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Demon of the night [Job/Private]

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1 Demon of the night [Job/Private] on 19/02/18, 11:28 am


Job Name: Nightly Killings
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A local gang has taken advantage of the civil distress and are attacking a town repeatedly, killing citizens each night. The authorities are trying to stop them, but their forces are stretched too thin, seeing how many men are soldiers fighting in the civil war. It's up to you to go and send the gang a message, teaching them that their behavior won't go unpunished.

Enemy Name: Goons x3
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Dressed in dark clothes and bandanas, the goons cover their face and wield C-tier swords.
Back Scratch: Goons attack using the back of their fist, dealing C-Tier Damage.
Twisted Strike: Goons swung their arms up diagonally, striking C-Tier Damage.

Enemy Name: Head Gangster
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: The boss leading the small gang, he's dressed far nicer than his goons, but he's much nastier. He isn't afraid of blood and uses a sharp, shortsword designed to leave B-tier wounds.
Gutting Stab: The Head Gangster thrusts his blade to deal B-Tier damage to the gut of his opponent, setting them up for his next attack.
Gutting Slash: The Head Gangster slashes his blade across the gut of his opponent, dealing B-Tier damage and opening up a hole in their stomach if his prior attack landed. The two attacks together are fatal to his enemy.
She stayed low to the ground, using the grass as veil to hide herself.  Her eyes would pierce through keeping an eye on the sky, scanning for her prey. The fanalis wasn't hunting to kill though, she was hunting for a new companion. Recently a story had come to her ears. There was a creature, it was small and similar to a bat in appearance. Rumor had claimed the creature could bond itself to a host, increasing it's physical capabilities. Her hypothesis was it bonded to more powerful animals, enhancing them slightly so that it could gain nourishment from whatever it hunted. The white haired fanalis had to see if the creature truly existed, and if it did she wanted to see if it would join her side.

Her history with beasts was often one of kindness, she liked to befriend them and treat them like family. Her goals for this hell bat were selfish, but the lioness would not try to take it or force it to leave. She would simply wait for the creature to appear, and see if it would bond with her. It was risky, if it was an animal that bonded with it's host there could be many consequences, it could feed upon her body. It could also release harmful substances in her body. It was something she had to give a try. After all if it did feed on her she would be able to deal with it.

A shadow flew by, zipping through the air. It wasn't very fast but it's small size, along with dark coloration made it harder to distinguish. The white haired warrior would stand to reveal herself to it. The bat would stop once she had appeared, she would flex to signify strength. It seemed to back up a bit, yet her actions weren't done. After her show of power the fanalis would offer a hand towards it. In her palm was a piece of  fresh meat, she had just gutted the animal only hours ago. She was trying to entice the create, it's aroma floating forward. letting out a soft chitter.

Softly flying forward it settled in Merrze's palm. Eating up the meat quickly, it was seemingly please as it gave something like a smile. Flying upwards it rested on her head, like it was preparing to nap soon. Before that could happen though the warrior would issue a command to the beast, to see what it could do. "I know that was probably your first meal and you want it to settle, but how about you show me what you can do and we can get you some more food, okay?"

Maybe it was the promise of more food, or it simply understood the command, but it would start to spread of the fanalis. It latched onto her head, spreading over her entire body. She could feel it's warmness, but soon those feelings were replaced with the feeling of brisk air. it was latching into her nerves, she was now feeling whatever the suit of flesh was.
it felt like her height had noticeably changed too, her body was inside the creature but it felt different. She felt the same power, but it was like an all new body in feel. She appeared to look like a demon from stories, her appearance was masculine for some odd reason, the odd feeling of the wings was also something she couldn't just write off. This demonic appearance would work just fine, it would be useful for striking fear into the evil. The strangest change was her emotions though, her brain functioned like normal but the beast was spreading emotions, anger, hunger, and lust. It's instincts coursed through her.

With a devilish smile she would fly into the sky, using it's mighty wings to soar, she was headed for the city. One would think entering a city, while looking like a monster wasn't the best idea. It wasn't meant to be the best, it was going to be a scare tactic. Her reasoning was because of a recent group of trouble makers that the white haired lioness had heard about. There was a group of thugs, no more like real world demons, that went around killing at night. They had caused havoc, causing distress among the people who already had to face the stresses of war. So it was time for them to face some punishment, to see the horror of power.

It was odd, but during her flight towards the city a feeling of nostalgia washed over. It reminded her of the first kou war, when they had assaulted and occupied Reim. There was a time when she had infiltrated an enemy camp, she brutally murdered them in order to strike fear in their people. She was less bloodthirsty now, yet she still knew some people would have to die, and that fear was a powerful weapon in subjugating the evil. It may have seemed wrong, she didn't claim she was pure, but she would only kill the wicked.

