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Zuzu...become a devil [B Rank/Mission/Lagi and Zuzu]

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Mission details
Job Name: An Unwilling Informant
Job Rank: B Rank
Job Location: Kou (Outer Capital)
Job Reward: 15,000 Huang and 200 EXP (Chain Bonus: 7,0000 Huang and 100 EXP)
Job Prerequisites: Be Zuzu or Lagi.
Job Overview:
Having easily dealt with the hired guards, Zubaidah and Lagi enter Biming’s residence and find that he is not too willing to cooperate with them, having armed himself for a fight. Sure enough, they take that they need to beat the information out of him.


Enemy Name: Biming
Enemy Tier: B Tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B Tier
Description: A despicable slave-driver who always has his hooked nose into situations that he should not be looking into, allowing him to amass information from all of his many clients and led to successful business. One way or another, he holds some knowledge key to discerning the identities of the mysterious group Zubaidah is chasing after.

Ability Name: Snaking ArcAbility Tier: B TierDescription: Biming snaps his whip into the air at target, before rapidly switching its direction to attack either a different target or to hit a different location on the same target. Deals B tier damage.Ability Name: Serpentine LoopAbility Tier: B TierDescription: Biming waves his whip around, wrapping it around a target and robbing them of the usage of their upper limbs. Deals B tier damage.

"Look at the bright side here, I caused such a commotion around the area that any sort of reinforcements that we had to deal with would have to first take care of the fire and the carnage that I left behind. On top of that, almost any other brave soul that looks at the mess we made behind us in order to make this far must surely be out of their minds. Or maybe they are brave? Oh..... I like the brave ones, they tend to struggle until the last moment. Zuzu, that could be some good combat practice for you. "

Maybe he should save the extra vigilant types for Zuzu to take care of, it would be good for her growth if she went face to face against a person who wanted victory just as much as she did. Or better yet, if Zuzu went against a person that wanted to live as badly as they did, causing them to use any means necessary in order to win. Lagi had to deal with those types in the past, it made his stronger by helping him shape his own resolve and causing him to believe that what he wanted had to be treated as more important than anyone else ambition. If he made it feel any lesser, the reasoning for fighting or the will to live will also be lesser. With something like that getting in the way, a person is bound to get weaker, Lagi didn't want to see Zuzu get weak.

She needed her revenge to stronger than her, her revenge had to succeed everything she cared about or everything she dreamed about. It was the only thing that Lagi could think of at the time being, but the vice that she contained could make her very powerful in the future. However, it was so temporary, there was a fair chance that she may go back to her normal self once she succeeds. If that was the case, depending on what she does, she would have to reach a point where there would be nothing left to return to by succeeding. It had to be such a dynamic change that being with the Dark Hand and moving towards her own ner future was the only thing that she should be doing from then on.

"Still, I wonder if this is cut out for her? Either's enjoyable to me. "

As they continued to walk, Lagi would see a group of ragged up and nervous individuals. They each had some kind of weapons in their hands, some even still had a few their shackles on. In the distance of them all, a man was chuckling loudly.

"You killed all my good men, so I guess I had to give you a warm welcome somehow eh? Hahahahahaha!!"

That man was Biming himself, the current target that laid in the way of Zuzu's success. Biming was wearing a very long sleeved, animal skin jacket covers him to just below his knees and is barely buttoned up at the top left side. The sleeves of his jacket are quite wide and reach down to just below his wrists, they're decorated with a decorative band almost at the edges. The jacket had a deep, round neckline which reveals part of the noble shirt worn below it and is worn with a dark leather belt, which is held together by an intricate knot. The leather belt is a functional addition but does have some decorative value. It was also holding a numerous amount of rolled up combat whips, which gave off the idea that the man was a specialist of some kind. Biming's pants looked simple and quite wide, reaching down to his soft leather shoes. The shoes are made from a fairly uncommon leather, but are otherwise not that special.

He also looked at Zuzu and scoffed.

"You brought some bitch with you? I expected something more! Like a force, but two average nobodies coming into MY territory?!! I will not have it! I will not stand for it!"

Getting up on his carnival, Biming would then bark out an interesting set of orders to the group of slaves.

"Those who bring me the heads of those to intruders will earn their freedom and 50,000 Huang for each head!"

It was at that point that the bloodlust among the desperate slaves started to fill the area. They gripped their weapons tighter, tightening their own resolves to succeed in killing these intruders for the chance to be free. Their hopes were now placed on the deaths of others.


Whistling to himself, Lagi would look at the hundred men and women that armed themselves for the sake of their master's own will.

"Looks like we have to kill them all to get through to Biming, how about a little game about how many lives we can take before reaching the end? You must kill Zuzu! If the innocent are joined with the guilty, the innocent must die as well. Your revenge at the expense of their lives, what will you do?"

