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Jingyi Hou [v.3] [wip]

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1 Jingyi Hou [v.3] [wip] on 25/02/18, 01:53 am

I'm gonna change a lotta stuff, so >>

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Name: [ Jingyi Hou ]
Country Affiliation: [ Kou ]
Race: [ Manticore ]
Tier: [ A-tier ]
Class: [ Warrior - A-tier ] [ Beast-Tamer - B-tier ]
Age + Birthdate: [ 20 ] [ 23rd July ]
Gender: [ Female ]
Sexuality: [ Straight ]
Jingyi is an individual who, at her core, is a hard worker. She dedicates herself to her aspirations, and she won’t let anyone or anything hold her back from accomplishing them. It’s cruel to say, but she’s not scared of fighting others in order to achieve her goal and she won’t hold herself back if her dreams are in danger of being crushed. It’s in this sense that someone can say that she’s word-driven, but others can spin it as a taste for more power. Both aren’t entirely wrong, but they’re not entirely right. Jingyi does want some weight behind her name to throw around, and she certainly wants to be a well-known soldier respected for her prowess in combat. And unfortunately for the red-haired warrior, her time spent fighting and training hasn’t only furthered her capabilities, but it’s groomed her ego. While Jingyi is very confident in herself, she tends to be arrogant and egotistical about it. One part that certainly does not help Jingyi with her arrogant and egotistical side is the fact that she’s an adrenaline junkie who enjoys the thrill of a fight. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mock brawl between allies or a full-blown fight between her and another enemy. However, Jingyi still has a heart and will draw a line between fighting for a cause and fighting to kill.

Other than that, Jingyi is actually quite the nice person to those she calls her allies. Sure, she’s stubborn enough to the point it draws tears, and she is a bit too fearless for her own good, but the woman tries to do her best to help those around her. Jingyi is actually known for being rather zealous, though she doesn’t try to be overbearing. She just wants to come off as an energetic person (something she is), and become a person that others would want to be friends with.

While Jingyi is known for her work ethic due to her strive to take every action she can take to reach her goals (be them short term or long term), that isn’t to say that she is a patient woman. She’s hasty and rushes more than she should, which often results in mistakes that calls for Jingyi to redo her work. But, she doesn’t mind and usually goes back to fix her problems. Though, she still struggles with improving her hurried nature.

When there isn’t something big enough to bough her down (an occurrence that doesn’t happen often), Jingyi is almost always wearing a grand smile on her face. She’s extremely optimistic and hopeful, and it’s hard for someone to say that she’s not naturally charismatic and affable. She can also be mistaken for being silly or goofy, and while Jingyi tries to make others around her happy, she isn't necessarily the jokester in a group. But, these traits go hand in hand with her naivety and too-trusting personality. It’s not that hard for a “friend” to take advantage or trick Jingyi as long as she doesn’t suspect them of standing in the way of her goals. It certainly doesn’t help that she lacks some foresight and prefers to believe in others, that people will do the good thing despite any situation they’re in. Another trait that makes it easy to manipulate Jingyi is the fact that she has blonde-levels of airhead moments. She forgets to think or use her brain before her mouth, which can put herself in trouble.

One final thing to say about Jingyi is that, due to a rather secluded childhood, she’s rather ignorant of the outside world. She tends to be naturally biased against certain things, especially those that are liberal and oppose the conservative lifestyle of her clan. But, Jingyi does try to learn about new subjects and she keeps an open mind to new ideas. She tries to use her natural curiosity and benevolence to help others stay unaware of the fact that she’s quite ignorant and biased.

  • [ Sports ] - Jingyi has always been an athlete; games are extremely fun to the almost childish woman and not much is better than a good game.
  • [ Attention ] - nothing is better than being pampered. While it isn't a necessary focus of her life, Jingyi will not turn away head scratches or even an audience when she fights.
  • [ Hunting ] - perhaps a side effect of her new nature, Jingyi has taken up hunting as a sport. It brings a rush of adrenaline and the animal is always used by the woman for supplies/rations.


