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Meridian Guard [WIP]

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1 Meridian Guard [WIP] on 13/02/18, 11:26 pm


The Meridian Guard

Affiliation: Meridian Settlement-Merrze
Type: Military
Status: Open

  • Entry: Needs to have at least one character interaction with the leader or someone ranked captain or higher.
  • Departure: In order to leave you need to write a thread with a 1,000 words detailing reason for leaving.
  • Activity: Will have to post at least one thread a month detailing activity in the military.

Description: The goal of the Meridian Guard is to ensure the prosperity of Merrze's goals and to help protect the people of the settlement. Their goal is to be a force that protects the peace of others and exists as a form of peacemaker. While they are small right now they hope to support the founding of Meridia as a country in the future.
Leader: Merrze
Threads: (List at least two or more of the related threads backing up this faction here.)


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