WC 856/1500


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Vengeance burned within her eyes, lighting up her path as she continued on behind Lagi, the tip of her spear trailing behind her and digging a furrow within the sandy earth. Her entire being twisted itself into a show of absolute hatred that spread from body and radiated itself outwards. She had voluntarily become consumed with this hatred in order to further her goals, but this anger was tearing apart her whole self, she wished to enact some bloody act on one party, but was unsure who she should place it on. Eventually, her pupils ceased their constant dilation and narrowed at a certain figure in front of her; that of Lagi. Regaining herself, she refined her anger and suppressed the burning sensations she could feel throughout her body, replacing it with an absolute cold that froze over her mind and geared it towards one single goal; her true self had surfaced.

    ‘Jynx,’ She emphasised her use of his pseudonym rather than the epithet ‘Milord’ she usually opted to call him as she stared at him with eyes that were completely devoid of emotion, ‘I doubt you fully understand what you have done.’ The vibrant intonation accompanied with the usual playful tone was gone, and in its place was a simple monotony. Her voice had taken on a certain robotism as she analysed the situation around her, her mental calculations accelerating as she took in the surrounding information. ‘A human life is not to be played around with. While I follow you, I cannot endorse that opinion. However, I agree that this situation calls for more drastic measures. I will assist in defeating these new foes but, remember, this is not a game. I do not care for your reasonings for holding so little trust, but your inherent disregard of human life due to it is unacceptable.’

    As she talked, a desperate slave took it to be an opportunity to attack and leapt towards her with a large knife in his hands. A flash of silver followed and a line of red burst from his neck. ‘If I must take a life, I will inflict as little pain as possible. They have an intent to kill, but it is only due to desperation; a desperation born from the desire to be free. But is that such a terrible desire?’ With blood staining her tan skin, Zubaidah turned her spear towards Lagi. ‘I fight, not to play with their lives, but to preserve their dignity. If you oppose me, I will fight even a skilled warrior such as you for that purpose.’ Another slave lunged towards the middle of her back, her sharp blade trembling slightly as she did so. Without even a turn of the head, The butt-end of Zubaidah’s spear whistled through the air and knocked her out cold. ‘Hesitation speaks of an unwillingness to kill, so I will reciprocate.’

    ‘Those of you,’ That monotonous voice now directed itself at the gathering slaves, ‘Who wish for their freedom, but do not wish to take a life for it, put down your weapons. I will ensure that each and every one of you so freed by the end of this day. But those who still wish to fight me despite this will not have that leniency granted to them. I am afraid, I must end your life before you dirty your hands with mine.’ The sound of metal falling to the ground closely followed, as many scared slaves backed away with bare hands. However, a majority decided to ignore her advice and kept their weapons in hand, approaching her tentatively. Determining that they were to be her opponents, she took up her spear and held it towards the many slaves who raised weapons against her. And so, with a flick of her wrist, Zubaidah’s bloody dance began.

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Some of the people didn't know Zuzu for a hole in the wall, but she seemed sincere about the freedom. Zuzu managed to convince a few people, who did drop their weapons and tried to disperse from out of their way with a look of inevitability on their face. It was more like they quickly surrendered instead of believing in the empty promise of freedom. However, those who were with Bimming long enough and suffered under him long enough; those minds were broken to the point of scratching and clawing any anything that will make them free of him. That included either death by the hands of strangers, or the death of strangers to make them free.

It was the same reason why the individual who attacked Zuzu found a spear in the neck, it all boiled down to the same thing.

"Saw how you just killed that man? Was it easy? It should feel easy to you Zuzu. Isn't it natural to care about the lives of people that are important to you? What of the lives of these men and women.  Maybe some of them were married, maybe they have children or are already pregnant. But what should that matter to you? Are you here to be a hero? If that's the case, you'll never get your revenge that way. Heroes play by an invisible rule book that limits the capabilities of what they have to do or how far they are willing to go. Such a barrier should no longer exist if you desire to be strong. You must break down your mental and physical restraints, you must surpass your own empathy and kill these people. "

Hearing Lagi say such a thing, a few of the slavers made up their mind and decided to take their chances. twelve of them went after Zuzu, with fifteen of them going after Lagi.  It was obvious that they didn't know how to handle a weapon, but even in the hands of the careless, the ability to kill is possible.  They swiped and lunged at Lagi to no avail, his superior  A rank speed was too much to keep up with.

"Come on, you can try a little harder than that! Come on, don't you want your freedom?!"  After that, all you can hear was the thunderous punches and kicks coming from Lagi, All of it being at A rank strength and A rank speed.  All of his shots either aimed for the head or the chest, which would fully incapacitate the slavers or at least put them in a near-death state.

