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The idea of a chair heist? (Solo)

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1 The idea of a chair heist? (Solo) on 19/02/18, 12:45 am

The red haired warrior was currently in a pub in the capital of the Kou Empire. He was a bit under the influence of the drink as he thinks about the past few months since he has arrived in Kou. He had met several people that had made his time here exciting and probably will help influence him in the time to come. The silver haired Fana Diana that he had first met stopping assassins, the dark hair magician noir while fighting a serial killer and lately the young man Yushin. He enjoyed all of those encounters and was hoping to see them again and make even more friends while he was here adventuring.

But now in this moment he was in a dry spell adventure wise. He has looked for something, anything fun to do but he has been fresh out of luck. "Damn how hard can it be to find some kind of adventure?!?" He shouts to no one in particular, more so to himself then anyone else.

At a nearby table Sesshomaru could over hear two intoxicated men talking. They appeared to be servants working in the imperial palace. They were talking about the emperor's throne chair which resided in the throne room. One guy was talking about how he knew someone who sat in the chair and told the man that it was one of the most comfortable chairs that they had ever sat in before.

The young adventurer's ears perked  up as he heard about this. He himself didn't own any furniture even though he was renting a house in the outskirts of the city. What would be more perfect to have in his home then an actual throne from a palace! Plus it would add excitement to his life that he needs so it's the perfect thing to do. Besides the fact that it would be stealing he believes it would be okay if he stole the chair cause the emperor could just easily get a new one so morally he believes it would be okay. The only downside would be that the palace would be full of well trained guards who would put up a fight though they would be easy probably do to his speed and strength. Even so he would try to be sneaky, maybe try to be disguised as a guard like in a story he once heard about.

After deciding what he wanted to do he stands up and leaves the bar to do what he was planning to do. Steal Yoshiro's throne!

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