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The Magic Flower and the Crimson Poison.

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
The Magic Flower and the Crimson Poison.  Z8RI3iw

Enemy Name: Blair
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B-tier to borg, B-tier damage
Description: This gentle healer was raised in a family of gladiators and received constant ribbing from her older brothers about her gentle nature and kind heart. In secret, she began to train before secretly entering into a Coliseum match to prove to them they were wrong, that she could defend herself and even beat stronger men. This will be her first match revealed to her father and brothers after winning her past 4 matches under another name
Abilities: This life mage can move at 6m/s and fly at 5m/s. She carries a combination of a staff and spear, the spear capable of inflicting C-tier damage.
Jabbing Hit ~ Blair uses her spear to jab at an opponent at 15 m/s, inflicting B-tier damage.
Flower Construct ~ Blair uses her life magic to summon a two meter tall construct in the form of a large flower with teeth. The construct can move at 15m/s and inflicts B-tier damage with its teeth.
Ring of Roses ~ Blair uses her life magic to summon a ten meter wide field of flowers that inspires happy feelings and disorientation. This disorientation lasts for two posts, doubles reaction times and halves movement speeds.
Sweet Blossom ~ Blair encourages a vine to sprout at the feet of an opponent to grow at 20m/s. The vine wraps around the opponent and crushes them, inflicting A-tier damage.
Child Killer ~ Blair uses the bottom of her spear  to come up at 15 m/s between an opponent’s legs, inflicting B-tier damage.
Tales of his killing of Polliver had reached others, this had allowed Knuckles to get a target painted on his back having more and more fighters looking for him.  One of which was this small waste blonde haired woman, she was very pretty and attractive, he knew of her the one they called  Blair. She was a mage, he had seen her fight a few times, she was as pretty as she was deadly killing those who fell to her charm with a flower and her spear.  She had approached the male in one of the local bars not far from the arena, he stayed close as he was doing a lot of fighting here these days trying to get his name Known as a battle-hardened a warrior before sitting out of Reim for a while. She was using her real name for once, all through all the fighters around here knew it already, she was trying to prove to her family how good of a warrior she was and he was as good as any other fighter to do it he was known to be dangerous and a killer so there was nothing stopping her from getting the glory from her family she sought, nothing besides Knuckles.  With the fight over, he was sure to see a fight with her brother and father soon, as even her beauty didn't stop Knuckles from removing her head with a cleave of his blade.  The bloodstained warrior had finished another match in quick fashion,  the turn of events was well bloody. 

 The match had started like any other the two being introduced, Blair coming out with her head held high! Her family in the stands shocked about her coming out, she had told them to come to the Coliseum at this time, both were shocked when she came out and the crowd began to cheer her stage name. THORN! THORN! THORN!  She had done well, meanwhile, when her foe Knuckles SHi entered the crowd was in a mix of boo's and cheers, her family heard of the man a ruthless bloodthirsty killer who only came to fight for the pleasure.  The fight started as soon ass they got into the arena, Knuckles had charger her at his full speed, meanwhile, Blair would use her magic to create a field of flower about 10 meters in every direction around her.  When Knuckles saw them he chuckled, these little flowers were supposed to stop him?  Like the fool, he was entered and instantly started to feel a little hazy, and felt his body moving half as fast as it should have been, confused he looked down to his feet to see if anything had wrapped him up, but nothing.  The crowd began to roar as someone had finally stopped his blurring speeds, Blair winked at him before she cast another spell bring out her life magic conjure of a flower with teeth, a furious beast surely strong enough to handle Knuckles.

 To Knuckles, his speed might have been slowed but he was still every bit as strong as ever. The blonde hair woman and her Flower moved in from two different sides from Knuckles, at this time the fanalis had his sword and shield out, as blade came in first she used her spear  jabbing it into left leg, the damage was extensive enough where he wouldn't be able to put a lot of weight on it and this meant no more running for him.  At a moment later the flower came in and snuck it's teeth into Knuckles right shoulder crushing his placing fracture into his collarbone forcing him to drop his blade to the ground. The crowd was going crazy, her father and brother with them, no one had managed to make the man drop his weapon like she had, Blair was becoming infamous before their eyes, she was taking down the man so many called a Demon, a Savage, bloodthirsty, relentless, yet a woman was doing what men couldn't do!  Knuckles wasn't looking like he was going to win this one at all. Blair spun around as she swung the end of the spear aiming to hit the same leg she had stabbed with her spear, it looked like this was the end. The next few seconds were nothing short of luck some thought. Knuckles was struck twice due to letting the attacks go through, he had attempted to stop both attacks but the rose field had made his movements slow and he was off in the angle of his attacks something that could be fixed. 

Knuckles took a deep breath as he lowered his entire arm as he dropped his left leg to a knee, looking at her he let his roar out while his shield made contact with the end of Blair's spear as he swatted the attack upwards, his strength overwhelmed the woman lifting her from the ground and sending her hurling back 5 meters away from him,  with her to give command to the conjure it acted without proper insight, as it came to place its teeth on him again Knuckles had instantl grabbed his yo-yo with his shield arm lettign his shield fall from his arm before grabbuing the handle of his yo-yo and shoved it with full force into its mouth dealing A tier damage to it. It was a pivot action where Knuckles had twisted his left side of his body with his torso while pushing upwards with his right leg allowing a full rotation of his force to make contact.  His hair fell on his face once it was done, the magic had fuzzed out and Blair was still working on getting to her feet.   Knuckles leaned backward letting his hair move from his face, his emerald green hues locked onto his target. With blood running down his right arm and every move he mad causing serious pain on his right side, he pulled with all his might dragging his left arm across the top of his frame over to his left side where he fully extended it, his yo-yo would whip as the iron chain could be heard loosening up as the blades spun at A tier speeds as the landed 1 meter away from her but still rode across the ground, her frame was small enough to cut by a single blade, the yo=yo ran over her sliving her arms off as the shell of the yo-yo forced her back to the ground. 

The cheers were all but silent now, letting the handle of his yo-yo go he bent down to his blade grabbing the short sword with his sword and he limped over to her. The crowd knew what was coming, two screams could be heard from the crowd overall. Mercy they were yelling, the crowd began to join them, it was a good fight, she had already lost her arms, but she made one mistake, she made him angry, and that's one thing you never did to a Fanalis with his anger uncontrolled. With each step, his leg was losing more and more blood,  it would take him a while to get there but she wasn't going anywhere she was pinned and had no way to get to yo-yo off of her. Once he reached her with a single motion he removed her head. He was now on his knee panting, her rose field started to fade and he could feel the effect leaving his body.  At the edge of the magical Barrier two men, one about 10 years older than Knuckles and one near his age were banging on the barrier, one could see the force waves at the attempting of breaking it to get to him. Knuckles ran his bloody hands through his hair, and that was the end to the opening match of the brilliant Blair. 


Stamina 300/330
Skills Used:

Shield Parry

Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive 
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must be attacked by another, and have both feet planted firmly in a defensive posture before using this ability Must have a Shield.
Scaling: Hits: The number of hits or projectiles will double for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20

Description: Making contact with the incoming attack with his sword, the user then redirects  1 C tier or lower ability.

Fanalis Roar

Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

    After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.


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