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The Clown Vs the Savage

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
Clown Baby:
The Clown Vs the Savage  694167-armstrong

Enemy Name: Clown Baby
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: Clown Baby is a mysterious foreigner with a thick accent from an unknown land. After deciding to challenge the coliseum, he heard that some of the contenders used stage names during their battles. Wanting to be remembered, this man chose the alias “Clown Baby”. He is very friendly and chivalrous with a strong sense of honor and tries to refrain from killing his opponents.
Abilities: Clown Baby moves at a speed of 5 m/s and sprints at a speed of 8 m/s. He deals passive B-tier damage with his spiked tactical gloves.
Shimmy and Shake- Clown Baby punches the ground at 20 m/s, causing it to quake violently within a 15 meter area. This attack causes C-tier damage and forces the opponent on unsteady footing.
Razzle Dazzle- Clown Baby Launches the spikes from one of his gloves at 25 m/s, dealing B-tier damage to an opponent. The spikes can travel up to 30 meters away.
Iron Will- Raising an arm in front of him, Clown Baby shouts “OOOH-RA!” While blocking up to B-tier damage.
Slam Up- Clown Baby uppercuts an opponent at 20 m/s and imparts B-tier damage.

Knuckles had plans to fight today, he had to get his robes ready and pick which weapons he wanted to use, he'd make this choice later, for now, Knuckles would go shower, brush his teeth, and fix his hair. Slipping into his white robes and his golden necklace the male loved so much. Eating some food Knuckles was fueling his body for today's match. He had heard the man he was fighting was well known and strong. He was another one of the giants that fought with just his hands, Knuckles thought about bringing no weapon this time but picking the choices he exited his home. Heading towards the area he made no stops along the way heading directly for the Coliseum, along the way people in the streets would point and whisper about him, some knew him for his actions in the city, some from his  work as a Unity Corps member, and the others from the battles, following him was Jimmy Knuckles' biggest fan who Knux what made pretty rich from his betting.  In retrun any yimr Knuckles and Jimmy were at the bar together Knuckles was grated druink on Jimmy, though it was expensive to cover Jimmy knew Knuckles would make him the money back.  

Things had come with his fame in the Coliseum, besides better training with his yo-yo he had found out that there was a list of people wanting to fight him one of which was this Clown baby, Knuckles didn't care who they were just as long as they wanted to fight and would be strong enough to be worthy of his time. The two fighters had entered the arena and were ready to get things underway, Knuckles had brought with him his sword and shield, he was ready to get the thing going at a fast-paced battle.  Knuckles was a lot shorter than the man in front of him but it was nothing he wasn't used to. Standing 5 meters out from each other, Clown Baby punches the ground at, causing it to quake violently within a 15-meter area. This attack causes C-tier damage and forces the opponent on unsteady footing, Losing his footing due to the area under him breaking apart Knuckles dropped to the ground falling to his right knee, looking up Clown Baby was already on the move.Clown Baby Launches the spikes from one of his gloves, dealing B-tier damage to an opponent. The spikes can travel up to 30 meters away.  Knuckles was damaged by the spikes, they stabbed into his body pretty deep, it seemed they were stronger than what he thought, standing to his feet Knuckles wouldn't waste time, he would run forward covering the few meters between them quickly, Knuckles slashed twice with his blade, Baby clown wasn't having it though raising an arm in front of him, Clown Baby shouts “OOOH-RA!” While blocking up to B-tier damage. He had blocked one attack but the second one went through, Knuckles would then barrel roll under the man's legs then turn around slashing his blade in Baby Clow's back.  He'd kick the man with full strength knocking him to the ground and the breath from his body.

Knuckles had seemingly knocked out the man with his kick, it was confusing to even him, but the crowd didn't  cheer the show wasn't all that exciting once Knuckles started to attack, he had done away with the enemy quickly.   Knuckles finished the fight and went back to collect his reward. He was disappointed in the opponent today  After collecting his winning Knuckles would walk around the locker room waiting to see who he could challenge next, some were scared to fight him while others seemed to be wanting to jump at the chance.  Knuckles went to the roster and wrote his name up for a later fight in the same day,  he hadn't felt like he had fought beside the minor damage to his legs and the deep needles from the gloves. Knuckles didn't even Kill clown baby because how weak he was, he blew all his power in on burst thinking he was the same talent as Blair but he wasn't.    Knuckles left the Coliseum and went to pick up his yo-yo if things were going to be this boring he'd might as well only use his yo-yo in the fights from this point on.   That's when the Breaker walked out in front of him with another,  another warrior who seemed to be well known for killing, they both decided if they were going to keep the level of fame they had they needed to be the ones to defeat Ganbo and Knuckles, a killer for a killer and a rematch that Breaker wanted with Ganbo for setting him up, he knew Because of Ganbo Knuckles was able put int the finishing moves. 

WC 807

Stamina 330/330



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