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Habits, Habits. [Warrior training] [C to B-tier]

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Snow, how much of her life had been spent in the snow, that thought racing through her mind as the cold flakes melted on her warm cheeks. The normal ivory white skin was painted a peachy pink as the cold nipped at her skin, it not bothering her much because of the environment she grew up in. More snow melted against her face, the droplets rolling off and into the air, rushing faster, the feathery hair that framed her head lifted. The Imuchakk's eyes opened, her body turning upright in the air as her large frame moved with ease before her bare foot would hit the top of a wooden pillar with a soft thud.

The cold air made the Amazon's breath and words leave her pillow lips as hot clouds amongst the flurrying snow. "How far did I go?" Her rose orbs peered through the storm at another wooden pillar that was around eight meters away. It was where she had jumped from. A leap which she made only in her chest bandages and a pair of azure gi bottoms.

Her eyes soon fell down to look at the ground that was about thirty meters below her, Ani was a dancer, and spear fighting had only helped her become agiler than she already was. Her eyes soon shifted to the sky, a dark sky clouded with various grey clouds that unleashed snow upon the land under them. As the moon peaked out from the clouds Ani's other foot would fall into place on the pillar as her eyes closed once again and a sigh left her lips. She was alone in the training field in the middle of the night, Hoyo was sleeping but she couldn't help but feel restless as the snow paid her no mind and simply kept falling around her.

Sleeping had become hard for Ani tonight— or to be more accurate sleeping, in general, has become a task every night since the day she came to the conclusion she was burdened with a gift, and then confirmed later when a doctor had given her a check-up after a recent job. Thoughts of the past had been wracking her mind every waking and sleeping moment for the poor Imuchakk. Whenever she was out for work she could at least think about that, or just enjoy the thrill of doing something exciting or taking on something strong. However, ever since she moved into this fortress it became a bit harder with the quiet or lack of others besides Hoyo around her. She had plans to recruit others to live there and join her future brotherhood, but for now, the only solace she had at night was her lizard and the training grounds, working her body till it was sore amongst a blizzard being more appealing to the woman than the idea of sleepless thought in her room.

As her eyes scanned amongst the other poles, a path of pillars that slowly rose to an elevation above that of her current one. Her heartbeat seemed to slow down and her pose shifted as all of her weight was put on her back foot. In an instant, the azure-haired beauty lept from the pillar, sailing through the air backward in the direction of a taller pillar. The Imuchakk had made this leap before, having been leaping among these pillars every night, working on how far she can leap and the type of maneuvers she can make and still land safely. Her head began to roll back as she used the weight of her strong upper body to swing her long, muscular legs above herself. The momentum starting to cause her heavier lower half to follow the swing of her upper body.

However, this is where the Imuchakk was testing herself as she was nearing the pillar. Suddenly before she could become upright in the air both of her feet would plant firmly against the side of the pillar. Her backflipped going as planned, giving her footing for a moment. Then just as quickly as she hit it she would use her legs to push off the pillar once again sailing through the air. Not having as much momentum as before  Ani would only rise for a bit before gravity began to pull on her large body once again. Her hand reaching out as her hair began to lift and she began to fall.

A grunt escaped Ani's lips as her fingers had suddenly tightened during the fall, her hands finding a firm grip on a shaft that stuck from the side of a fifty-meter tall pillar, it was her spear that had been hurled into the pillar. "—That one was a bit close."

The sound of soft crunching was heard as Ani was now on the ground walking away from the pillars, as the anxiety of night began to leave her body and the excitement of training began to make her blood pump hot. Every night she had come out here Ani had thrown her spear as high into the pillars as she can, and then trained her agility to try and retrieve it. Whenever she had retrieved her weapon she went back to the dummy's and other training equipment to continue her therapeutic training.

With her polearm held by her side, Ani stood at the beginning of the obstacle course. There were dummies lined up partially through the course as she didn't need to run the entire thing at the moment, her regiment only needing a portion of the course. The starting whistle blew silently in Ani's head as like usually the Imuchakk suddenly burst into movement. Her pale skin hiding her body almost, her hair and pants creating an Azure blur as she began to dash with vigor.

Leaping over a hurdle Ani would quickly thrust her spear into a dummy as her body began to move with instinct and her mind would wander for a moment. Because of how she left her home and lived her life Ani has most of her time alone, or with Hoyo. She didn't have another person to talk to, but when her blood is pumping and her muscles begin to ache things seem to be a bit easier. A thought often thought by the blue-haired amazon was that of the two dungeons she had entered. Both of them lost, both entered with people who had exposed her to the wonders of dungeons and their djinns. She had left both with money, knowledge, regret, and desire to earn the golden apple she had been teased with.

With a sudden whip of her arm, Ani's spear pierced into a pond, creating a stepping stone as she front-flipped doing a handstand on it grabbing the spear with her push-off as she landed on the other side. "I can't believe that one worked."

The course was long, even if she was only running it partially and she would pant. Her stamina was higher than that of the average of her race, even with her training and she would sometimes be left winded after running the entire thing.Her bare feet barely making noise in the snow she ran up the hill and then leaping at the top as she began to slide down it on her back. Thrusting her spear forward she would take multiple stabs at the dummies that lined the downhill path to the end of the partial course. As she slid past she counted her hits, twenty, three more than she had gotten the night before.

As she slid to the end of the course there was a mob of dummies, but Ani only smirked as she set up more than usual to see how far her training to use her strength and agility in tandem with her spear was coming along. As she reached the bottom of the hill Ani stuck her spear into the ground and suddenly pole-vaulting herself through the crowd. As she reached the middle of the mob she would once again stick her spear into the ground, planting the spearhead firmly into the snow and soil she would tighten her grip around the shaft of her spear. Swinging her legs she began to spin in a cyclone with the spear as the center-point.

Crack. Her bare foot shattered the head of the dummy it swung into, the weight and strength of her body added to the momentum from her maneuver turning her strong legs into a bludgeoning force as she spun in a circle, breaking through three dummy's head before she would soon land onto her feet, which were a bit bruised and had a small splinter in one of her feet. As she crouched down to pull the splinter out she saw that she broke three dummies she smiled a bit. It was an unrefined attack she had thought on the fly, and of course, it gave her a minor injury she was satisfied she was getting stronger and agiler. "Well, if this doesn't help me sleep I'll just run it again—haha"

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