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The events that lead us here.

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1 The events that lead us here. on 11/02/18, 01:43 am


Blue,  blue and white was all that could be seen. Both in the sky and the land as snow fell from the clouds like they were balls of iron. A blizzard of that seemed to coat the land in a blanket of flakes only to be disturbed by a ball of silken azure that barely justed peaked out from the onslaught of snow, but with how it came down it wouldn't be there for long unless something else were to disturb it.  Suddenly, the silence of the storm was interrupted with the crunch of a step, a beast's foot to be more specific. Hidden amongst flurry was a creature of colossal proportions, how it hid so well would baffle most. It had dark black fur, and red accents along with what seemed to be bone armor, similar to the creatures tusks, on its head and around its feet. It moved forward, taking large steps and continuing to crunch the ground, snow sticking to its fur. It marched forward paying no heed to the storm, only to be stopped as the ball became an obstacle. It stared, briefly before using its trunk to touch the ball, it was soft and the curious behemoth would slowly start to scoop the snow away.

A breath broke through as suddenly a pale, pink face of a child with long straight locks as blue as lapis lazuli. She seemed young, despite the fact that she was taller and a bit large, not fatter, but larger than most children. An Imuchakk girl, who had been buried in the blizzard. The large tusked, and trunked creature blocking the snow as soon her eerily bright, hypnotic pink eyes closed once again with another breath.

Suddenly pure white, and then a village. A different scene, as many Imuchakk moved around their village doing various tasks, the kids playing and those talking about the surprising amount of kids this year that were going out to hunt the rampaging unicorns. Many teen Imuchakk were there, all of them in fact, except for one. Suddenly a flash of Azure accompanied with a long, athletic frame dashed past the other teens, all eyes turning to look at a lean muscular woman wearing long robes, ornamental with plenty of the tribe's symbols on it. She had a body befitting of a dancer or someone who was more about moving and running, preferring to use their muscles for speed. Looking back, the same hypnotic pink eyes that had once been hidden in the snow that juncture long ago. Soon a man, taller, broad, and most likely middle-aged chased after her as she almost pranced, each step using her powerful leg strength to jump away while dancing to taunt her pursuer. "Old man, you couldn't even catch a baby what makes you think you could catch me?" She said her youthful voice full of sweetness that danced off her tongue, a hint of devilishness in her comeback. The man seemed a bit hurt, he winced before letting out a violent growl as he chased her down. "Damn you brat, you will hunt the unicorn" He cried out as he kept moving with thunderous steps as they ran off into the snow.

Suddenly red, and a bright white light, golden particles everywhere, this was an unforgiving desert of Heliohapt. Crismon pools in a trail along the sand leading up to–Azure. Two puddles forming at the same time, the same long straight blue locks stagnant in the still air as soon enough a sound, a whimper. Hiding curled up the sand, a small ivory reptilian beast no bigger than a kitten sat. He was in fear, and in front of him was the woman, taller a bit bulkier than before, and her body toned from what seemed to be years of a rough lifestyle. Scars on various parts of her pale skin, and a fresh cut, crimson dripping down her arm, and down her side as it became visible she bore multiple cuts along the female's body fresh with blood and staining her white cloth wrapped around her waist, and the white sling brassiere that she wore. Her sandals twisting to keep her strengthen her stance and keep herself upright. Following the scars along her side, and up her arm, the stream of blood was joined by a darker stream, the blood of a beast. Infront of her was a massive simian, with its mouth wide open to scream but nothing came out. Sticking out like an obscurity, her clenched hand embedded in the throat. Suddenly a loud gurgle as the giant creature went lifeless as his windpipe had been crushed. Looking up from the endless strands of blue hair, a face cloaked in a crimson only to be broken up, by large, hypnotic, rosé orbs peering and burning with the ferocity of someone pushed to the corner. "I-i guess it's survival of the fittest." Were the only raspy, tired words that came from her throat, obviously tired as her sweet voice was rougher at the moment.