  • [ Interruptions ] - something of a pet peeve, there's nothing worse than talking and having someone interrupt you.
  • [ Humidity/Stickness ] - really anything that makes her fur sticky is the worst. It clings to her scales and is distracting! If you intentionally do something to her fur, then don't be surprised if you get clawed in first defense.
  • [ Discrimination ] - Jingyi isn't stupid. She knows that her appearance turns others away and that there are people who look down upon her for her Manticore form. It has even made her more attentive to when it perhaps may happen to someone else.


  • [ Impress her father ] - her number 1 aspiration is to make her father proud of her. Jingyi has always longed to impress him, to make him truly happy to be her father. It has been a long-life dream and has inspired the woman to pursue a military career.
  • [ General ]  - her number 2 aspiration is to become a general of Kou. Her nation is the love of her life and Jingyi will not allow harm to come to it. She wants to help take the reins and lead it back towards a better future.
  • [ Companionship ] - Jingyi has always been around friends and family and Jingyi wants to continue a life of having that. Her newfound appearance scares her that it'll keep people looking the other way, but she still wants to find a husband.


  • [ Deepwater ] - ever since her unfortunate dip into the water, Jingyi has become terrified of water where she cannot touch the floor. It brings back unsettling memories and is enough to send the woman into a terror-filled panic and thrash for her life. This phobia has transcended to even overseas travel and effectively keeps her anchored within the continent Kou sits upon.
  • [ Losing her family ] - family is almost vital to Jingyi and it would almost destroy her to lose them. They're her rock and support, the thing that keeps her running when she wants to collapse. She will go to crazy lengths to ensure their safety, to make sure that not a hair of any clan member's head is harmed.
  • [ Honor ] - unexpectedly, a life raised to respect a code of honor and to be a loyal soldier has ingrained honor into Jingyi. It would be devastating if she was to lose it and can cause her to crumble momentarily.
  • [ Loneliness ] - linked to her desire to have companionship in her life, Jingyi does not want to suffer through the pain of loneliness. It is a terrifying feeling, being all alone but surrounded by others. It's not something Jingyi wants to experience so she keeps her friends close.

Face-Claim: OC
Hair Color: [ Dark Red ]
Eye Color: [ Red ]
Height:  [ TBA cm ] [ 5'7 ]
Weight: [ TBA kg ] [ 147 lbs ]
Jingyi is no longer human.

[ Body ]
Her body is that of a Manticore. She remains upstanding, but her body is covered in both scales and fur. Due to the transformation, she stands taller with a leaner body. Her scales are many hues of red and cover a large portion of her body. The rest is covered in soft fur, with the two often overlapping each other. She has paw like-hands now, with squishy pads. Her fingers and thumbs are long enough to be opposable, ending with long sharp claws. Finally, Jingyi has a scale-covered tail whose tip burns with a harmless flame.

[ Mane ]
Jingyi possesses a fluffy mane that falls over her shoulders and down her back. It's soft to the touch and poofy, much like that of a well-groomed wolf. It's a shade of red darker than the rest of her fur.

[ Face ]
Due to her newfound Manticore appearance, Jingyi has a rather wolf-like face. She has a snout, a dark nose, and a set of two wolf-like ears. They sit close to the top of her head, one pair smaller and set slightly in front of the other pair. Golden bangles hang from the larger pair of ears. Her teeth have changed into wolf-like canines, sharp and intimidating whenever she "smiles".

[ Eyes ]
As always, Jingyi has passionate, fiery red eyes. Her eyelashes are now long and uniquely shaped due to her transformation.

[ Clothes ]
Jingyi's new body has not stopped the woman from wearing special, stylized armor. WIP

[ Body Language ]
Ever since her Manticore transformation, Jingyi's mannerisms has turned more instinctive and animalish. Her tail can display emotions (wagging, going still, flicking), her ears can flick back or press downwards, and even her vocal chords now allow her to make wolf-like sounds to display her emotions. Other smaller ticks such as the way her body is held can reveal Jingyi's thoughts and feelings.

