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Unholy Punishment [Job/private]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Bloody Rags
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Overview: A serial killer is on the loose, attacking innocent people to get some sort of sick thrill. He has a steady hunting ground, go there and make sure that he's not a threat any more.

Enemy Name: Serial Killer
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: Serial Killer has a machete that does B-tier damage.
Gutting Slash – Serial Killer moves his machete in a horizontal strike across his opponent’s torso, inflicting A-tier damage.
Disarm – Serial Killer uses his machete to strike an opponent’s weapon, flinging it 15 meters away.
Bloody Jab – Serial Killer jabs his blade forward at to inflict B-tier damage.

Soaring around in the sky would be a demonic visage, appearing as a large creature to any possible viewers. It was unlikely at the moment though, It was the dead of the night, the air was devoid of sounds besides the crickets. A soft snow fell, creating a thin layer on the ground and buildings. The fanalis danced through the snowy sky with the aid of her parasite. She looked over, patrolling the area. Once again the demon had come out to hunt, the prey like last time had been a killer. Unlike the last which was a group she was hunting down a serial killer at this specific moment. Using her beast to disguise her identity along with giving her flight would make the chase easier. The city streets were rather empty, noticing something out of place wouldn't be too hard. Most of the killings seemed to happen to people in this general area that were out at night.

It would be an interesting match up, that was certain. The killer himself was on a hunt for prey, most likely some sort of sick hunt for pleasure. The warriors hunt was different though, she was doing it in order to protect the citizens. There was no doubt that when she used this beast it felt rewarding to kill the wicked. It might've just been how it's hormones affected her. She wanted to do the task nonetheless though. Killing was something that was common place in her life. Yet now her reasoning were different, despite how the beast made her feel when hunting it was not the young woman's reason for going on the hunt. She would have to leave Kou eventually, after the war was opened the need for her there would be over. The people had been hospitable during the stay, so it was time to repay them by exterminating evil plaques.

She looked down upon the streets, eyes scanning over to look for any sign of movement. Merrze had only arrived on the scene about an hour ago, it was one in the morning and the time for the killings to come soon. She would have to keep vigilance in order to make sure that she didn't miss anything important. She hovered around, staying high enough to avoid sight but close enough to keep an eye on people that would potentially walk out into the streets. As her head bobbed back and forth she would try to find any sign that the killer was somewhere. It would be better to find the dastardly villain before another victim could be claimed. Deterring such a thing wasn't always an easy task.

While gliding through the air the fanalis would lay eyes on what seemed to be a man leaving a bar.  He was clearly plastered drunk, stumbling out of the bar. It was uncertain if he would even be able to find his way home in current condition. One could not blame him for getting wasted though.  It was stressful times with the civil war waging on., many had taken to drinking if they could afford so. She would just slightly hover around and follow the man, to make sure and see if anyone would appear to gut him.

For the most part he would remain unfollowed, moving slowly throughout the streets occasionally taking a quick break before snapping out of it. It was a tiring spectacle to say the least. yet it was the only visible life form. Therefore it was her only method of finding out who the killer was this night. Yet something would manage to streak against her eyes. Only catching a slight glimpse of what seemed to be a moving shadow. There was something starting to go between the allies, it looked like there was something on the hunt. There was no proof that it was the mystery killer, it would be the best bet for the moment though.

The shadow slyly slinked on through the dark. it was clearly someone or something that was accustomed to moving in the shadows. It waited between some movements, maybe it knew the prey was drunk. Yet for some reason it was moving cautiously, moving with a sort of purpose. It would only reinforce the though in her mind that this shadowy figure was the murder she had heard so much about. She would have to strike the creature when it would choose to attack. It was risky to try and attack while it was in hiding. Part of the hunt was knowing when to fight and when to bide your time.

Soon the shadowy figure would move in to get ready for it's kill. Once it moved into the opening the pale moonlight shined, revealing it's appearance. It took the form of what seemed to be a cloaked man, he walked closely behind the drunk. Moving in, starting to speed up so that it could prepare for the kill. As the man would begin to draw his blade the fanalis would fly towards them at max speed. It was time to interrupt this hunt with one of her own. Soon she would land in font of the killer, creating enough noise for the drunk to notice. He would look back, looking at hooded figure brandishing a blade and what seemed like a demon. His rosie red cheeks would lose all of their color, the drunk's skin becoming as white as the snow.

it would take a brief moment but after seeing both the intimidating figures he would start to run away.  Stumbling on his escape the killed would start to move yet Merrze would move in the way once again. Opening up her mouth, showing rows of sharp teeth in an attempt to try and frighten the killer. It would be shrugged off as he would try keep moving. The killer didn't seem to care about anything other than his goal. Yet this would not stop the fanalis from trying to stop him. After she would move in front of the killer it would be enough to entice words out of him/

His voice came out cold, and sharp. His demeanor and way of speaking felt like a cold hand trying to grasp at someones soul. "If you're going to let my prey get away I guess I'll have to make do with you. No matter what I will be going home with a trophy tonight. Any last words before I end your life demon?" She had been accustomed to evilness like this. Sometimes a malevolent force was strong enough to strike fear by just being around. Yet the mighty lioness had fought her far share of foes, while his aura would bother her it was nothing that she wouldn't be able to deal with.

