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Beastial Warfare [Lagi/B-Rank/Solo]

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1 Beastial Warfare [Lagi/B-Rank/Solo] on 13/02/18, 09:42 am


Assignment Name: Warrior Monsters: A Second Deal
Assignment Rank: B
Assignment Location: Kou
Assignment Rewards:  200xp/15,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Beast Master
Assignment Overview: Teaching these creatures skills or acts that they wouldn't normally do is an El Nagi specialty, and guerilla tactics.They learn fast and that's what counts and with lagi's general war strategies and expertise of being a member of the dark hand and the former general of the unity corps, these monsters can become a disposable strike force for Kou's command...for another good deal.

It was taking a little bit of time, but Lagi was just starting to get used to handling the moon rabbits and keep them at an organized pace,  even when he wasn't around. The introduction of more female s in the group was something akin to changing the culture of the moon rabbits, where they managed to pair up and mate differently depending on the females that they chose. Of course, this led tot he moon rabbits fighting amongst each other for favor among the females, but those who were strong and came out on top were the ones that usually got their way.  Besides staying out of their newly created culturalistic spats, Lagi figured that it was time to get to work and teach them what he always wanted to teach them, to fight on command. The moon rabbits already had the solidarity in place that involved acting as an organized unity,  the moved very naturally around each other and cannibalism was rare among the species.  With the kind of solidarity that they had in some retrospects, coordination was the highest key point that the beasts had going for them.

It also helped that Lagi had basically squeezed himself into the mix as the "master of the group", regardless of the fact that he was, in fact, human and not of the race of the moon rabbits at all. established at an earlier pace, as well as the preset hierarchy already in place, the moon rabbits trusted lagi and listened to him. This made the teaching part a lot easier, with lagi soon learning that the intelligence of the creatures actually bolstered their capabilities of understanding speech to a small degree, which was mostly what lagi taught when it came to main plans or complicated commands. They already moved as a tribal unit with the new introduction of the females in the litter, along with adjusting their diet to not completely rely on meat, they were well behaved on Lagi's command, to say the least. That is to say that they behaved well only around lagi, outsiders were promptly attacked and chased aggressively.

"Hmm, maybe I should put all of that excess energy to good use."

A few weeks or so with the moon rabbits involved making small adjustments to their own self-created culture, as well as teaching them,  better coordination in regards to their movements and how they attack. Some tests were based upon other larger packs of predators that reside within the deep woods of the jade mountainside.  The test involved two sorts of actions that Lagi wanted to study. The first was to send the rabbits on orders without supervision whatsoever, the second was to dictate orders to the rabbits while he was currently around.

"This shouldn't be too hard.  Ok everyone, gather up, we are going to attack a group of Rock Mountian lions.  A whole pack, but I want to leave the casualties to a minimum. "
It was at that point that Lagi set up a strategy of some sort, assigning different rabbits to do different things. After that, he waited.

WC- 522/1500

Undeniable Command: Having instilled respect through fear, the Beast Master is able to give commands to the beast it has 'broken in'. As the beast fears the Beast Master to such a degree, it believes that any command given by its 'master' is less likely to harm it than disobeying its 'master'. They will, therefore, occasionally perform tasks that may otherwise be considered suicidal. Depending on how long this beast as been broken in will cause the complexity of the commands to be broken down (A creature just broken in might only be able to follow basic commands, such as 'follow', 'defend', or 'attack', whereas a creature that has been with the Beast Master for some time would be able to be trained various 'tricks'). The sole exception to following the command would be in the event that the opposition is another PC, or some Staff-Ran NPCs.
Advanced Training: Having extensive training and being raised in an environment saturated in the techniques of training beasts, Lagi has the knowledge and ability to know how to train beasts to do things that they normally wouldn't be able to do, within reason. Examples of these things is the training of monkeys in a sword-fighting style, or teaching any creature that would normally be unable to carry messages to do so. It can not be used to teach a creature something that they are physically unable to do.


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Waiting for them to comeback seemed like forever, but Lagi was a little bit anxious. He wanted to know how they would turn out if he was to let them loose without supervision, somewhat giving some trust to the animals to act on their own accord or a routine basis that he set for them.  Lagi waited in the cave in order to see what they would do or bring back after the order was completed, occasionally playing with the baby rabbits that came on over to him and wanted him to pick them up. " Well, I think your parents should be coming home soon. Or with some hope, the majority of them would come home without any injuries. The attack pattern I listed out should work on a basis of any sort of group that wasn't expecting it in the first place. It should work..."

They came back, and there was at least 80 percent of the forces that returned in one piece. The other that returned with grievous wounds were in bad shape, with some casualties as well. However, they continued to carry back the bodies of the mountain rock lions and distribute the food among the people in order to eat. The other moon rabbit warriors tended to their wounds.  "The alpha..the alpha.... hey!"