Soon the empty grass fields shifted, changing into the night time landscape of the Kou city. The sound of animals, and peaceful wind was soon to be replaced with the sound of screaming. In the distance was a ghetto, and there people were being removed from their houses, it seems the band of evildoers was out to kill again. Already there was a small number of people laying dead on the ground, gutted. It could be that those were the ones that tried to fight back, the ones living seemed to be struggling but didn't try to break away. It only reinforced her idea more, that this group had already killed the ones who tried to escape or fight them.

It would be time for their guardian devil to show it's face though. She flew like a blur, looking down and seeing a small group of goons. They were harassing  women, while a well dressed man was the one who was sorting out the men, looking at them with an evil gaze. First she would aim for the ones who were actually doing harm. With a great force Merrze flew towards them, outstretching her arms before Slamming them into their heads, cracking them. Not enough to kill them, but enough to send them flying and possibly knock them out. The same kindness wouldn't come to their leader, the warrior had something different in mind for him.

She would approach their leader, he was acting tough, it was obvious that her demonic visage had caused some fear in him. She would stagger forward, opening her mouth to reveal her sharp teeth. Drool dripping, the blood lust was emitting intensely, all of it aimed towards this evil man. He would move forward,  using  Gutting Stab "You have no chance of hurting me now Demon, now die and go back to hell!!!" He would scream as he started to use Gutting Slash. There was something that the leader had failed to realize though, his first attack had not pierced the symbiote's flesh, it was dense and needed more damage to break through.

With a smirk she would grab the man by his head, and fly upward into the sky with a great force. Extending her arm she would  start to speak, her voice sounding more gruff. "You wished to be a demon who caused havoc, so welcome to hell. If your followers don't straighten up and try to repent their going to join you there." With a snarled smile the man would begin to try to plea, but she knew it was all false. "Please, I'll get better and I won't kill anymore, just please don't let me die like this. I'll be your slave, I'll worship you my mighty demon lord. Spare my wicked soul so it may repent."

"You're right about that, your soul is wicked." With that she lifted him higher, throwing him down towards the earth with a great force. His body went limp before the impact, but all the bystanders could hear the crunch as the was smashed from the impact, leaving cracks in the earth. She would then stare down at the goons, hoping the conscious ones would take the others and leave. As they shook they would leave, running making sure to not look back. There was still one more matter though, it was the people who they had assaulted. She would land, looting the body of the evil leader to pull out a bag of cash. Tossing it to the people she would say one last thing before leaving. "Use this money to bury your dead, love and respect their memories. It was a tragedy that they fell to such monsters. From now on though, the evil will have to worry about when hell comes looking for them. I must leave, but know be just, to be kind to the people and this world."

She would soar away, hoping that her carnal actions had resulted in some good. This beast, for some reason it allowed her to have pleasure in tormenting the evil leader. Who knows how it would be able to affect her future emotions.

Wordcount: 1535




Name: Elfir
Tier: A-tier
Type: Parasite
Species: Hellbat Parasite
Appearance: Before bonding with a host the creature appears as a small black blob with wings on the side of its head. When bonding with it’s host its spreads over and effects their appearance giving them strange bat like features, making the user look larger.
Drawbacks: Unlike most parasites this one shapes over the users body, this allows for someone to directly attack the beast. The beast must also be called out in order to be used, none of it’s abilities are able to be used until it covers it’s host. It takes about 30 seconds for the hellbat to form over Merrze. When not merged with it's host it does D-tier damage and can move at D-tier speeds. If killed when the user is wearing they will take B-tier damage to their nervous system. It's weak spot is the read part of the head, which exists in exo and normal form.
Beast Traits: (See the Trait Systems for more info.)

Trait Name: Wings of the Hellbat
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: genetics
Trait Description: When the parasite merges with it’s host it causes wings to form on their back.
Trait Effect: The user is is capable of flying at A-tier speeds

Trait Name: Cellular Regrowth
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Genetics
Trait Description: The hellbat parasite is capable of regenerating cells at an alarming rate in order to make up for its vulnerability.
Trait Effect: The parasite is capable of registering healing abilities like regrowing limbs and other lost parts. The user is only allowed to register one limb regeneration ability.
Trait Name: Phermones
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Genetics
Trait Description: The hellbat can creature pheromones which can be used to trick, or affect people's emotions which it can release through it's skin in gas form.
Trait Effect:  The user can register abilities using the pheromones.
Trait Name: Hyper Dense Cells
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Genetics
Trait Description: The beast has dense and strong cells which allow for it to take more impact than your average beast.
Trait Effect The beast is able to take up to an additional tier of A-tier damage.
Trait Name: Hydrogen Production
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: genetics
Trait Description: This beast is capable of producing hydrogen in it's body, it can be secreted through it's pores in gas form.
Trait Effect This beast can register abilities that use hydrogen.
  Trait Name: Sparking teeth
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Genetics
Trait Description: The parasite gives the user fangs which when clamped down produce a spark as they are made out of material similar to flint and steel.
Trait Effect The host can produce sparks to heat things up by biting down or grinding it’s teeth.


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