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Just another night workin'

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1 Just another night workin' on 20/02/18, 12:35 am


Job details:
Job Name: Dead by Midnight
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A noble family of Kou has been targeted by assassins, with one already dead. One of the elders believes that he is next, and requests for protection. Watch over his house and protect him from the incoming assassins. If he survives their attack, then you shall be rewarded. If he does not, expect trouble.

Enemy Name: Assassin x2
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Men dressed in skin-tight dark navy-blue ninja-esq armor. They wear masks and wield swords that deal B-tier damage, among several other ninja tools.
Smoke Bombs: The assassin throws out a smoke bomb that explodes, covering the room in smoke for one post.
Deathly Kunai: The assassin throws out two kunai daggers connected with a wire. Each kunai deals C-tier damage, and after contact has been made, the assassin pulls on the wire and retrieves his daggers once more.
Sword Slashes: The assassin lunges forwards and strikes four times with his sword, each strike dealing D-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier damage.

Lately, the war had started to feel rather drawn out for Ani, sure she had a stable source of income and some dungeon money left over despite her recent expenses. However, when she sat home thinking of the past and the life-changing future she felt like she wasn't doing as much as she should— like she hasn't for awhile. So she began taking on more jobs, trying to make connections for work as she scouted talent for her upcoming project. It also helped to stockpile as much money as she could before it'd be time to leave this country. A departure Ani had no idea when it would come, she had much to do here and plenty of things that she couldn't drop. Despite her lack of interest in who actually won the war one good thing had come from getting involved with the military of this country. Through quite a few of the campaigns, she employed her services she had been able to make connections with people of the land, and luckily a few of the nobles. Luckily, in times of chaos, the rich tend to be targeted and tend to spend massive amounts of money to ensure that their own hides were safe amidst the bloodshed and treachery. Through the soul of one being taken to the afterlife the cries for help, and the loosening grips on their money being a sweet sight for a mercenary hungry for battle, and a lust for gold and red that filled their heart.

Despite the fact, the assassins came at night the noble had requested that Ani watch-over and protect him from the afternoon on. This didn't bother the blue bombshell, but it made her wonder how she was going spend her time until sunset when he'd be surrounded by his other guards as he worked on his daily business. Before she had been dismissed, however, she was informed that she was allowed to roam his house and make sure it was secure before nightfall. It didn't matter if she did this though, she knew the assassins were going to get in and that she was going to break their bones, the thought of a good fight making her blood run hot once again. This didn't last for long as the day began to run long, her large boots clacking throughout the halls as she endlessly passed without a thing to do.

Then, she found a cracked sliding door which when open revealed a dojo within the Kou lords mansion. "Huh." She spoke aloud to herself,  the impression she got of the Kou Lord was that of a coward, she was surprised to see that he had a dojo with weapons lined along the walls. Taking a step into the dojo Ani began to look around before she saw what looked like training spears out of the corner of her eye. Stepping closer as her curiosity compelled her she began looking at the spear equipment. At the foot of the case, she noticed a scroll, actually a scroll set.  There was a few of them, did his bodyguards get trained in her or something? After a bit of investigating she found a box filled with bound sets of spear fighting techniques and martial arts. There was countless, so it would matter if Ani took one set right, well she did anyway.

Closing the door to the Dojo Ani made sure the scroll set she nabbed was safely put away in her bag. In her eyes, these scrolls would be useful in helping her kill, and of course help her protect future clients, or silence future targets. A smirk dancing on the edge of her lips as she noticed that the sky was starting to get orange, and sunset would soon follow. Sighing, she began to walk towards the man's office wishing she had the time to read the scrolls on spear-fighting, but that would have to happen another time it seemed. Each creaking step on the wooden floor made Ani's mind drift, her sight soon being caught by a pond that reflected her as she made her way through the mansion's garden as a shortcut, trying not to give the noble any excuse to try and cut her pay.

As her Amazonian body was reflected in the clear waters Ani began to observe herself. Seeing the military-style garbs that she had took bits and pieces of and mixed with beast handling gear she always had made her think about how since she left Imuchakk that's kinda just what life has been for her. She made a home in Heliohapt but had been traveling where she wished and taking whatever jobs she could. A bitter taste filled her mouth as she thought of the events that gave her reason to explore and brought her to where she was today. Soon she noticed she had been gripping her spear a bit too tightly, and loosened her grip letting out a soft sigh as she stepped back into the main building. Her mind clearing as the thought of an impending fight causing blood to run blistering hot as her hand gripped the spear shaft once again.

