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A Hilariously Heinous Heist [Plot/Private/Sesshomaru]

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He was a bit surprised to hear he was moving to a prison camp to work but he would not show it on his face. He knew there was a large risk of trying to steal the throne and he failed...this time. His face would twitch as he mentioned interrogating the two prisoners he made friends with."I except that I am going to work off my crime it's reasonable. But if anyone harms these two that are with me again I will raise hell. They are now my friends and I will protect them even if that means lengthening my sentence." he would say not so much as a threat but a statement. He hardly knew these two but he wanted to protect them. With that he would March down with them following orders as to not cause problems for these guards who were just doing their jobs. Nor the prisoners who were just wanting to serve their time and get out. He would wait till it's his turn to get into the carriage. He would look at the palace one last time as well before shouting."you have not seen the last of Sesshomaru! I will be back for my chair!" he would sit down once finished shouting wondering where this leg of the adventure would take him. Life was just one giant series of adventures and this one was just like all of the others just didn't turn out like he wanted. But wasn't that what adventures we're for?

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As the cross dressers hopes would soon shatter he would find himself now alone with his two cell mates, no one listening in on them. They would feel their freedom go away as they were escorted into the prison carriage. The doors shutting, sealing off the light of the world. Only small cracks in the iron bars would slide through. The small slivers of light that adorned their new wooden cell set the mood. Sessho who respond with brightness was the last of hope in there. The heliohaptian man would just sit there, a somber look spread over his face. Drifting off he would be calm, trying to think despite having slight twitches of anger.

The long haired woman would freak in the cell, hearing a loud thump, signalling her that she was loud enough to hear. Quiet would fall, twitching to herself she wouldn't make any more commotion. She would eye the captivating cross dressing fanalis. Eyeing to see how the strange prisoner would react, the heliohaptian man didn't give cues but he wondered it too.

Dwelling with in their own cell it would be a personal realm of interacting as long as they didn't get rowdy. On the outside two guards would step up in order to drive the carriage. It only took them a moment to set up, the carriage was prepared beforehand the men would just have to load their weapons and packs with emergency provisions. The journey was soon to begin as they would get behind the reigns of the cart.

"Giddy up!" one would command the horses, causing them to walk, slowly picking up pace. As they began to move the carriage would start to rumble, the sound of crashing hooves and shaking wood began to fill the area. Now the voices of the prisoners would be fully drowned out by the cacophony that was crafted around them. The Journey to the prison camp would be a day at the least. Yet with war conditions nothing was certain.

Time flowed on no matter what happened among the captives. They would eventually be far from the castle, going under trees as the sun started to lower in the background. So much time had passed since the heist had started, The young boy was unaware, his adventure and his fate had more in store for him on this day. They ventured to the east, were the dark had already settled, yet something stirred. The chaos of the day had calmed down, yet something more sinister waited.

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He sits down as the shut the prison wagon and looks at the large man and the creepy looking lady. He saw that they were a but down and seemed to become depressed. He needed to do something about this or he was afraid what would become of these two and since they were his friends, or soon will be, it was his job to cheer em up. "Do not look down my friends for the fates do not forsake us! We will get out of here by you must be patient. I will make sure nothing bad happens to us. " He says and looks at the WOMAN. "And I will stop the dog men from hurting you." He says hoping this will lighten their moods. "For I AM Sesshomaru and it is my mission in life to protect people and make friends. What ate your guys names?" He asks smiling at them

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His riveting speech would mostly fall upon their ears. The shivering woman whimpered in her corner, but seemed less tense. His warm glow had spread to the pair that was before him. While he would receive no info on the odd, frantic woman he would hear the man respond with a voice that was full of energy "My name is Bayek, and I come from the land of Heliohapt, it's great to meet you young man." The conversation had started to get rather loud, yet it would be met with another loud response. Except it wasn't the guards that they would hear.

Loud battle cries reverberated as the carriage moved through the forest, shadows converging from trees. The carriage started to thud as the occupants would be unaware of what was going on outside. The shadows had came from the front of prisoner transport. It was an attempt in order to cut them off, yet the horses would push through as some managed to jump on. Thundering thuds from above, providing more mystery for Sesshomaru and his newfound friends. They tried to attack the drivers, who were fending them off while barely managing to keep their ride stable. This bump in the road was about to blow up.

That's when things would start to blow up. Splinters would be sent flying as one of the pursuer would cast a spell. The guards and the prisoners would be unable to hear what the attacking magician muttered. Yet as his words would finish that's when the big one would come, A small orb flew from his wand, flying beneath the carriage, blowing upwards under the front wheel. The ride would flip forward as it tore apart. Sessho would see light pour in, yet  sound and sight were swept away as their senses were assaulted. The light and deafening sound of the explosion would settle in their hearts and ears  Putting them in confusion of what would unfold.

