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The Dawning of a New Age [Plot]

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1 The Dawning of a New Age [Plot] on 25/02/18, 03:43 am

Crowds filled the streets of Remano under the splendid sky illuminated with the gorgeous hues of the setting sun. The day was a time of celebration for the official announcement of the council, allowing the public to know that the Republic was no longer just an idea, but reality. Some thought the transition would be slowed because of the civil war in Kou, thinking it meant sending Yoshiro aid against Gao. Many, it not all, accepted the new form of government readily. With more than just a single person overseeing the nation, there were less chances of someone being put in power by another government. Plus, the people had a voice, a freedom they didn’t have while under the rule of a king. Octavius looked around the room at his fellow councilmen: Lucius Scipio, Artemis, Cassandra, Ophelia, Roark, and a few others that represented the guilds. He was proud they finally took this step toward the future, toward making Reim a stable nation. However, even now, there was no time to rest. Pressing issues needed to be addressed.

Lagi El Nagi, the former king of Reim and general of the Unity Corps, was missing or most likely dead. His position on the council, though still vacant, was now in jeopardy of being expunged. The reason for this was because he had not issued a spokesperson to fill his seat during his absence, but the most crucial and possibly the most alarming reason was the Unity Corps’ recent actions. They were either acting on their own or received orders to question and interrogate political members about corruption within the government’s ranks. Two questions came to Octavius’ mind: If they were acting on their own, why hadn’t the upper chains of command reported them for treason or took actions themselves for showing such extreme behavior towards Reim? If they weren’t acting on their own, who was giving the order? At what rank? This wasn’t the first time the Unity Corps had acted outside their jurisdiction, or at the very least, acted out of line. There was no sign of corruption from what Octavius could tell, most certainly not in the newly established council. The Unity Corps was posing problems that couldn’t be overlooked. If not careful, the Unity Corps would be labelled as traitors: the group would be disbanded and its members imprisoned for treason against the Reim Republic.

Octavius sighed and rubbed his temples. Nothing could be done now, not when the true intentions of the Unity Corps were obscure and there was no line they had yet to cross that deemed them to be traitors. Yet.

The crowd outside became increasingly more vocal. The people demanded news, an official statement. He couldn’t keep the good citizens of Reim in suspense any longer. He stood from his seat. His eyes looked from face to face. Each pair of eyes he gazed into filled him with hope and trust, even if the glances were brief. “It’s time. Let’s address our people.”

Together, the council members stepped out onto the balcony. The mass below cheered. Octavius let them cry out until his hand was raised for silence. He beamed from ear to ear. “People of Reim,” he called, “thank you for coming. You’ve been patiently waiting for news as the men and women beside me and I prepare for a better future for you, our loyal citizens. It brings me great joy and honor to announce that as of today, the Reim Empire is no more. Instead, we are the Reim Republic!”

Octavius waved his hand to his fellow council members. “Before you stands the collective members of Reim’s new council. I represent the Fanalis Corps. Lucius Scipio, who stands to my right, represents the overall Reim military. Artemis represents the education system. Cassandra heads the social programs. Ophelia is our treasurer.Last but not least, Councilman Roark will head the labor force until a more abled body sets up, but even when that happens, Roark El Nagi will represent and be the voice of his clan, and likewise for other merchant and trader guilds or clans.”

The fanalis paused and let his eyes scan the crowd. “Today is a day to remember. It is a day you will tell your children, who will pass on the glory of Reim. From now on, you will not have to worry about other countries placing their own pawns into power. From now on, every single one of you has a voice that will be heard. This is our country, we fought valiantly. We forge a path toward a brighter future where we as a nation can grow and work together. We push on, knocking down every trial and tribulation. We decide how our country is ran. We decide who are leaders will be. We decide what is best for us, for our friends and family, and for our children. We are Reim.”

The people cheered and applauded. Finally a new and free Reim where they had the power. Many were optimistic about what dawn would bring, many hoped this was the guiding hand of fate leading them toward a promising future. However, there were some that lurked in the back who weren’t as hopeful. They doubted the success of such a drastic change. Then, there were those in the shadows. It was unclear about their thoughts on the matter, but they would watch carefully as they continued about their business in the shadows, hidden from those who walked the path of fate. The couple of cloaked figures observing from a nearby dark alley were no exception. They watched silently and departed just as they lived: swallowed by darkness.

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