Those eyes, those mesmerizing eyes opened, the only difference being the scar over one of them, as a somewhat similar voice as the one in those scenes cried out, deeper, powerful, sweet, and—tempting. Soft, short locks of azure, with rough cut ends that moved slightly as soft pants escaped those plush, pillowy lips as she sat up from the soft, ornate bed, that's right she was in Kou, and this was her room. why did she dream of those times? Suddenly, a feeling in the pit of her stomach as she suddenly leaped from her bed like a racehorse starting off. Obviously different from her memories, she was a giantess almost and with each powerful step her pale well toned, and muscular body would drip with more of the sweat that came with the intense feeling in her heart since she awoke. Almost crashing into the kitchen she stood there, the soft light of dawn breaking through the window and shining on her glistening, alluring figure. She was tall, curvaceous, and even had well-toned abs, the best physical shape she had ever been in. She grabbed a bag, and soon enough she hurled emptying the contents of her stomach into it. She had been strangely queasy for the last few weeks, but what could've caused it, and then Ani had a hunch, Jahan.

As his name came to her head, and his image appeared her lips curved in into a playful grin as her teeth sunk into her lower lip, her hand holding her chin as she thought about it for a moment, but just as quickly as the mood came it changed. Her blood boiling as her hand moved up into her hair, pulling on her hair a bit as she closed her fist. This was a horrible time for this to happen, she was in the middle of a war and had to deal with training her new recruits for the mercenary corps she was putting together. Then suddenly she began to worry, that's right it was a terrible time for this to happen, she was indeed strong and she knew that. Imuchakk women were sturdy, but she'd still have to be careful especially since she happened to live a hedonistic lifestyle. Hell, she had lived her entire life spending time either doing what she loved, or with animals, or in the wild. She knew how to cook and take care of herself, and a beast but would she be able to balance all these things at once? It didn't matter if she could, she had to in her mind, she would get everything she coveted, and she'll get stronger if she has too. All these thoughts ran through her mind as she walked around in a daze, seeing the first thing she raised, Hoyo.

Walking over to the beast she had found as an egg, and trained to this incredible size and power. He had saved her life, and it was partially because of her desire to protect him that she was able to become as strong as she was now, and was able to achieve the small things she yearned and the creature that protected her in both dungeons no matter what. As she took a few long steps to sit against him, leaning her back against his side as his giant reptilian head shifted onto her muscular, large thighs, that made for a great pillow for the large beast.  She sat there for awhile stroking his head, thinking about how if she was able to protect and raise him even when she herself was weak and growing that she would be able to do this. Jahan seemed like a nice guy, and she was sure he would help, and she planned on letting him know and be there if he wished. However, Ani was going to continue with her plans, and take this responsibility with her wherever she goes. She figured for a majority of it she'd be doing this all on her own, and that was fine. She may not have become an adult in her tribe, but she was going to prove what she was worthy of.

Eventually, the Imuchakk noticed that the light of noon had long past and evening would be closing in on her soon. She got up and got dressed in her uniform before leaving the room, closing the door behind. Then night hit, and the door opened again and she came in panting happily, her face a bit flushed as her mouth opened wide, letting out a powerful and hearty laugh. Soon enough she threw her spear to the side and then walked quickly to the kitchen. Setting the bags in her hand aside she let out a soft sigh of relaxation. She had gone hunting, and harvesting to see if she could find something healthy and plentiful in the wild. She had been quite hungry as of late, almost gluttonous in how she felt. Because she knew that there might be a time when she's out on a job when she might need to get something fresh, and healthy and there's a good possibility there wouldn't be a city nearby to buy from. She was satisfied with how she had done, she was strong, and her experience would help her in keeping herself and her body safe.

As she set the freshly hunted meat onto the counter along with various spices, vegetables, nuts, and fruits she would soon move to the makeshift stove, putting the logs in and lighting it. As she blew on the kindling and watched the fire under the stove begin to burst into a bright flame that would start to heat it quickly. "Yeah, I can do this." She said to herself as she stared at the flame, a look prideful fierceness in those blooming eyes.

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