He would begin to move toward her with his sword. His intent to kill was moving in on her. She would stand there, being cautious in her head thinking of every possible way to handle him. On the outside nothing more than a demon was visible. She crouched over, getting into a battle position as the fight would soon begin, he had no idea how much force the fanalis would be packing. That would  give her some advantage. The king candidate wasn't too worried about the strength of the killer, but it was never good to underestimate your opponent. As he would approach her he would try attack with a gutting slash Merr still being a few feat away would dodge with her dancing lion technique.

Being a bit aggravated he would run towards her trying to use his bloody jab She would use the next step in her ability to dodge that one as well moving 5m to his right. This would infuriate the man, with a smirk though she would fly at him. It would be time for the demon to make it's decisive blow in combat. As she would fly towards her target she would cock back one of her fists, slamming it into his face with great force. The power of the blow would be strong enough to shatter his skull. Frankly he deserved much worse of a death. She had to focus deep on her thoughts, the emotion of wanting to kill the killer painfully had resonated through her mind. The hormones of the beast seemed to be making her have more aggressive thoughts. Thankfully she had done well in holding them back.

She would have no idea of what to do with the body. So she would prop it up against a wall. Use her nails she would etch a message into the wall so that others would be able to  understand. She would give a smirk as the message was done. Soon her wings would flap with a great force, lifting her up to escape the area, eventually fading off into the distance. In the morning people would find a dead body with one simple message "Killer found." The kou people would get a chance to rest safely this night.

stamina: 480/510


Unholy Punishment  [Job/private] 824d8f3ff18530d99da8ce661096f4b7
Unholy Punishment  [Job/private] Latest?cb=20180108172010
Name: Elfir
Tier: A-tier
Type: Parasite
Species: Hellbat Parasite
Appearance: Before bonding with a host the creature appears as a small black blob with wings on the side of its head. When bonding with it’s host its spreads over and effects their appearance giving them strange bat like features, making the user look larger.
Drawbacks: Unlike most parasites this one shapes over the users body, this allows for someone to directly attack the beast. The beast must also be called out in order to be used, none of it’s abilities are able to be used until it covers it’s host. It takes about 30 seconds for the hellbat to form over Merrze. When not merged with it's host it does D-tier damage and can move at D-tier speeds. If killed when the user is wearing they will take B-tier damage to their nervous system. It's weak spot is the read part of the head, which exists in exo and normal form.
Beast Traits:
Trait Name: Wings of the Hellbat
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: genetics
Trait Description: When the parasite merges with it’s host it causes wings to form on their back.
Trait Effect: The user is is capable of flying at A-tier speeds

Trait Name: Cellular Regrowth
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Genetics
Trait Description: The hellbat parasite is capable of regenerating cells at an alarming rate in order to make up for its vulnerability.
Trait Effect: The parasite is capable of registering healing abilities like regrowing limbs and other lost parts. The user is only allowed to register one limb regeneration ability.
Trait Name: Phermones
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Genetics
Trait Description: The hellbat can creature pheromones which can be used to trick, or affect people's emotions which it can release through it's skin in gas form.
Trait Effect:  The user can register abilities using the pheromones.
Trait Name: Hyper Dense Cells
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Genetics
Trait Description: The beast has dense and strong cells which allow for it to take more impact than your average beast.
Trait Effect The beast is able to take up to an additional tier of A-tier damage.
Trait Name: Hydrogen Production
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: genetics
Trait Description: This beast is capable of producing hydrogen in it's body, it can be secreted through it's pores in gas form.
Trait Effect This beast can register abilities that use hydrogen.
  Trait Name: Sparking teeth
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Genetics
Trait Description: The parasite gives the user fangs which when clamped down produce a spark as they are made out of material similar to flint and steel.
Trait Effect The host can produce sparks to heat things up by biting down or grinding it’s teeth.

ability used:

Miathios Art 13: Dancing Lion
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Both legs must functional, needs a solid surface to move on.
Scaling: doubles the numer of possible steps
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 stam

  • The user is able to perform four leaps in any direction each being 5m in length in order to avoid attacks or move around quickly.


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