There would be a ringing in Sesshos ears as he would soon come to light to see what was happening. The sounds would be faint at first but he could see a group appearing in the shattered carriage. A loud crunch would happen as a hooded figure approached Bayek, lifting him up in order to prop up the man. Other hidden figures would appear, looking all over for guards.

The dark haired woman would also be in his line of site, she was scared uncertain of what to do. She was seemingly injured, a trail of blood followed as she started to limp away.  The calm mood had been ruined and it was not time to try to find some form of safety. A wounded animal just looking for some sort of safety, first dog men and now this.

Some of them would then approach the collapsed, and now injured crossdresser. A simple offer would be made for the boy, once he came to focus he would hear "Come with us boy, join us and claim what belong to the people." With this proposition made for him there would be an approaching force. Other prison transports heading towards the camp would be converging on their location very soon. The attacking force was only a small band, they could ambush but a hold out battle would be impossible for them right now. With things approaching a few opportunities would now start to unfold for the boy.

From the chaos white birds fluttered around, invisible to the eye of Sesshomaru.  The rukh was gathering as fate had presented a few routes for the young fanalis boy. Would he join and try to leave with Bayek and his company. It would mean he wouldn't be alone, yet it would put him in more trouble with the law. There was also the dark haired woman to be worried about. She was injured badly by the looks of it, confused and all on her own. Chances of survival would seem low for those who were alone. There was also the option to await the prison caravans to arrive. Sure it would mean being in captivity again yet it would guarantee safety. It wouldn't change the fact that his sentence would only be working at the work camp for a few months.

Which of the presented paths would be took, or was it possible that he would find away to form his own path? It was time for one last major decision.

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The red haired warrior smiles as he hears the man announce himself. He was excited to meet a Helio man finally, he wanted to know more but as he was about to ask more questions he hears that they were under attack and frowns wondering what was going on and catches a glimpse of a man shooting something. That was magic! He was excited about seeing magic for the first time. He shouts as the ride flips forward. He is disoriented and heaed a loud ringing which would reside soon. He sees one of the men that attacked knowing he was injured and in know way able to fight but was going to try anyways till he saw the man walk to Bayek. It would appear that these men were companions of the large Helio man. He frowns as he sees the woman injured, knowing she needed attention. He hears them make an offer for him to join them and looks at Bayek thinking for a moment. If he joined them he would have some companions and they could probably help the woman. He limps over to the woman picking her up in his arms and looks at Bayek."I will join you my friend. But I am taking the woman with us and once we are out of the way You will tell me what all of this is about my brother." He says limping towards Bayek and the man's friends willing to join them in their group.

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They would hear the barking of dogs as the group would start to rush. The shadows that where with Bayek would seem blurry amidst all of the confusion. Most of them seemed to be covered, wearing robes to cover their faces. Most appearing rather normal, with the exception of a hooded figure who made Bayek seem tiny in comparison. He grabbed the screaming women, restraining and putting her to sleep. As they made their get away the group would make a shortcut through the woods to lead to their destination.

A hooded figure sat there with a armored snake it seemed. After exchanging a couple of words they were all instructed to grab onto the armored creature as ti would be their way out. Now was the last chance for Sessho to decide if he truly planned to go through things. Either way once his final choice was made the group would head out.

The creature started to burrow in the ground, digging a massive hole by spinning and extending plates from it's body. Most of the members were used to this, but it was a wild ride. There was violent shaking and twirling to make a normal man nauseous. The setting sky was now replaced with rich soil that splash right into his face. It wasn't the most enjoyable ride, but it was a daring a escape. It would be a long ride, but he would hear one small exchange.

"This young man here will be a nice addition to the group. He tried to steal the emperors throne, the literal throne. A figure would look back at the boy and chuckled. An odd looking cross dresser would had managed to tag along into something more. That is one Hilariously Heinous Heist.


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Sessho continues to follow this group if hooded figures limping on his way. He sees a man larger than the Helio he just met, he smiled seeing the man knock out the woman knowing she would continue to freak. His eyes widen and almost seem to sparkle as the giant snake comes into view, he had never seen anything like it besides maybe a golden that a girl had. "So Cool!" He would whisper to himself awestruck. He nods seeing everyone grab on and does the same adamant in his decision of following them. He wasn't sure of joining them yet but he knew that thanks to them his new friends were safe and that's what matters. He himself could care less about being free but he wanted to see what this adventure brought to him as they move underground of to a new horizon.

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