As she got close to the office the noble surrounded by his personal guard would exit, and begin walking towards the lord's bedchambers, signaling for the Imuchakk to follow. Preferring to be notified of the things this situation nettled the woman as she tried to clear her mind by observing the pathway to his bedroom. The house was secure for the most part, but there was still one way in through the hallways and it was her job to guard this blind spot. Ani knew there would be other ways to get in, but they'd either take too long or allow for any capable guard to catch them. This excited Ani, because this meant that the fight would be coming to her, or try to slip past her, and even though it was morbid she hoped that they would come try to kill her for a moment. Calming down her blood-lust she shook her head, was it the hormones that were making her feel this aggressive lately?

Soon her time to idly think was gone as they reached the bedroom, the lord quickly slipping in and the guards leaving to the rest of their stations, or rooms while the Imuchakk was left alone with just her spear in the hallway. The house was too small for her beast and even though she loved him she also began to wonder if she needed a second smaller beast to assist her on jobs like these. As the sun hit the horizon her eyes narrowed and she looked down the hall as she fully unsheathed her polearm. Her mind occupied as she ran the various scenarios that could go down through her mind, her tall well-built body standing strong with her legs slightly apart in a stance as she held her spear. She stood ready to lunge forward or attack with her spear at any time even though they could attack at any time throughout the night and she knew this. Embarrassingly enough though, she was just trying to get a good feel of her stance before they attacked.

The hours passed and it was close to midnight, and Ani was standing in the hallway her eyes peering around as she tried to look for when the assassins planned to strike. Whistling—suddenly filled the hallways as deathly kunai suddenly struck from the darkness, both stabbing into her leg just below her knee. They must've been aiming for a vein in her thigh but misjudged how tall she was. A silent curse word escaped her lips as she felt the kunai being removed and soon enough her assailants became visible. They made no noise as they quickly dashed forward, the lack of sound making the fight ever so eerie. Ani danced around and blocked the swing of their swords with her spear shaft.

The skirmish went on for a moment before Ani suddenly kicked and then thrust her spear straight through the chest of one them, the tip sticking into the ground as a result of the force used. "Shit!" Though her aggravation was soon overridden with pain as the assassin assaulted her with sword slashes, her left arm suddenly marked with four deep cuts. Letting go of her spear she spun around and backhanded him, the sound of his neck snapping breaking the silence. Blue locks covered he eyes as she looked down, blood dripping down her body as she let out a long, deep, heated breath.

Eventually, morning came, the noble exited his room after finding that he was still happily alive.The bodies were gone, and Ani was leaning against the wall wide awake, the hole seemingly repaired as well. "D-did anything even happen?" He asked a bit hesitantly, though a bit eager at the hopes of not having to pay her as much. Turning to face him she walked forward and pulled her coat off. Throwing it over her right shoulder she revealed her bandaged left arm.

Slamming her arm against the wall above his head she leaned down, a devilish look in her eyes as her soft lips were curled into a slightly sadistic smirk. Her response coming out with a hot breath, aggressive, and a bit sultry. "—Plenty."

Combat details: Ani received b-tier damage to her legs and left arm. Killed 2 assassins with b-tier damage to both.

WC: 1,560/1,000

Equipment brought.:
Spear of disaster:

Name: Spear of Disaster
Tier: C
Type: Magic Weapon - Spear
Magic Type: Plague (Life + Water + Lightning)
Appearance: A 300 cm spear made of a green metal alloy of unknown origin. The serrated blade is 100 cm long, 25 cm wide, and roughly 2.5 cm thick. The shaft is 200 cm long and roughly 7 cm in diameter. The aesthetics of this spear seem to hold no obvious meaning.

  • Putrid Poke - Feeding magoi into the weapon causes a foul smelling green oder to rise from its tip. Upon stabbing a target a minor plague will be introduced to their body. After 1 post, the target will begin to vomit uncontrollably for a single post or until they have gone a full post without being stabbed. If food was eaten within 3 posts of being affected by this function, the restoration effects of that food are lost. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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