Rukh Alignment: [ White ]
Special Features: Jingyi now has the appearance of her ancestors. She's covered in fur and scales, has a snout, and tail, and shares other traits of a Manticore.
[ The Hou Clan ]
Within the Jade Dragon Mountains lies twin peaks, one, in particular, being that of a smoking volcano. Ages ago, when the world was once new, a tribe of Manticores had moved upon this land. They made a home upon the volcano, carving an isolated place for themselves. A magic tool kept it safe from the heat and smoke of the volcano, allowing them to live peacefully.

Over time the Kou Empire was built, and a sibling village was built on the volcano's brother. The village and the clan, now known as the Hous, worked closely together. Despite their isolation, they grew close ties to that of the budding military. Children of the Hou served loyally to their nation while the elder members protected their neighbors.

Over generations, a unique culture bud within the closed doors of the Hou. Their militaristic nature and code of honor led towards a strict upbringing of their children. They were a pack, collectively raising their young in order to form a tight-knit family. In order to join as an adult, youngsters had to prove themselves to the rest of the Hou.

A Hou child's training begins early. They're introduced to the wolves that roam their territory while they play with wooden swords. Games had a dual nature of entertainment and teaching, with the children learning vital lessons and techniques that would become vital later in life.

Upon adolescence, it was up to the person to make the decision to truly enter the clan. Prior to that their life has been confined to the land of the clan and the walls of the village. Afterward, it's up to them to venture down their mountain into unfamiliar territory for a week. Given nothing but a waterskin and their weapon of choice, it's up to them to survive before returning. Of course, they're free to come, but that would bring them shame and dishonor for such a failure.

Those who pass the clan test are then seen as full members. They're embraced, loved, and supported by the other Hous. They're also expected to perform their duty in order to help their pack of sorts to keep running. Watch the children, work as a blacksmith, clean the grounds. Nothing was below them for it was all work to help their beloved family.

Once a member reached of service age, it was expected of them to join a branch of the Kou military. One year was seen as mandatory, but the more a member spent fighting for their nation and the higher their rank, the more respect they garnered upon their return home.

[ Childhood ]
Like a typical Hou child, Jingyi was raised within the walls of the Hou compound.

[ Into the Wilderness ]

[ Growing Up ]

[ Joining the Military ]

[ Civil War ]

[ Battle of Fort Fuchou ]

[ Up-Coming Days]
Role-Play Sample:
Jinyi jumped back, narrowly avoiding the slash of a longsword, her feet skidding across the wet grass. Her knuckles turned white as the warrior tightened her grip on her sword, her usually friendly eyes narrowed in caution as she eyed the jeering bandit in front of her.

"What's wrong, sweetie? Do you actually know how to use that sword or is it just a pretty decoration?" The man taunted, a malicious smirk on his face as Jinyi felt her face redden. Deciding that she wouldn't dignify him with an answer, she simply lunged forwards, her sword extending in a quick jab at his torso. Her opponent just managed to nimbly jump back as he raised his own weapon as he continued to shout insults at her.

The woman simply shook her head, clearing her head of the words before raising her sword once more.  She practiced her skills for so long; she already could taste the first milestone of her mission and she wasn't about to let some thief snatch it out of her hands. With a grunt, she sidestepped another slash sent her way before bringing her own sword down in a downward arc. Jinyi didn't stop when she heard a cry of pain but instead continued. She quickly brought her sword up, knocking aside a weak jab before kicking her leg out and knocking the bandit down.

The man easily toppled over with a grunt, and Jinyi watched quietly as he hissed quietly to himself. After she caught her breath, the woman swung her sword in front of the bandit's face, causing him to pale as he stared down the cool metal. "I'll give you this one chance to run away, alright?"


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