As Zuzu tried to handle her batch, Biming snuck into the crowd and the pushed one of the slaves in front of Zuzu as a human shield and distraction. Afterwards, Biming pulled out a whip and tried to use Snaking Arc while she was distracted. Biming was aiming for Zuzu upper body. mostly her eyes. However, Zuzu had a choice of using the pregnant slave woman as a shield to be hideously scarred and blinded for life instead. Either way, that would turn out to be the perfect chance to counter-attack Bimimg as he entered close quarters. The attack was moving at B rank speeds and would have done B rank damage.


Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect:The character can now bend steel and shatter iron with their bare hands and deal A-tier damage with their physical strength alone. This level is equal to a B-tier fanalis.

Trait Name: Perfect Balance
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Must have a Physical Combat Class
Trait Description: Being nimble and flexible are valuable traits, but they aren't very useful without the balance to use them properly. The character with this trait is very in tune with their sense of balance allowing them to almost always land on their feet, perform advanced acrobatics, and balance on even the smallest of footholds.
Trait Effect: Can perform advanced flips and other acrobatics without the use of abilities. Can balance on almost any footing/surface.

Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.
Trait Description: Through excessive training, the character has reached a level of speed that exceeds the average human.
Trait Effect: The character can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls. They can maintain this speed for hours. At this level they are equal to a B-tier fanalis in speed.


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‘Filthy, Jynx.’ Zubaidah’s expression contorted into an ugly grimace as she thought on what she had done. ‘My whole mind feels defiled because I had to kill that poor man. Filthy because, although necessary, I had taken away a life from that man. Filthy because I had taken away a chance from that man. Filthy because that man showed the same desperation as I did when I was running for my life away from my home; because it was as if I had killed a part of me.’ Her previously glazed-over eyes showed traces of tears, but they were half-formed as if unable to be shed. ‘I had sworn never to take a life, and here I am, doing just that…’

     Many more of those who had decided to take up arms against Zubaidah, rather than to surrender themselves, were now starting to see sense after noticing the actual pain that she was feeling at fighting them and joined their fellow slaves away from the action. Those who didn’t still wavered in their actions, allowing Zubaidah time to subdue them without killing them, forcing the overwhelming numbers to dwindle to from the twelve that had previously stated fighting to a bare number. Realising that his favourable position has been entirely compromised, Biming let out a sharp ‘Tss’ of annoyance before smirking in villainous afterthought as he plotted an even more twisted plan. Grabbing a pregnant woman from the crowd of slaves that were attempting to escape, he threw her towards Zubaidah as he reached for his leather whip, cracking it in a sadistic display of pleasure.

     Hearing the initial crack of the whip, Zubaidah’s senses pricked and alerted her to this new situation. But, turning round, even she could not have anticipated that Biming would have resorted to this method, letting out a shocked gasp. As she saw the whip crawl its way through the air, Zubaidah’s mind instantly went into an accelerated process, pushing aside the raw anger that had formed and using it fuel her search for viable options. Determining the best course, Zubaidah leapt in front of the pregnant woman and thrust her spear blade-first into the ground before her, the whip reaching for her as she stood there. However, it changed direction as it neared her, the ball of the whip biting at her eyes. But Zubaidah had not been so easily fooled, having anticipated such a change, and jumped to the side while the whip missed its target and wrapped itself around the shaft of her spear instead. Using this time which she had gained as Biming frantically attempted to unlatch the ball of the whip from round her spear, Zubaidah wrenched her spear from inside the ground and pulled the whip, and Biming along with it, causing him to tumble towards her. Leaning on her strong leg, Zubaidah drew her right arm backwards and punched him right in the jaw, grabbing him before he could fall backwards out of her grasp in order to deliver another punch to his stomach.

    ‘How can such a… despicable person … exist in these times!’ Her point was driven by the constant sound of fist meeting body as Zubaidah articulated her staccato phrases with a emphatic punch. No longer was there the Zubaidah who acted with solely rational actions and spoke in monotone voice, instead there was wholly the Zubaidah who cried at tragedy and grew angry at injustice. ‘Why can’t… you just… allow people to live… as they wish!’ Each of her punches was growing ever weaker as her body was wracked with grief, while her voice broke down into sobs. ‘A world like this shouldn’t exist! A world that oppresses people like this shouldn’t exist!’ However, with each punch, there was certainly something that was increasing as she continued. The anger she was feeling seemed to invite ever more of the black birds to gather around her whole being, every punch manifesting another one that would flit around her. They revelled in her hatred for this current system of the world and swirled in ever-increasing numbers around the area, attracted to her negative emotions.

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Lagi was ready to fight some more, he didn't mind if the rest of the slaves came after him in that regard. However, they all managed to stop and stare at the scene that being displayed by Zuzu. Turning to the corner of her, eye, Lagi looked as she went out of her way to protect that pregnant woman. Somehow, she managed to pull it off and thwart the attack. On top of that, the pummeling punches were pretty graphic and basically stood as a statement for other participants.

