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The ice within thaws twice as long [Private/Plot]

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Snap A branch snapped as the people entered their tents, yet one sat alone, ignoring the comfort of shelter. Night had arrived, and soon the snow would follow. The dark sky hid the clouds, yet the white snow glistened in the moonlight, a pale glow resonating from it. The winter was troublesome, yet the frozen environment seemed oddly comforting. The sounds of people getting ready for rest filled the atmosphere. The people who were putting out fires for the night, children had to finish their playing, some of the men returned from the military camps. Alcohol had oozed from every inch of their body, to many it was a normal thing, yet here it was a semblance of hope.

Things had changed from their dismal start to something promising. They traveled for 10 long months by foot and boat, and were those the most difficult moments of life. Especially now for their leader, Merrze who now sat in front of the town hall with a bottle. Some of the moments were gut wrenching, and soul crushing. The physical distress was nothing, the mental damage had also healed rather nicely after the journey too. That was not what bothered the white haired woman. It ate away at her brain, it was the only thing that had followed her their entire journey. How could the thought of never seeing her child again not haunt her.

The ever concerned Merr took a big swig from her bottle before sniffling sightly. During her entire journey grievance wasn't an option. During such difficult times being a symbol of leadership was what mattered. Especially when most of the journey had been one of tragedy. Losing supplies, the lack of weaponry before she met with the clans, and the time the food had to be rationed to babies, children and pregnant woman for two weeks. Now that times are their best why not cry one out, allow some time to heal. She thought to herself while swigging down the rest of her drink.

It was a hard subject to approach, as her daughters disappearance was harsh. She was under safe care, and they were writing letters to each other regularly. How she missed reading Ku's sloppy handwriting, she tried her best to make it pretty. But her baby was gone, it was the white lioness' fault too. She shouldn't have left to search for the Djinn. She should've stayed in Reim and healed, it was hard. How could she know that her daughter would never come to join her like it was planned. How Merrze had yearned to see her little sunflower. The excitement for their reunion had never left, Ku was probably getting really big.

The aching mother had adopted the girl when she was young, only 19 trying to take on the task of raising a young child. Yet those moments were her favorite. Talking about plants that Ku liked, cooking food, and Merrze's favorite thing, going to the market. A day on the town, enjoying the warm sun of Reim while browsing fresh fruits. The sounds of the people bartering, getting excited over street performers and kids playing sang in her mind. The smell of the sizzling meats, the baked goods were always pleasant to purchase.

Tears dripped down, crashing down softly making a small noise as the world around her started to fade. Each time she the thought had been revisited it felt more wrong. She should be searching for her child, yet she couldn't abandon what was here. The obligation here was stacking, and dreams rose higher with it. Especially all the months before her last during the trek to the plains. It was so wrong, especially when during a moments rest the smiling face of that little ray of sunshine would pop in her head. It was so fresh, so warm and so comforting. So much confusion rose out of these emotions, it was hard to sort out.

Time healed all wounds poorly, or at least in this lioness' eyes. Leading was one thing, that could be done. Yet this was something that needed to be owned up. She would never fully cope, not without some form of closure. A massive mistake was made, it needed to be lived with. Keeping that pain in control was important, it was her's to bear alone. Her other grievances could be sorted and solved with those close to her, to those who mentored her. This was her challenge, this was the mighty challenge for the mighty Merrze. She had battle in wars, find the secrets of her people, save an island, and challenged treacherous dungeons. Yet this was going to be the most monumental task, accepting the sacrifice for the greater good. It's not as if life was without it's joys. One of it's most marvelous ones had been stolen from her, in order to reach heights unknown sacrifice was mandatory.

While the world had slept time stood still. As the tears gushed out silent tears hid in the snowy mist. The cold nipped away at the ear, the tears felt cold. It's grasp clutching around, biting away leaving her tan skin flushed. Red spots popped up as blood rushed to heat her. Soft thumps of the heart resonated, tears rhythmically crashing. The emotion just poured out, at first syrup but now it was gushing like a geyser. The emotion had pent up for so long, she was allowed to grieve right? Was it really okay to let these feelings out, even if the world would never know why. Oh the agony, a cracking voice would let out sharp sobs which shattered the silence. Surely a moment of weakness was fair.

As the snowy world spun the shrieks began to fade away into the deafening roar. Soon the snow would overcome and a blizzard would start to creep around. Hopefully everyone would prepare properly for the snowstorm, she had been hunting for furs for awhile to be prepared. With her cries no longer filling the world a soft cry could be heard. She would need to prepare to make sure that things would be prepared inside of the town hall. That was the current Lion den for Merrze, hopefully it would eventually turn into a castle for the pride.


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