmm... meeting a new person can be enjoyable, indeed...” It was a bad habit, maybe, however Noir was still suspicious of the man. Everything that he said... she didnt fully trust them. It might be a pretty foolish decision to just come along just by herself but she didnt have any kind of regret or even feeling worried. If the man was truly a supporter of the current emperor, then Noir wouldnt really have to worry. However if turned out the man was supporting Gao and invited her to trap her or something, then Noir swore she would wreck the manor into pieces. “But what matter the most is trust... What if this foreigner has a grim intention towards you...” She would pause a bit before continuing, “Although it would be interesting if it really happened, wouldn’t it?” Noir gave the man a cunning smile, not a common sight at all since she always wear a flat expression on her face.

If the man had the same gift like Noir, he would be able to see the color of her rukh, a contrast color to his own rukh. But Noir doubt that the man would be as interested in rukh color as much as her, so the female magician chose to not saying anything as she would kept observing the black rukh. Not only that, apparently her last question seemed to be ignored, something that Noir should pry upon later if possible or at least if she still care about it later on. With the man continuing onward to the hall, Noir would simply follow the man from behind and stayed silent until the man would speak to her again.

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7 Re: Great Dinner [Job][w/ Noir] on 16/05/18, 11:32 pm

aseo asehi

Sit please, I’ll kindly go on, and on about what I have to say to you. ” Pulling back her chair, before he walked around to his own. Firmly scooting forward, and resting his arms on the table, he would speak once more when she was acquainted with her sitting arrangement. Earlier it caught him by some surprises that someone close to Yoshiro, seemed so absent minded. He enjoyed dismissing the small things of others, but for some other he just could not. Noir, may be one of those. She talked for sometime along the way, so he had many answers to the questions she asked, and even he had time to spare for the previous one he skipped over.

Noir, Mi’lady. Meeting new people is enjoyable sure, even if they are sketchy. Yes, untrusted individuals. ” Having a cold stare at the women, as chefs of the house came in and out to place food down in front of them. One for the wine, another for the course, and some for the platters alone just a cluster of men, and women in white. Aseo, simply continued drowning the other noise out. Tapping his finger on the table twice, he silenced them making his voice easier to hear.

As you asked before, I’ll let you know I have no intentions of helping Gao, as my family supports the current emperor. Between us, mi’lady, I kindly like being neutral. But times does not allow such.” He’d open the lid off one platter discovering his dish, and seeing it displeased him greatly. “ Well I’m a foreigner so I suppose I could have those intentions. It really could be interesting. ” He said getting up, and if she was paying attention he was not happy. “ Excuse me, but um.. This dish that’s being served isn’t what I like.. Could you give me a moment. ” He’d wait to hear her, before going off even though he asked for the moment.

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8 Re: Great Dinner [Job][w/ Noir] on 17/05/18, 10:31 am

”It’s unsettling... I am not fond of the atmosphere... it reminds me of the old time too much...” Noir would decide to sit when Aseo pulled back her chair, nodding at him to show her gratitude for being a gentleman. However Noir remember seeing this scene before, at one of the big houses where she was being enslaved for some time before they sold her to the slaver again. It might be the manor and it might be the man being a noble as well as how the man acted towards her that made her recalled her past. Although she moved on from that, some of her past was still haunting her it seemed. “It is not really a pleasant time when I know they are not trustworthy, reminds me of the old time when I was a slave.” The black haired girl said casually as she stared at the foods lining up on the table before continuing, “I have learned to not trust people easily, they will lead you into your own demise just for their own pleasure or benefit... I apologize for bringing that matter though, it might be not suitable for this situation.”

As Aseo explained about his choice to support Emperor Yoshiro, Noir listened tentatively and somehow understood when he said he preferred to be neutral but the current situation forced him to choose sides eventually. However, just when Noir wanted to comment on his answer to her question, she noticed the sudden change of his attitude, it seemed that he was not happy with whatever was served under the lid. “...sure, take your time.” The female magician would then wait until the man went off to attend to his business before she let a sigh escaped her peach colored lips, wondering if there could be something interesting would happen because she was not really entertained at the moment.

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