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A clearing in the schedule (Solo/training)

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The red haired adventurer has already been in the exotic country of Kou for a couple months and since then a lot has happened. He met a few interesting people and has down a fair share of interesting quests with each of these people that he had me. He had also taken a vow of never taking the life of any people and even preventing loss of life if he can. He had also decided to toss aside his Chikara and instead learn how to fight only with his body wanting to be true to his Fanalis ancestors and since it would allow him to allow more on his strength then that of a weapon.

He had also felt himself getting stronger but that means nothing if he does not train his skills to match his monstrous strength and speed. So he was currently looking for a place in the mountains that he could train in. As he is thinking of this he comes across a decent sized clearing along the river. There were plenty large rocks and boulders scattering the clearing along with a water fall which made him grin. For generations waterfalls have been used for warriors to train and increase their endurance. He smiles and begins to remove his armor and shirt till he was only in his pants. He walks through the river and sits underneath the waterfall with his legs crossed letting the water hit him as he starts meditating and thinking of ways he can fight. The water hitting his body was a bit tougher then was he was expecting but he was sure he would get used to this. He spent the next two days just sitting under the waterfall meditating. Then for the next three days he began performing actions while underneath falling water. He was performing a series of punches and kicks over and over, they were sluggish at first du to the falling water but by the third day he was moving quicker feeling himself growing faster and stronger.

He moves from the waterfall and rests for a full day giving his muscles a chance to rest as he ate his feel before starting back up on his training by the seventh day in the clearing. He started this by spending the whole day lifting rocks and boulders onto his back and squatting up and down slowly increasing the weight until he felt like he had finally reached his maximum weight limit. The next two days he went back to waterfall training before spending another two days smashing rocks with his fists. He started with small boulders until he was able to completely demolish large boulders into pebbles with just one punch. He smiles as he felt like some kind of man who could defeat the strongest of enemies with just one punch! Two spend the final day of his training putting his strength and new body to the test. he walks through the woods will he founds what he was looking for, a massive grizzly bear. He grins as the bear charges at the red haired warrior. He smiles and grabs the bear grunting as he is pushed back a bit before completely stopping the bear in its tracks. He chuckles as he tightens his hold on the bear before lifting the bear up tossing him into a tree. The bear stumbles back up whimpering as it looks at the man before running off. Feeling like his training was a success he goes back to the clearing packing his stuff before leaving.


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