Recognizing the few rabbits that lagi chose and especially taught sign language too, Lagi pointed at the injured moon rabbits and tried to get some information as to what occurred. He thought they were sloppy, demanding a reason why in order to add the information to his own personal records and be sure that they were doing things correctly.

The beast had exclaimed that the lions were great warriors and they seemed to be very vicious, fighting to the end and some of the things that they did catch the moon rabbits off guard. Lagi thought it was rather strange that there could be a bit of a slip up when it came to a proper attack, but at least the hierarchy of leadership was well within reach. One of the things that Lagi wanted to put in was to have a multitude of leaders in case the one that he set up to lead in the first place was unable to operate under the circumstances at hand. Of course, this meant that the leader was a  little more extendable if the pack can still operate and complete assignments without it, but Lagi wanted to come along with the rabbits this time around.

"Let's try a bigger target this time around, that could be a good challenge for these rabbits to see how they would handle a more aggressive group of beasts that double them in size.
"Thinking in his head, Lagi decided that the wild horn rhino pack would be the perfect testing ground. On top of that, if they performed a lot better with Lagi being around and keeping a good watch on them, it could be that the motivation of the beasts improves with his presence.



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Much to Lagi's surprise, the rabbits seemed to be a lot more vicious than usual when it came to Lagi being around. Maybe it was the feeling of failure that they were trying to fight off? Maybe it was the idea of Lagi being a prominent leader and performing well bore into their brains? Whatever the reason, the viciousness of the rabbits being around lagi was a ratio of 100%, and he didn't even need to usher any commands other than the ones he already ordered for them to perform. In all honesty, this was just a test to see how they could operate under assorted commands and fighting sequences depending on the situation and how the proposed enemy reacted. It was great for Lagi,  but only because he wanted to see if he could see the services of having somewhat of a killer strike force that could do a little bit of the dirty work in order to give Yoshi a bit of an edge in the war. Of course, this meant that a few people had to die for that to be realized, but Lagi didn't have a problem with that. If the status quo remained the same for Yoshiro, that meant that the relationship that Kou had with Reim that was built off of the goodwill of them helping each other would be intact.

"Time to pay a few of the Kou generals a little visit."

There were a few generals and lieutenants that teamed up with the Kou royals and aristocrats in order to receive an "upon request" supply of salatis in order to help them with the war. It also prompted with the new addition of drugs that Lagi added to the table for the sake of making sure that they got their money's worth, and there was also a wider range of assorted goods that the people of the military could find themselves using. But of course, this was all done behind Yoshiro's back.

So the deal was pretty much set for the time being,  only solidifying the use of employment of the noble kou faction revering the dark hand's newly discovered resources in order to turn the tide upon the war with a decent demonstration. It wasn't strange, the whares of anything would have to be tested before being sent out for consumption. The target in question was a village containing a clan that was supporting Gao and giving the opposing threat to Kou some resources.

The army of the rabbit-like monsters came rushing through, organized and vicious. Lagi continued to watch from the shadows with an open mind and a smirk that slowly formed on his face It was simple, they were to basically converge on the village and murder the patrons of the majority that supported Gao. It wasn't like those people wore nametags, so they were all basically killed and eaten by the rabbits.

What was left over in the terms of resources were then all taken by the Yoshiro Kou forces that worked with Lagi and the dark hand directly, with Lagi leaving over the food rations and using Viper's fang in order to poison it.  It was a nice little surprise for the forces of Gao to think that some things were left behind, but a quick death was sure to befall them all.

Stamina 400/430

WC 1500/1500


Name: Viper Fang
Class: Assassian
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Offensive/Supplementary
Range: N/A
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must have an apporpirate application target

Scaling: Lethal Dosage:For 10 more stamina, Lagi can increase the dosage, raising the posion by one rank higher than it is currently
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 20 Stamina

Lacing an applicable target (Assassin weapon or Assassin/hybrid ability) with poison, exposure to this poison will cause internal C rank damage to the targets internal organs. One exposed, the target will experience this poison for the next two posts. However, this poison is temporary and after two posts, the effects would subside after dealing the internal damage. In addition to that, the poison would stay on the applicable target or ability until it's used up for that particular aspect (aka, one of the many caltrops etc). This ability by itself can be filled in a vial, prompting the creation of a mundane item that will be treated as "Viper Fang", with the poison value depending on the scaling. If used in this way, a vial can be created once per turn.

Created mundane item

Name: Viper's Fang (A Rank Potency) x1
Tier: A
Material: Viper's Fang Ability
Description: Lacing an applicable target (Assassin weapon or Assassin/hybrid ability) with poison, exposure to this poison will cause internal B rank damage to the targets internal organs. One exposed, the target will experience this poison for the next two posts. However, this poison is temporary and after two posts, the effects would subside after dealing the internal damage. In addition to that, the poison would stay on the applicable target or ability until it's used up for that particular aspect


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