"Well, I guess that's over and done with. That's enough Zuzu..."

Lagi stood in and restrained her hand with A rank strength, snatching her wrist with his other hand and hauling her off to the side at A rank speeds. After kneeling down and checking the pulse of Biming, Lagi sighed in relief that the man was alive.

"So when it came down to it, you decided to liberate that woman instead of manipulating her to defend yourself. I'm impressed, you got the stuff that heroes are made of. Granted, you went a little postal on me for a second. "

Walking over to the slaves that stayed alone, Lagi clapped his hands to gather their attention.

"Oi, if you run, you die. You are all under new management now, Zuzu is your slave master. Is she decided to free you, that's on her. But first off, do me a favor and pile up you're injured that's seemingly alive in the middle right here. Except for the one Zuzu stabbed."

Lagi went over and kicked the man a few times to determine if he moved.

"He's super dead... so don't worry about him."

Conceivably it was his menacing smile or even his demeanor about human life. Regardless of the matter, they took it seriously as Lagi barked out the orders. Leaving Zuzu to calculate her thoughts as the injured slaves would be put in a pile, Orie's slime would wiggle from his body and generate a hose tentacle. After spraying the injured with the outer cell repair and expanding the power of the technique to heal more. The injured slaves would be healed from the damage Lagi caused in a few minutes or so.

"There, fixed the merchandise. This is what it means to be a shot caller Zuzu, you are up! They won't leave because I advised them not to, but apparently, the perception here is that I'll listen to you. But revenge costs money, besides the worth that Biming has, the price of a human being is quite impressive in the slave market. So what say you? Promote these people for some Huang? Or will you really free them?"

Lagi liked giving this girl ultimatums, it was fun to him. In the meantime, Lagi picked up Biming on his shoulder to interrogate later.

390/430 Stamina



Healed the slaves for A rank

Zuzu can wrap this up with her epic decision

Name: Outer Cell Repair
Outer Cell Repair
Tier: B-Tier
Class: Beast Tamer (Orie)
Type: Supplementary
Range: Mid
Requirements/Drawbacks: Orie must be inside of Lagi.
Scaling: Medic: For 10 more stamina, Orie can heal damage 1 rank higher than this ability.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 Stamina

Orie can fire off a 7 meter fan spray in length and width thats generated as an autonomous 2 meter tentacle hose from Lagi's body to a point within 5 meters of Lagi, to heal B-tier damage over 3 posts after contact with the goop.


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Her anger threatening to kill Biming, Lagi stepped in and forcefully restrained her, any struggle against him being in vain due to his superior strength. After a short time, she ceased her struggling and collapsed onto the torn-up ground, the emotional torment having drained her of all stamina. A wave of uneasiness swept over her mind as she attempted to all down her still-burning anger as she thought back on the violent display she had shown, realising the hypocritical actions she had taken while overwhelmed. Taking in one deep breath after another, she managed to dispel the remaining embers and struggled back up to her feet with her spear as a prop so she could walk over to Lagi.

    As she listened in to Lagi’s speech, Zubaidah’s eyes widened in surprise - she had never considered the consequences for the slaves after defeating Biming. It had not crossed her mind that she would be the one responsible for their fates, but it seems such an obvious thing now that it was all done. Lagi presented her with two options: to free all of these slaves and let them live their lives alone or to sell the slaves off for auctions and gain some funds. It did not even take a minute before a playful smile assumed its usual position on Zubaidah’s face as she claimed a different option,

    ‘Why take one of these two flawed options when there is an even more beneficial third option? If I were to free them, there is a potential that they will be unable to get work, thus falling into poverty and living a life with no respite. If I were to sell them, my conscience would rip itself in two at doing such a cruel thing. Thus, I have come up with a third option that benefits both me and the slaves themselves. Those slaves who are fit to work will be employed into my services, to help with both gathering information and physical work, and those who are children, mothers or families will be given into the care of a certain foundation that I know of. Don’t worry, I know that the bastard running it will be more than happy to provide you with all you need - resources, shelter, education - that’s the type of charitable guy he is. That man provided me and my household a place to stay when we were in dire need, so how could I refuse all of you that same chance that he gave me?’

    Smiling even more broadly when she saw the looks of gratitude dawning on the slaves, she turned back to Lagi and added, ‘I know you don’t think much of heroes, but this approach is provides so much more benefit to both me and the slaves - it might be against your ideals, but it was my choice.’ Continuing, she playfully joked, ‘Do you think your superiors will mind if I take a little from their allowance? Haha, I’m just joking, I have enough to pay for their accommodation and other resources. Ah… I’m glad that is all done with.’ Glancing off into the distance, Zubaidah’s eyes shone radiantly with the reflection of the sun as she thought on the long road ahead.

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